• Caltex launches all-new Techron and Techron Platinum


    caltex20160712Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI), marketer of Caltex in the Philippines, launched on June 28 the all-new Techron fuel range at Blue Leaf Filipinas in Parañaque City.

    The company said in a statement that the new Techron comes with all-new “Clean & Glide” technology, which is not only designed to clean engine components, but also to reduce friction. The company also said that with continued use, the Clean & Glide ingredients will begin to build up in your engine oil to replenish friction modifiers that are lost over the oil’s life.

    As a result, laboratory tests have shown that the new Techron improves fuel efficiency by up to three percent compared to the previous formulation, as well as reduces metal wear by 38 percent and friction by 41 percent. CPI said these laboratory tests have been backed up by up to 600,000 kilometers of real-world driving.

    “The addition of our new Clean & Glide technology stays true to the evolving nature of our Techron fuel offering,” said CPI Country Chairman Peter Morris. “Our products are continuously being improved in anticipation of future engine technology and local market needs. For motorists, a quick Caltex stop now delivers gasoline grades that help treat their respective cars right, providing additional benefits without compromise.”

    CPI also launched Techron Platinum at the event, which replaces Techron Gold in the Caltex line-up. While still a 95-octane unleaded fuel, the company said Platinum gets 50 percent more Clean & Glide ingredients than the standard Techron, thus making it faster acting. CPI said all Techron fuels will be rolled out at Caltex stations nationwide by July 1.


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