Cameroon police raid finds ‘prisoners’ held by holy man


YAOUNDÉ: Police detained around 70 people, some apparently being “held as prisoners” by an Islamic holy man, during a raid on a Islamic school in northern Cameroon, sources said Monday. During the raid Saturday in Ngaoundere, capital of Adamawa region, police found 17 Nigerians — 10 women, one man and six children — who were in the country illegally, 19 Cameroonians without official papers and 35 other Cameroonians, a source close to the security services told AFP. The group appeared to be prisoners of the school and some were in chains, the source said, adding that the circumstances surrounding their imprisonment was still being investigated. A police source confirmed the arrests, describing the place as a “Koranic school” where “many people” were “held as prisoners by a holy man.”



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