CAAP orders carriers to feed crews


The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) on Thursday released a memorandum circular (MC) ordering all carrier operators to provide meal provisions to their flight and cabin crews.

An MC signed by Captain John Andrews, CAAP deputy director general, states that “this authority is alarmed of the ongoing practice of air carrier operators of merely allowing their cockpit crew to procure/buy their individual meals, instead of providing separate airline prepared meals during their flight duties/periods.”

The memorandum also scored airlines that are giving flight crews the unnecessary burden of securing and buying their own meals from sources with uncertain sanitation practices in food preparation.

CAAP said that the memorandum was issued for the interest of safety.

Marianne Hontiveros, AirAsia Philippines chief executive officer, said that the airline agrees with the CAAP circular.

“We agree with CAAP on this [memorandum]. In fact, as an extra precaution, we also instruct that pilot in command eats a different meal than the co-pilots, so that in any unfortunate event of [food]poisoning, we avoid the possibility that both pilot and co-pilot are incapacitated.”

Rosalie C. Periabras


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