Cagayan coast guards release hawksbill turtle


A HAWKSBILL sea turtle was released back to the sea by the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) of the District of Northeastern Luzon in Barangay Punta in Aparri town.

Named Rolanda, the sea turtle was turned over to PCG by residents of the village and together with media practitioners have also witnessed its release on Monday, after it was entangled in fishing nets.

The female turtle measures 44 centimeter in length and 42 centimeters in width and weighs five kilograms.

Sea turtle Rolanda was named after Lt. Sg. Rolando Lorenzana, Station Commander of PCG based in Aparri town and chief of the PCG Northeastern Luzon, who took custody of the turtle.

”It is not the first time that fishers come to our office to surrender caught species, not only turtles but also marine mammals stranded in the coastal areas,” Lorenzana said.

Edgar Martin, Community Environment Officer here, has identified the turtle as hawksbill turtle listed as one of the endangered and threatened species of marine turtle under the Convention on International Trade of Endangered and Threatened Species (Cites).

“What is good to know is that with our continuous campaign on the preservation and conservation of threatened and endangered species, people are now aware that catching, possessing, trading or taking any of the species listed under Cites is prohibited by law,” said Martin.


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