• Caltex promotes cleaner engines


    Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI) has launched its new Techron D Concentrate fuel additive, which the company claims can clean diesel engines as they go.

    “Caltex always aims to help its customers keep their vehicles at their optimal performance. With Techron D Concentrate, our customers will enjoy its benefits and precision clean technology feature to having superior clean engines. Our retailers will be able to provide an innovated solution to help their diesel engine-based customers. Now, motorist can expect more with having superior clean engines,” Chevron Finished Lubricants Business Manager Hafiz Nasar said in a statement.

    Chevron Finnished Lubricants Business Manager Hafiz Nasar said in a statement explains the benefits of Caltex’s Techron D additive. PHOTO BY ALAIN LOUISE C. GERONIMO

    As a diesel engine runs, carbon deposits may develop in the fuel system, which can cause power to deteriorate and fuel consumption to increase, thanks to inefficient fuel delivery. Caltex’s Techron D additive solves this by “deep cleaning” the fuel injectors, removing carbon deposits and allowing more fuel into the engine, thanks to Techron’s Precision Clean Technology. It also has a cetane improver, which improves cold starts, reducing white smoke, engine noise, and other emissions.

    Chevron Philippines Technical Manager Manuel Valerio told Fast Times the new additive is suitable to new and old diesel engines alike without any side effects.

    The new additive is available at a promo price of P355 per bottle until March 31, 2018, and is available at all Caltex stations nationwide.


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