Cam to ‘expose’ De Lima


The outspoken president of the Whistleblowers Association, Sandra Cam, revealed on Tuesday that she had obtained documents that will prove that Justice Secretary Leila de Lima had played a far bigger role in the Janet Lim-Napoles caper.

Cam said she will make public today the documents that supposedly show de Lima’s “hand” in the serious illegal detention case filed by Benhur Luy against his cousin Napoles.

Luy blew the whistle on Napoles allegedly masterminding the P10-billion scam involving the priority development assistance fund (PDAF) or pork barrel of lawmakers.

Napoles, after learning that her cousin was going to rat on her, allegedly kidnapped Luy and detained him at her condominium in Taguig City in Metro Manila, from where Luy was rescued by the government.

But at the weekly Catholic Church forum at Illustrado in Intramuros, Manila, Cam declined to give reporters details on what the documents she was supposed to be holding had on de Lima. But she said not only legislators benefited from the pork barrel scam through commissions and kickbacks from “this woman [Napoles].”

Cam said Senate President Franklin Drilon’s name was removed from the Napoles lists in the possession of the Justice department and former senator Panfilo Lacson.

The lists enumerate the names of the lawmakers and other personalities who allegedly profited from the PDAF scam.

Cam said she also has a “Napolist” that was given to her by an insider in the Napoles camp.

Her list, she added, shows the name of Drilon, who Cam said introduced the lawmakers to Napoles.

Cam maintained that Drilon knew the businesswoman well, having been “guest of honor” during opening of the mausoleum of Janet’s mother at Heritage Park in Taguig City.

She added that Luy’s list also contains the name of the Senate President.

Cam warned Luy that he is just being used by the government in the pork barrel mess.

“He will just end up like us” if he is no longer useful, she said of her fellow whistleblower’s fate.

Cam advised Luy to let himself “be used by the people instead of politicians who are thieves and liars.”


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  1. Wow well said cam, thieves & liars, i totally agree with her. Your politicians are thieves & liars & incompetents. The only thing they arnt incompetent at is stealing from the governments purse. I just dont know how you start to rid this country of useless corrupt officials. Its been bred into them for far to long now & they see it as their right to steal it. Then what really makes me laugh is they all pray everyday & say god will guide them. Now im not religious at all & the thick necks of these politicians well it just never fails to amaze me. They have no shame, no honour, they are gutless, spineless, scum. The sooner the lot of them are in jail the better.