Cabbie gunned down in Port Area, Manila


A young pedicab driver was shot dead by a still unidentified gunman on Delpan Bridge along Eliptical Road in Port Area Manila, police report said.

The victim, Gilbert Roja, 22, a resident of B18 L40 Baseco Compound, sustained two gunshot wounds to the nape.

According to witnesses, the sound of bursting gunfire was heard at the bridge. Moments later, a bloodied Roja emerged with hands on his nape where the bullet hit.

The victim even managed to walk slowly toward the center isle, afterwhich he collapsed. The gunman escaped toward Baseco.

When investigators arrived at the scene, the victim was already dead. Preliminary examination revealed that Roja was shot twice—once at the nape and once at the right chin.

The investigators recovered two slugs from a 9mm pistol some 20 to 30 meters away from where the victim died. The victim’s body was brought to the police morgue for autopsy.

Probers have yet to identify the supect and determine the motive behind the killing.
Meanwhile, a man was found dead after committing suicide by hanging himself from a tree also along Eliptical Road in Port Area.

Arnel Suelto, 37, a laborer and resident of Purok 6, Barangay Calicanto, Batangas City, was found dead on Thursday morning at a forested area of Second Street after hanging himself using a belt.

According to a witness, the victim was last seen alive walking alone along Delpan Bridge when he suddenly skipped over the waist-high concrete barrier. A few minutes later, the witness found the victim already hanging lifeless from a tree. This prompted her to call the authorities.

The victim’s body was brought to Nathan Funeral Homes.

Jan Erick C. Tutaan


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