Cabinet secretary with questionable deals


A member of Pnoy’s Cabinet may soon find himself in hot water once his illegal activities are revealed to the public.

This department secretary earned the ire of several businessmen and contractors for favoring his friends and relatives.

As one businessman puts it, “he pretends to be clean like his boss but he is as crooked as hell and made millions especially during the last election.”

Several officials in his department are complaining that he put relatives and friends in juicy positions, replacing the qualified ones.

Unfortunately, this official has the full trust and confidence of the President since their friendship goes all the way back when Pnoy was still the representative of Tarlac.

I heard that several graft cases are now being readied by a group of businessmen against this official who had also been in the spotlight for his questionable deals.

I’m sure a lot of people, including his department personnel, will be happy if this official is booted out.

”He’s the only one making money here,” said one employee.

Nothing wrong with integrated bus terminal
I don’t see anything wrong in the setting up of the Integrated Bus Terminal in Paranaque for buses plying the Cavite, Batangas and Manila route.

The bus terminal, a brainchild of MMDA chief Francis Tolentino, was built to ease the traffic in Paranaque, Manila, and Pasay cities since buses from the two provinces are no longer allowed to enter Roxas Blvd. and EDSA.

However, commuters have been complaining during the first few days of the scheme’s implementation because they had to walk in the rain some distance to catch another ride to the city.

Tolentino immediately addressed their concerns by building a covered walkway and allowed jeepneys to park near the terminal so that commuters won’t have to walk far.

Reports reaching this columnist show that a lot of motorists are happy nowadays since the absence of buses coming fom Cavite and Batangas greatly reduced traffic in Pasay, Manila, and Paranaque.

The MMDA should continue to build more bus terminals to decongest traffic in Metro Manila. This is the cheapest way to solve our traffic problems.

Leave Santiago alone
A lot of people are wondering on the whereabouts of Sen. Miriam Santiago after Senate President Franklin Drilon defended the absence of the feisty lawmaker.

Drilon said Santiago is suffering from chronic fatigue and has filed a leave but this does not sit well with her critics.

C’mon. Santiago is not getting younger and she also needs to rest. Besides, when she is in the Senate, you will never miss her because she is very vocal and active on the floor.

Di tulad ng iba dyan na natutulog lang!


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