Cabinet post awaits Robredo


Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo ‘’will not be a flower vase’’ under the new government if she is proclaimed vice president, the spokesman of Davao Mayor and presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte said on Friday.

Peter Laviña said that Robredo is guaranteed a seat in the next Administration’s Cabinet.
“We will make sure that she will not be a flower vase. She will not be doing much,” Laviña told reporters in Davao City.

“But the mayor is a very generous person, he can deal with anyone. So it can be a post that can be mutually discussed between the two highest positions of the land,” he added.
Laviña, however, said Duterte and Robredo have not yet met.

“Hopefully, the official canvassing will be over as soon as possible so the two can meet and work together immediately,” he said.

Robredo belongs to the Administration Liberal Party (LP). She paired up with former Interior Secretary and presidential candidate Manuel Roxas 2nd in the May 9 elections.
Robredo’s camp said the lawmaker is open to any Cabinet post.

“We want to take this opportunity to thank presumptive President Duterte for saying that he will give Congresswoman Leni a Cabinet position should she make it. Cong Leni is open to any Cabinet position that is [suitable]for her skills,” Robredo’s spokesperson Georgina Hernandez told reporters at a news conference.

“From the start, Cong Leni wants to put the government’s anti-poverty programs under one roof to help our people rise from dire straits and live a good life,” Hernandez added.
She, however, added that the Duterte camp has yet to formally reach out to Robredo.

“We are yet to [hold]talks with them (Mayor Duterte’s team). We are still waiting for further developments before we move on arranging talks,” Hernandez said.

With Llanesca T. Panti


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  1. vilma c. culaway on

    magapply kaya kayong script writer sa abscbn o kaya gma. ang tataba ng utak nyo e. kikita pa kayo.

  2. Do I smell something fishy here? Knowing that the mama’s boy nor ms. greys can never make it (because financial support dried up for her two weeks before e-day complicated by the continuing absence of The Queso in rallies), was the computerized winning margin for Mr. Dee Gong assured and perfected for him provided that he allows a Leni win – and keeps quiet about it (which is why Mr. Dee Gong has made himself unavailable and has not spoken against the continuing cheating to make Leni “win”)? The least that Mr. Dee Gong should do if only to signal that his new rule will be for a clean government is to warn cheaters in the Comelec that they will also face his wrath if they don’t stop their nefarious ways. Unfortunately, his silence seems to make him an accomplice to thwart the will of the people. Is he afraid that his “win” may vanish once the official tally begins? I am sure that if Smartmatic fears a loss of any further contract in three years, they may just drop beneegno and plays it smart.

  3. Burgis Mgatoktoy on

    I thought that she will resign right away, that’s coming from her mouth. How about the lugaw and ice cream that financed her most expensive campaign ads.

  4. Wilfredo Ticzon on

    Given the narrow lead of Leni over Bongbong, all parties should wait until all the votes are counted.