California requests $440M for flood control after dam crisis


LOS ANGELES: California’s governor announced on Friday (Saturday in Manila) a $437 million plan for flood control and emergency response following a recent crisis in which part of the tallest dam in the United States nearly failed, causing massive evacuations. Almost 200,000 people fled their homes more than a week ago after flooding and increased water levels at the Oroville Dam in northern California prompted authorities to channel excess water down an emergency spillway, which quickly began eroding and created a potentially catastrophic situation for residents below. He asked the state legislature to approve $387 million for use from a water infrastructure fund in addition to $50 million from a state general fund. The governor already secured federal resources to repair the dam, which was built in 1968 and is the tallest in the United States at 770 feet (235 meters). Although evacuation orders were lifted after two days, authorities have put area residents on warning that they may need to leave the area again, as heavy rains lash the region after years of drought.



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