• Cable cars eyed to solve traffic woes


    IN a bid to decongest traffic in Metro Manila, a medical doctor is proposing the installation of cable cars in alternate routes with EDSA as the main artery.

    Dr. Benedicto Dorado, author of “Laguna Lake Flood Control and Lakeshore Park Project,’’ said the installation of cable cars that will traverse the provinces of Rizal and Laguna with Talim Island as the main convergent point is the most cost-efficient, immediate and doable mode of transport to solve traffic in the metropolis.

    “Talim Island will be the main convergent zone. So, if you’re coming from the northeast area, like for instance Valenzuela, and you’re going to Laguna, you don’t have to take EDSA anymore to lessen travel time,” Dorado said in an interview.

    Miguel Amoranto, Director of Greenhouse Limited in Singapore, and some partners have shown interest in funding the cable car project.

    Amoranto said his group lauded the move of Congress in giving President Rodrigo Duterte special powers to solve the traffic problem.

    “The construction of at least ten cable cars from Taytay in Rizal Province to Talim Island in Laguna and another 10 from Cardona to Talim Island as the main converging point is crucial in solving the traffic congestion,” Dorado said.

    Cables cars can also be installed from Talim Island to the towns of Sta. Cruz, Bai, Los Baños, Cabuyao and Biñan, and the cities of Muntinlupa and Taguig towards the south including Cavite, Batangas, and to MIMAROPA.

    Cable cars that transport commuters and goods, done in other countries such as Switzerland, are proof that cable cars are one of the fastest and safest modes of transportation. Cable cars are also used in many industries to transport heavy goods such as timber, cement, and machineries over mountains and bodies of water.

    Dorado and Amoranto said installing cable cars is doable, fast and least costly. Passengers from towns and cities northeast of EDSA such as Marikina, San Mateo, Quezon City, Norzagaray and San Jose del Monte in Bulacan and Antipolo City can avail of the cable cars from Taytay to go southward.

    “The reported P3.5 billion economic loss the country suffers due to traffic congestion is a nightmare that we have to wake up to. It may seem implausible but sometimes we have to think outside the box, ’’ Dorado said.

    Dorado said the details of the cable car component are contained in his Laguna Lake Flood Control and Lakeshore Park Project. The project has been deemed by industry observers as comprehensive, doable and eco-friendly.

    Initial funding for the project will come from the group of Amoranto and his partners from Hong Kong and Singapore. The master planner and designer of the project is architect Jes Menor, President of ADI Inc., who designed world-class and eco-friendly projects in Middle East and Asia.


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