Camille Prats: ‘Nathan will keep his late father’s surname’



It is such a joy to see Camille Prats glowing both as a new bride and expectant mom after the incredible heartbreak she had gone through in her young life.

It will be remembered that Camille became the youngest widow in showbiz, when in 2011, her first husband Anthony Linsangan succumbed to cancer. She was only 26 years old, and their son Nathan was three.

Friends in showbiz and her fans therefore rejoiced when she found love again in grade school classmate John “VJ” Yambao years later whom she finally married in January this year.

Devoted as she was to her late husband—taking care of him throughout his entire and difficult illness—it is good that Camille decided to move as she deserves to find happiness like all women her age, and a partner in raising Nathan.

Thankfully, her son is just as in love with his new father figure when the T-Zone asked him what it is like to have VJ around the house.

The 31-year-old actress and her 9-year-old son, Nathan Linsangan

“It’s cool! He plays with me and takes good care of me,” replied the handsome boy who already had a stint in showbiz via ABS-CBN’s “Going Bulilit” for a time. “When I was sick just a few weeks ago, he was the one who took care of me because Mommy wasn’t allo­ wed to come near me.”

Nathan, now nine, had a bout with the pesky but non-threatening summer viral infection Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. Camille was forbidden by her gynecologist to take care of him since she is only in her first trimester of pregnancy.

“I felt so terrible I couldn’t go near him but it was great that John was there for Nathan,” related the 31-year-old actress who hardly looks she is with child.

“I’m not a panicky mom when it comes to Nathan getting sick—except when his allergic rhinitis hits since his dad had nasopharyngeal cancer—but of course I’m a very hands on in all his needs,” she added.

The T-Zone got to speak with Camille and Nathan at their launch as brand ambassadors of the newest line of affordable and quality medicines for children, RiteMed for Kids.

Assuring the celebrity mom she does not need to answer what may be such a personal question if she so decides, The T-Zone asked after the possibility of VJ—being the doting dad that he is to Nathan—offering to adopt the boy and giving him his and Camille’s new surname.

“We’re now a happy and healthy little family,” smiled the ever-sweet faced actress. “But we talked about it and we will be keeping Nathan’s surname Linsangan especially since he is the only grandchild in his late dad’s family who’s a boy. Kailangan ipagpatuloy ang pangalan di’ba?” she chuckled.

Indeed, what is truly is important is that VJ and Nathan forge a strong father and son bond despite their last names. Which of course makes Camille even happier than happy, knowing that all will be well now for Nathan, herself, and the coming little one in their lives.


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