• Call center of notorious US illegal gambling lord raided


    Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) operatives raided on Thursday afternoon a call center office allegedly being maintained in Makati City by America’s most wanted online gambling billionaire, Calvin Edward Ayre, a police official said on Friday.

    Raided by CIDG-National Capital Region (NCR) operatives on Thursday afternoon was Ayre’s call center office located at the 22nd floor of Enterprise Tower at Ayala Avenue, Makati Central Business District.

    CIDG-NCR director, Sr. Supt. Roberto Fajardo said the raid on the call center office in Makati City virtually confirms that Ayre’s operates branches of call center and have visited the country.

    Ayre is a Canadian entrepreneur and founder of Bodog Entertainment Brand that operates online gambling website and made him a billionaire in early to mid-2000’s and earned him the image of a ‘bad-boy’ billionaire.

    Ayre along with three others, were indicted on February 2012 by the US Attorney in the state of Maryland on charges of illegal gambling and money laundering.

    The police official said that Ayre, who is now a fugitive, was not present when his establishment was raided with Fajardo saying that they waiting confirmation from the Bureau of Immigration if the Canadian fugitive is still in the country.

    The police official said that Ayre’s call center was believed to taking illegal bets from international clients.

    Ayre also has two more offices, in the RCBC building in Makati and Eton Building in Quezon City, that were granted permits to operate by the Securities and Exchange Commission, the police official said.

    The Canadian fugitive used the alias of “Calvin Wilson” while he is in the country and was listed as most wanted in the United States for illegal gambling and money laundering by the Homeland Security.

    Fajardo said that CIDG operatives seized from Ayre’s office some gadgets and computer units that were used for taking illegal gambling bets and are now being subjected for forensic investigation by the Anti-Cyber Crime Group.

    The police official also said that the Canadian fugitive is also facing charges of rape and kidnapping for ransom in the country.

    Anthony Vargas


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    1. Bakit naman hahayaan na bigyan ng license ang isang notrious na kriminal
      ng lisensya na magoperate ng illegal dito.

      #Cagayan #Bodog #Bovada

    2. All I can say is…Bodog gamers having problems with payouts, more so, they are having difficulties getting through to Bovada customer support, worried about your money. Local police are now working with the FBI, to get to the bottom of Calvin’s illegal operations. So losergust, you now need to look for a new job, rather than stay in Bodog and be jobless eventually.

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    3. Hardhunter555, are you sure? Or are you a part of this dirty plan to destroy Bodog by using traditional media and sensationalized journalism? And Anthony Vargas, how much did they pay you to write this dumb article?

      • 100%. You sound so defensive, could it possibly be that you are part of those will potentially lose a job this year. Friendly advise, leave while you can. Be intelligent about this, and not let promises of your bogus company be the deal maker. I know your smarter than your post. :)

    4. Kasabwat ang isang congressman dito. Congressman sa Cagayan. Dapat sa CEZA lang mag-operate, parte ba ng CEZA ang Manila??.

      At bakit niya pinahiram ang permit niya sa isang foreigner na criminal.

    5. American and other online gamblers must quickly remove all their funds from the
      illegal website http://www.bovada.lv/ before the money gets frozen and/or
      confiscated. It is also unacceptable that a suspected criminal and a US fugitive as
      Mr. Calvin Ayre @ Calvin Wilson is being tolerated to serve as acting CEO for
      several months now, particularly in running the business concerns of http://www.bodog88.com/ and http://www.bovada.lv/ without any complaint from the FCLRC and/or CEZA.

    6. The office in the 22nd flr of Enterprise Tower is not a call center. Get your facts straight. You might’ve at least tried to research before writing this pathetic excuse for a news article.