Camp Sharing


For sure militants will again lambaste the “camp sharing” where US servicemen may not build their own base structures but will only share camps with our local troops. This was made clear by the military and the government. We can expect protests and rallies to be held soon because this is a good issue the militants can use and exploit again.

There are more important things militants can do for the people like helping disaster victims rebuild their homes and lives. There is a lot to be done to make these people’s lives normal again. Why don’t these groups volunteer and offer their help and services instead of marching on the streets to protest? What the groups are doing is a waste of so much time. If their efforts are focused on productive things, our society would be better off, with no violence and terror that often results from untoward incidents during rallies and open activities involving them.

It’s time to drop these left and right protests. I am no supporter of Americans but I believe that “camp sharing” will be beneficial not only for our soldiers, but the people who are beneficiaries of the many projects surely eyed by continued US presence.

A. A. Gonzaga
Limay, Bataan


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  1. christopher john cacho on

    Tama bakit dada ng da ang mga miletanting grupo pero wala naman silang naitutulong sa bayan.

    Ang camp sharing with US ay makaka tulong sa ngayon na tayo ay ginigipit ng China,
    ang tanong pa dito eh kung wala ang mga amerikano sa araw na sumiklab ang gera ng pilpinas at china eh tutulong kaya ang mga “Armadong Grupo” ng mga organisasyon ng mga to?

    kaya kayong mga nag rarally diyan umuwi nalang kayo sa mga pamilya niyo..


  2. This so called militants are nothing but left leaning. Have you ever heard them protest
    when their Communist Chinese Masters ” ITINABOY ANG ATING MGA MANGINGISDA ” IN OUR OWN BACKYARD. Shame on them.