Campaign against fake vehicle parts kicks off


An awareness campaign that will fight against the usage of fake motor vehicles and automotive parts and accessories has been recently launched though a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the government and industry players.

The MOU, which was signed during the recently held 3rd Anti-Counterfeiting and Anti-Piracy Summit held at Marriott Hotel Manila, is an important milestone in an effort to meet the challenges of intellectual property theft.

The signatories to the MOU were the Intellectual Property Office (IPOPhl), Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association Inc. (MDPPA) and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB).

The partnership sets out a framework of cooperation and collaboration among the parties to launch a nationwide campaign on the intellectual property rights and road safety in the automotive industry.

Initial activity of the campaign will be the installation of posters carrying the tagline “Ingatan ang Buhay. Bumili ng Tunay” (Save life, Buy genuine) in the National Committee on Intellectual Property Rights, Land Transportation Office and LTFRB offices nationwide.

The posters will also be installed in spare parts dealers, motorcycle repair shops, major sea and air ports, bus and metro rail stations, shopping malls motorcycle parking areas, schools and in public utility vehicles.

In his presentation, IPO Director General Ricardo Blancaflor said that investigations on the causes of motor vehicle accidents were usually focused on human errors, environmental and general mechanical interventions.

However, the use of counterfeit parts that would have caused the accident has never been seriously considered.

For his part, Alfredo Lejano, president of MDPPA, said that rightful owners sustain not only economic loss by counterfeit parts but damages to their brand values because of the dead copies that also includes look-alike packaging of genuine parts.

He added that the people who unknowingly purchase counterfeit products anticipating a bargain are actually paying a higher price for an inferior and substandard product and sooner or later are exposed to safety and health risks.

Meanwhile, LTFRB Chairman Ginez expressed his office’s full support to the objective of the campaign.

He said that with the increasing road accidents, the safety of the country’s roads has been compromised because consumers patronize these counterfeit products.


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