• Cagayan mayor belies kin’s link to illegal drugs


    TUGUEGARAO CITY, Cagayan: Buguey town Mayor Lloyd Antiporda has belied reports linking the Antiporda family to the illegal drug trade, saying the accusations are “pure lies, baseless and absurd.”

    During Thursday’s meeting with provincial governors in Malacañang, President Rodrigo Duterte made specific mention of Licerio Antiporda, whom he described as a big-time pusher and member of the Antiporda-Prado drug syndicate.

    Cagayan Gov. Manuel Mamba said Licerio was a former mayor of Buguey town whose links to illegal drugs surfaced after the house of an aide, Ernesto Ananayo Jr., was raided and found to store P12 million worth of shabu in 2014.

    In a statement, Lloyd said it was disheartening to hear the news that the President mentioned a certain Licerio Antiporda of Cagayan Valley (Region 2) as a big-time drug pusher.

    “If the President is referring to the Antiporda family of the municipality of Buguey, Cagayan, then, certainly, this is an absolute lie, totally baseless and absurd, and a product of misinformation designed by our political opponents to discredit our family,” he added.

    Lloyd said this alleged lie is not new and that even prior to the May 2016 elections, they have gathered reports that their political rivals were maliciously implicating them in the illegal drug trade.

    He and his brother Leevee Christopher won the elections as mayor and vice mayor, respectively, in the May polls.

    The Antipordas have held power in Buguey for decades now.

    “This story was concocted in order to malign and destroy our family’s name for the selfish political gains of our opponents,” Lloyd said.

    He added that just after the President named more persons involved in illegal drugs, information reached them that members of the Antiporda family were included in the narco-list submitted to Malacañang.

    The Buguey mayor said their political rivals, whom he did not name, have been claiming that the names of his grandfather and former mayor Licerio Alvior Antiporda Sr., his father and former mayor Licerio Arellano Antiporda Jr. and his brother and former mayor Licerio Millare Antiporda 3rd were all included in the narco-list.

    In fact, Lloyd said, no case has been filed in court or other quasi-judicial agencies against any member of the Antiporda family for involvement in illegal drugs.

    “This only proves that the accusations against our family are totally fabricated and outright lies,” he added.


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    1. Sa sinasabi ni Ginoong Antiporda, walang credibility ang IG ng pangulo. Sino naman ang mag pafile ng kaso sa pamilya niyo? Lalo na noong panahon ng Aquino administration? Me ginawa ba ang nakaraang administrasyon para masugpo ang illegal na droga? Wala….

    2. The Antiporda Clan of Buguey, Cagayan are the biggest drug supplier and pusher in that part of the region simply because nobody can intercept their shabu shipment coming from China and this family have ruled Buguey in six or seven decades. There is NOBODY that will stand on this family’s way about their drug business because they are too powerful, even their political rivals can be silenced if they start opening their mouths about their drug activities. The family is well intact and it is very difficult for any law enforcement agency to break in. The police force are under their control as well, and anybody, such as mayors in the neighboring towns can be easily killed if they interfere with the Antiporda’s drug activities. The Antipordas are my distant relatives. Any questions?