Cagayan de Oro backs anti-crime partnership


CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY: City officials here back a police plan to forge an anti-crime partnership with barangay (village) leaders, a city councilor said on Monday.

City Councilor Edna Dahino, a member of the committee of police, and public safety, said the city council fully supports the regional police command plan to work closely with each barangay here in the fight against criminality.

“There are 80 rural and urban barangays in the capital city of Cagayan De Oro that the police regional command would tap in the campaign against all forms of criminality,” Dahino said.

She said that the city council is glad that the new police regional director has taken the initiative to include the 80 rural and urban barangays in Cagayan De Oro as pilot sites in the novel plan to establish a peaceful and stable barangays in Northern Mindanao.

Dahino also emphasized the important role of the barangay police as front liners in the fight against criminality since the barangay police know the residents and transients in the barangays.

She said barangay police could provide relevant and timely information to law enforcers to help solve or prevent crimes.

In line with the plan, Dahino also endorsed the strengthening and consistency of the reward system so that the anti-crime plans and programs would become efficient and effective.

The reward system, no matter how meager the amount, would be very significant in boosting the morale of the barangay police and residents who render services voluntarily in keeping a stable peace and order in the barangay, Dahino said.



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  1. This is some good news for Cagayan de Oro. I hope this effort could lower the crime rate in the city. The safety of the people should be the concern, some crimes are unreported or they result to injuries and deaths. The image of Cagayan de oro is also affected with crime, or any other city in the Philippines. Investors are concerned with this information.