Caloocan’s top drug lord killed in QC


A barangay official in Caloocan City who is considered as the number one drug lord in the city was killed in an ambush on Saturday morning in Quezon City.

Edres Domato, chief of Barangay 188 or Tala, was killed by two unidentified motorcycle-riding men in Novaliches, Quezon City. The ambush occured at 7:15 a.m. along Quirino Highway near the gate 1 of La Mesa Dam in Quezon City.

Supt. Alex Alberto, chief of the Quezon City Police District – Station 5,said the gunmen fired at Domato’s car until the vehicle stopped. The victim sustained several gunshot wounds.

Senior Supt. Bartolome Bustamante, Caloocan police chief, told The Manila Times that Domato was listed as the number one suspected drug lord in Caloocan City.

Bustamante said 20 suspected pushers and users who were arrested in a raid in the so-called “shabu tiangge” in Barangay Tala last year pointed to Domato as their supplier.

However, the police could not file drug charges against Domato for lack of evidence.

Bustamante said policemen from Quezon City and Caloocan are investigating Domato’s link with the illegal drug trade.

Alberto said investigators have yet to establish the motive behind Domato’s ambush.


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  1. “Caloocan’s top drug lord killed in QC”
    Why do you have to mislead us with the headline? Isn’t he just a suspect? Paano na lang kung nasa fb ‘to? Paniniwalaan agad ‘to ng mga jejemon. Comments are regulated here so this won’t probably be published. I just hope the writer gets my message.

  2. Ashley macasindel on

    This person was ambushed. Your commenting about drugs but you don’t know who is this Edres Domato. Don’t you know that this person is a really good of hearted man. I’m a witness how Good Mr. Eddie Domato is. So Guys if you don’t really know who’s this person. Please stop giving bad comments. We only need Justice.

  3. These gang war and violence will never stop. This will be the new norm in the Philippines. Just like in Mexico. We have the same demographic make up. Catholic and mostly uneducated. Oh yea we go to school…to associate and swagger. But learn? Nah. Learning is for star section.

    Drugs are here to stay. Get this brutal and sick truth. No country with an already existing drug problem has ever triumph over drug. Name one. And we think a f4cked country like ours can win? Not in your lifetime.

    • Duterte already won drug users/addicts and pushers. Thousands have already surrendered. This drug fiasco in the Phiippines will soon be just after thought.