Cam ‘creating havoc’ in PCSO


Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) General Manager Alexander Balutan has accused former Jueteng bagwoman-turned-whistleblower Sandra Cam of “creating havoc” within the said office by raising “baseless corruption allegations.”

Balutan made the pronouncement as he bared that Cam in December requested for 1,700 sacks of rice for a “Christmas gift giving program” in Metro Manila.

“I rejected it because the PCSO Charter does not allow this unless these areas she wants to give support or aid are under a state of calamity. The request which she endorses to me was not even presented for discussion in a board meeting. Saan ko naman kukunin ang sako-sakong bigas at groceries na ‘yan na ibibigay niya sa mga residente ng Metro Manila [Where would I get the sacks of rice and groceries that would be given to Metro Manila residents]?” Balutan said.

RED FRIDAY General Manager Alexander Balutan ends the five-day workweek by leading the PCSO’s flag retreat.

He said the letter containing Cam’s request dated December 15, 2017 was endorsed by her to Balutan’s office after she was appointed member of the PCSO board.

Shortly after, Cam sounded the alarm on PCSO’s “lavish” Christmas party.

Republic Act 1169, established the PCSO as the principal government agency for raising and providing funds for health programs, medical assistance and services, and charities of national character.

Balutan stressed that Cam, a neophyte government appointee, should study first the PCSO Charter before taking any step as if “she is above the law.”

He said Cam was “creating havoc” in the agency with unfounded and baseless corruption allegations.

Earlier, Balutan said the PCSO must be insulated from politics.

“As Chief Executive Officer and General Manager, I will not allow anyone to use PCSO for her or his political ambitions,” the former Marine major general warned.

Cam ran but lost her senatorial bid in the 2016 election.

Reports said she has plans again to run for an elective position in 2019.

Cam together with known close associate Charlie “Atong” Ang have been releasing statements critical of the PCSO.

They have been criticizing the PCSO’s expanded Small Town Lottery (STL) that yielded up to P15.7 billion in government revenues in 2017, from just more than P4 billion annually in previous years.

Balutan said the STL has been killing illegal numbers games such as jueteng.

“Our STL with 92 approved Authorized Agent Corporations but only 84 are operating is providing the Duterte government a whopping up to P2 billion a month. Ito ang gusto ng tandem ni Ang at Cam na tibagin at hawakan ang operasyon ng STL nationwide. Unti-unti na kasing namamatay ang jueteng [This is what Cam and ang want – to dismantle and control STL operations nationwide. This is because jueteng is gradually dying],” Balutan said.

Meanwhile, he shrugged off Cam’s claims that she has been receiving death threats.

Documents show Sandra Cam’s request for 1,700 sacks of rice for a ‘Christmas giftgiving program,’ which was rejected by the PCSO

“Wala na siyang maibato kaya kung ano-ano na lamang ang pinagsasabi para lamang maging running story sa media ang pagngangawa niya. Haharapin naming siya sa proper forum [Cam no longer has any allegations, which is why she is rambling just so she becomes a running story in the media. We will face her in the proper forum,” Balutan said.


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