• CAAP suspends Cessna pilot for 330 days


    A Cessna 206 aircraft pilot was issued a 330-day suspension for flying to Marinduque Airport without a flight plan and clearance from the air traffic control tower. Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) director general, William K. Hotchkiss 3rd, suspended Capt. Leo Ariel Guardo who was found guilty of committing four violations of the Philippine Civil Aviation Regulations (PCAR). Guardo was penalized with a 90-day suspension for failing to submit a flight plan, 60-day suspension for failing to maintain radio communication, 90-day suspension for landing without clearance from air traffic controller, and 90-day suspension for operating in a controlled airport without a clearance. On January 18 this year, Guardo forcibly landed in Marinduque without filing a flight plan at his place of origin in Calapan, Mindoro owing to the absence of a Flight Service Station in the town. He claimed he did not know the radio frequency of Marinduque Airport that he failed to inform the tower of his landing approach.



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