Can Duterte still be saved?


The downward trail
Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte was riding high on his seemingly unstoppable popularity bandwagon when, without any warning or premonition, he suddenly went careening downhill, and his entire world seemed to tumble upside down. The slip looked like no more than a “banana peel,” but it seemed a perfect demonstration of Murphy’s law, “if anything can go wrong, it will.” Its conse­quences seemed global. Observers are still waiting to see what Duterte will do to recover from this fall.

A video clip of Duterte’s April 12 speech at the Amoranto Stadium in Quezon City showed him talking about a 36-year-old Australian lay missionary who was gang-raped and killed by inmates inside the Davao prison in 1989 before the police swooped in. He said the victim was as beautiful as an “American movie star,” and it angered him that she had been gang raped, but he said “the mayor (meaning himself) should have been the first (to violate her).”

The scandal worldwide
The video has gone viral worldwide. It has been watched by multitudes n Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and other countries in Western Europe. In the United States, the Filipino-American community has had a field day discussing it. The Washington Post headline said, “Leading Philippine presidential contender—Gang Rape victim ‘so beautiful’ he wishes he had been first.”

At home, various websites have pilloried Duterte; no less than the president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas, after watching the video, tweeted: “Judge for yourself if this is the right choice. I will keep my personal judgment to myself. This video can help.”

All of Duterte’s political rivals, the Australian Embassy, and various public commentators have condemned him for his performance. Vice President Jejomar C. Binay, LP standard bearer Mar Roxas and the constitutionally questionable Grace Poe Llamanzares were unforgiving in their invectives. The Left-leaning women’s group Gabriela, which had earlier switched camp from the constitutionally questionable Mrs. Llamanzares to Duterte has asked that their candidate publicly apologize.

Which costs more?
Apparently Gabriela believes it would cost him nothing to apologize, while it could cost him everything if he failed or refused to apologize. But “this is how men talk,” Duterte has explained, and at press time TIME magazine was reported to have come out with an essay in his defense, adopting that very same line, “This is how men talk.” TIME’s entry into this debate is most interesting because of its historic role in “watching” Philippine presidential elections. From the time of Ramon Magsaysay up to B. S. Aquino 3rd, favorable articles in TIME magazine usually presaged change in the Philippine presidency.

Finally, Duterte said sorry “in general,” if he had “offended others,” but he would not formally apologize to any particular group which was demanding it. Despite the firestorm, none of Duterte’s adversaries have been able to put their fingers on his real offense. They have condemned him for his failure to show “enough respect” for women, and for his “trivialization of rape,” as the Australian ambassador in Manila has put it. But none of them have put it the way a young millennial friend of mine has put it.

A millennial viewpoint
For this young friend, Duterte’s unforgivable offense was that instead of being revolted by the brutal rape and murder of the young, innocent and helpless missionary, and being filled with an intense passion to seek justice for one who may have died a martyr for her faith, this particular officer of the law was consumed with necrophilia, with the animal desire for sex with the dead, and that he thought he could still joke about it.

There is no telling how Duterte’s “true believers” have been affected by all this. There are those who will continue to resent any adverse criticism of their candidate, and threaten such critics with hints of violence. There are others on the other hand who feel genuinely saddened that so monstrous a fallout could result from a single stupid remark, which was probably intended to draw a cheap laugh from a motley crowd.

They feel genuinely saddened that as a result of this stupid slip, his presidential rivals who were previously trailing him in the propaganda surveys could eat up his earlier lead, giving them a chance to overtake him in the propaganda “surveys.” Already Roxas is saying he will become “the flavor of the month” by the 9th of May, and Binay is saying he will lead his closest rival, whoever he or she is, by four million votes.

This is reminiscent of Aquino’s famous line in 2010 that he would lead his closest rival by five million votes, except that he was going to be cheated and would have to stage “people power” to claim the victory that was his. In which case, Smartmatic’s precinct count optical scan (PCOS) voting machine intervened, and gave him the presidency.

The moral high ground
But what truly saddened Duterte’s “true believers,” my millennial friend points out, is that Duterte must now yield the moral “high ground” to opponents who, until this rape remark happened, had lain at the bottom of the moral pit. This is cruel and unusual punishment, she says. And it is self-inflicted. A lot of factors had brought Duterte to where he was before this fallout; it was entirely on his own account that he brought this situation to himself. This is he needs to apologize. To refuse to do so will not only be a crime, as Talleyrand says, but a mistake.

It could prop up the chances of Grace Poe Llamanzares, and that could be a prescription for chaos. For despite the unexplained decision of nine Supreme Court justices to declare her a qualified presidential candidate, far too many Filipinos are not prepared to put up with this former American citizen of no known biological parentage, and with an American husband and three American children to boot, running for President of the Philippines.

Should such a one, for any reason and by any means whatsoever, get “elected,” her term is likely to bring back the season of coup attempts that dogged the Cory Aquino administration from 1986 to 1992, just because of the wide perception that she was not legitimately elected president. If elected despite all her constitutional infirmities, Mrs. Llamanzares may not be able to count on the loyalty of her own troops and may have to seek protection from the US Seventh Fleet and the EDCA forces inside the Philippine bases.

Can he be saved?
Is there any hope then of righting this terrible wrong, and making Duterte still a viable candidate?

This is the most compelling concern of those who are particularly terrified of the prospect of the “nuisance candidate” emerging as the first probable beneficiary of this incident. I do not know the answer to this question, but I will draw from Biblical history for some possible illumination.

In the second book of Samuel, we read the story of King David who committed adultery with Bathsheba, the beautiful wife of Uriah the Hittite, and got her pregnant. In order to possess her completely, the King sent her husband to the front, so that he would be killed. After his death, the King married Bathsheba. David’s sin so gravely displeased God, who had favored him from his youth when he slew the Philistine Goliath. But David was a man of God, and for his great sin, he offered great penance. At the advice of the Prophet Nathan, who came to him after he had gone in to Bathsheba, he pleaded for the Lord’s forgiveness.

Like David
In Psalm 51, David cries out to God, “Have mercy on me, O God, according to your merciful love; according to your abundant mercy, blot out my offense. Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin! For I know what evil I have done, and my sin is ever before me. Against you, and you only, have I sinned, and done what is evil in your sight… Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put a new and right spirit within me. Cast me not away from your presence, and take not your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.”

This worked for David, and for everyone else who ever asked sincerely for the Lord’s forgiveness. It worked for the Good Thief, too, whom Christ first met on the Cross at Golgotha, and who said to him without the benefit of an introduction, “Lord, remember me when you come into your Kingdom.” And to him the Crucified Christ promised, “You shall be with me in Paradise.”

Asking forgiveness
In this Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy, the gates of forgiveness are wide open to the biggest sinners among us who will ask for it. Only sincere contrition and penance is needed, God never fails to forgive, never withholds forgiveness. It is in forgiving others that we best begin to imitate the love and mercy and goodness of God. We too become a forgiving people, who cannot and will not withhold from others the forgiveness we receive even before we ask for it.

But if we want to be forgiven, we must ask for it. Duterte must ask for it. He must not give in to any false pride. He, like all of us, has nothing to be proud of. As St. Paul says, he hasn’t got anything he has not received. The Fallen Angels fell because of pride; they thought themselves to have become like God, so they said, “I will not serve.” No one who wants to serve the merest needs of men can afford to say this. This is not the model to emulate. Our only mission in life is to love and to serve. We must apologize when we are wrong, and, sometimes, even when we believe we are right.


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  1. I explained that the military and the Americans are jittery to a Duterte’s presidency because he is identified with the communist and flirts with the Chinese on the West Philippine Sea.
    “The AFP do not want to see the Enhance Cooperation Defense Agreement (EDCA) and the continuing and growing military aid from the U.S, that flattered the military, stopped by Duterte who recently smirked on the two of the squadron of F/A jets the country purchased from South Korea, while the U.S, Japan, Australia, and others are nervous that Duterte could disrupt the alignment of military powers in the disputed Sea versus China,” I opined.
    My columnist friend told me that there was a recent pronouncement, from a former general, who told him and friends that the world community leads by the U.S watch with keen concern the meteoric rise to the polls of the Davao City’s mayor.

  2. If the CITIZEN cry out for CHANGE for a TRUE LEADER who had VISION of the country for a better tomorrow, regardless of any condemnation thrown against any CANDIDATES do not matters anymore but they are more on the FUTURE of the country by not being diistracted.

    The citizens comes MAY 09, 2016elelct a TRUE LEADER to who had VISION for the country and future generations to move FREELY without fear anytime of the day .

  3. You ask if he can be saved..? If you know how to forgive, if you know his achievements…He is not perfect.. but at the moment… he is the most suitable candidate that can help this forsaken country.
    For those people who don’t know Duterte’s achievements in Davao. Please watch this video. It is quite long but please bear with it. If he can do these things in Davao, pretty sure that he can do this to the whole country(with everybody’s help of course).

    (credits to the maker of the video)

  4. O common Tatad, now, that you failed to pull-down Llamanzares from running out of the idiotic decision of the SC, you are turning your eyes to duterte for what he uttered which is purely a street talk, thus, should not and must not be given any moral value or anything. This is salita pang-kanto, therefore, it should be given a kanto interpretation, not how self-rigtheous and very religious tribes interpret. In short, hypocrites. Ask any istambay, jeepney driver or tumutulak ng kariton, diyarto, bote and they will tell you exactly what he meant. Phils. needs a leader na hindi magnanakaw (binay) and uto-utong Roxas (sayang!). Si Poe (e hindi kilala ang magulang di ano pa, ” anak ng p–ta!!). Si Duterte na lang, baka madisiplina ang mga tarantado, switik, etc. just like days after you read Proc. 1081,

  5. Duterte has a Satanic devil streak that a presidential aspirant must not possess otherwise Duterte will be qualified to run as Satan’s right-hand man in hell. Duterte has no place in the Philippines as a leader of clean image and purity of character. Duterte’s comment on the Pope’s visit cursing him for mere traffic snarls which he cannot tolerate is utterly ferociously disgusting and infuriating people of good moral character and devout Catholics. His rude and very vulgar and insensitive comment on the Australian lay minister who was raped and killed in the 1989 Davao jail riot, whom he described like an American actress beauty that he said that “the Mayor should have been the first one” meaning he as Mayor he must have first be the one to have sex with the victim lay minister and not the inmates who raped her succinctly! Duterte did not relate a jail riot story in his city as a hero who tried to save the victim lay minister and arrested the jail breakers but Duterte told his story as a sex maniac and necrophiliac mayor of Davao who craved for flesh of a dead woman. What a crazy depraved predator. Is this the kind of person who pursue a noble and dignified highest office of the land, the Presidency. Wow, anybody who agrees with his bad antics of disrespecting the Pope and women, must have the same Satanic streak as Duterte, whom God must not forgive as he acts like the child of Satan and the Prince of hell and darkness. Duterte is making a fool of all the people who subscribed to his foolish stupid antics that makes him devilishly popular!
    Duterte can not be likened to King David’s adultery sin as King David married Bethseva after her husband was legitimately killed in battle, and vigorously prayed and asked God’s forgiveness, which was given as the supplication was genuine and sincere for which he deserved God’s pity. Duterte’s sins have been publicly acknowledged as numerous and on-going, for which he is unapologetic and even sounds more as an achievement to him for each sin committed.

    Yet the people seem to idolizes him even as a sinner and willing to promote his pursuit of the nation’s highest office as their leader. This is a very repugnant idolatry of the wrong person of immoral character. Can you imagine Duterte speaking before the UN General Assembly in gathering of world leaders, and Duterte is spewing curses of the Pope, justifying Holocaust, and advocating adultery and use of nuclear weapon as a population control tool but promoting condoms and multiple sexual partners! This is not a fruit of imagination but a reality judging from the nature of Duterte’s moral character and proclivities to unnatural deviant behavior.
    Duterte or “Du-dirty” must perish from the presidential election landscape as he deserve not even the lowest position in the Barangay level but must be thrown to the hell or house of Satan,

  6. As someone who has lived abroad for a long time, I have seen the lowly reputation of Filipinos in the 70’s who were seen as cowardly, self gratifying, and naive race for accepting the rule of the Marcos dictatorship. I have also observed the surge of the Filipino reputation to be courageous, steadfast and beautiful, thanks to Mr. Pacquiao, many Filipino sportsmen in various fields, and the many Filipino beauty queens winning international pageants. Now, Mr. DUDIRTY, with his dirty mouth, dirty mind and his PASSION FOR DEATH BOTH BY CAUSING IT AND HAVING SEX WITH IT, has NEGATED everything that his noble countrymates have achieved.

    Please do NOT VOTE for DUDIRTY!!!!

  7. People dont care of his dirty mouth and gutter language,What is important to them is somebody that could change their lives for the better and thats Duterte.Change is coming.He wil continue to rise in the coming days and win by landlside as what people want.

  8. Duterte will continue to rise as a result of people dissatisfaction of the government.Tatad ask Binay to return the money he stole from the national coffers.

  9. arthur keefe on

    Nobody seems concerned about the next stage in his involvement. He has said he ordered “shoot to kill”, and even that he himself shot some of the accused. This is the kind of extra judicial killing which should remind everyone of the Marcos era. It is not the job of a Mayor to command a police operation.

  10. God works in mysterious ways. That remark was to prevent Duterte from becoming president.

  11. ernie del rosario on

    “The downward trail
    Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte was riding high on his seemingly unstoppable popularity bandwagon when, without any warning or premonition, he suddenly went careening downhill, and his entire world seemed to tumble upside down. The slip looked like no more than a “banana peel,” but it seemed a perfect demonstration of Murphy’s law, “if anything can go wrong, it will.” Its conse­quences seemed global. Observers are still waiting to see what Duterte will do to recover from this fall.”

    What downward trail ? What fall ? You must be imagining Kit ! People have decided. No amount of tipping the Tipping Point that gave Duterte the edge happened when nobody was watching to the opposite trend would be as futile as Sisyphus pushing the stone upwards. To reverse the course would be violations of many of Malcolm Gladwell’s tipping point principles. People will not wait for the NTC to find a leader their group wants. They has decided for Duterte a long time ago.

  12. armando astudillo on

    Duterte will be saved. The two videos on Duterte’s campaign sorties in Bacolod and Iloilo, a supposedly Roxas balwarte, show it all. The people do not care. Desperation during hard times rallies behind a man who can give them safety, comfort and peace of mind. If Duterte lags, that would be temporary and would just pick up in the coming days just before election.
    Poe should have been a winner BUT all crumbled down the moment she had herself ENDORSED BY THE VERY RICH FORMER MARCOS CRONY DANDING COJUANCO. She just stripped herself off all the sound principles. Part of the money that she enjoys now in her sorties come from theft which Danding sucked out of the coconut planters. Unscrupulous Grace Poe. Eto ba ang prim and proper? So, no choice but to vote for a bastos president Duterte who’s dirty in mouth but pure in heart and motives……

    • armando astudillo on

      By the way, Duterte’s unbelievably jampacked campaign sorties in Iloilo and Bacolod, days after his rape comment, is a message that the people would opt for a bastos president rather than a prim and proper, disente, and courteous one with all the good manners and right conduct — but is a fake and filled with personal motives, and what’s more now enjoying the money stolen from the people’s coco levy fund via NPC Danding Cojuanco.

  13. Worse, duterte platform of government is that he will kill more when he gets elected. Ayos ka pa din ba diyan e madami ang inaakay nito sa impyerno. You very well know that those who will vote for him cannot escape the fact that they will be held accountable for every salvage committed by duterte. in short, damay sa kasalanan ang mga bumoto dahil sumangayon sila sa gagawin ni duterte at yan ay ang pumatay ng tao na wala sa proseso.

  14. We are sick and tired of same-old, same-old politics! Only Mayor Duterte is giving us some glimmer of hope. We his supporters remain unchanged in our position. And this writer is nothing but a paid and biased journalist. Fire away and destroy Duterte. But we will still vote for him. And just so you know, we are not stupid, no one is paying us. We simply love our country and would like to be free from the shackles of corruption, greed and the oligarch establishment. We are honest taxpayers who live from paycheck to paycheck and simply hate the system that has continuously robbed the money of the people, by the people and most importantly FOR the people!

  15. Ask your Boss Binay that question. Can Binay still be saved??? Tatad and Tiglao’s dream of being cabinet members will go down the drain.

  16. Mr D must repent of his foul joke takes areal Man to admit and seek Public Apology and Humility that he will be careful and bridle his mouth..and be a#REALMAN…

  17. Mayor D must repent and show remorse for his slipped of the tongue joke and show that he is a real man to accept his mistakes…

  18. Duterte will survive, his lead against the other candidates may even widen, he is now an open book, while the other candidates have hidden secrets and skeletons in their closets, one can’t even simply say I am a Filipino, I love the Philippines, it is the land of my Birth and the home of my people ….

  19. Amnata Pundit on

    Why don’t you just come out and say who your president is so we can compare. As for Duterte’s mouth, the people are so fed up with the current crop of leaders that no matter what kabastusan comes out of his mouth they will still believe him when he said that he alone can give them a clean government. If Binay said the same thing, do you think the people will believe him?

  20. If Duterte becomes President, the Philippines will become the most shameful country on the surface of the earth in modern times. Is this the kind of leader the country and the Filipino people deserve?

  21. A president is the Father of the Nation, would anybody wants a father who is Necrophiliac – one who fantasize of having sex with the dead? And who is so detached from morality that he wont apologize for it.

  22. Yes he can be saved, he already apologized and ask forgiveness for cracking a joke about the Australian Missionary Jackie Hammil that was killed and raped by the hostage takers in Davao City on August 13-15, 1989. The more his opponents in Presidential derby attack Mayor Duterte including you and your media friends, the more we depend him against your accusations. His joke never discouraged nor disturbed us and this wield us more to strongly support him to be elected as our next President. No body can stop the will of the people.

    • This is what happen during the time of Hitler who ruled Germany. People no longer see what is right and what is wrong because they only see a great pretender in front of them. There are many die hard Du Dirty fans and they can all go down with him. History repeats itself. I blame the media for the hyping the Du Dirty phenomena.

    • robin arguelles on

      Unfortunately, there is no real will of the people this time around. The votes are so scattered. The surveys don’t even have any of them having a third of the votes of the populace. Whoever wins cannot claim that they are endorsed by the people because they would only have a minority vote. Whoever wins, if lucky, might reach one third of the votes which is far from a majority. Thus, it is highly possible that the majority may resent or even despise the winner. Such a scenario is disturbing as our leaders might not have the support, of his people.

    • Mr Duterte has created a solid block of voters who are convinced that he is the Filipino messiah who will solve the deep and complicated cycle of criminality in the Philippines once and for all. These supporters probably value this hope above all else. The hope that Mr Duterte will solve this problem in the Philippines makes these supporters readily forgiving of any unprincipled behaviour that Mr Duterte may have done, is doing or will do. They seem willing to subordinate all other equally important values and principles to this promise of deliverance by Mr Duterte.
      His supporters always point to the success of Davao as Mr. Duterte’s full credentials for the top job in the Philippines. Do all the data regarding Davao’s success point to Mr Duterte as the catalyst/source of all the good that has been happening in Davao? How about its populations’ initiative, talent and great attitude which are all grounded on principles such as perseverance, temperance, kindness, discernment, etc? How about foreign aids- the biggest of which is from Australia ($83M just in 2015-2016)? One fact is that AusAid (Australian Aid) scholarships and projects have been targeted for Mindanao for many years now and as such most masteral and PhD scholars past and present are from Davao. Many of them have settled in Australia. These people would have contributed much to the wealth circulating in Davao.
      How sustainable is Mr Duterte’s brand of justice? Will it not create more problems than it solves in the long run? We all know that justice and mercy should be carefully balanced to be effective- as such the symbol for justice is a balancing scale being held by the goddess of the moral force. A lifelong habit of temperance and wisdom will render a more effective and enduring justice system. An aggressive approach may work for the time being, but if it is against sound principles, will it last?
      Many of his supporters also point to the success of Singapore under Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s disciplinarian approach. But LKY was promoted/voted by his fellow parliamentarians as their prime minister because they intimately knew and believed in his great character and skills.
      What kind of governing atmosphere will prevail if Mr. Duterte gets into power? Wouldn’t he also choose like-minded, similarly behaved people within his circle of leadership? Or perhaps he might opt for “yes” people who he knows will be easily intimidated by his ego strength-that way, he can expedite all his action plans? Will decent and effective people with opposite principles and values to him stick around? What kind of character legacy amongst other leaders will he leave behind?
      I hope that the Philippines will have a good ruler after May 9th. Or at least someone who will not plunge the country into social and moral upheaval in the short or long term because such a situation will flow on to a massive economic disaster and all that cycle of bad life will happen more often, more prolonged, to more families. And the poorest are usually the first to bear the brunt of this evil cycle of life where criminality is the most obvious symptom.
      Sadly, even first world countries have always had their fair share of poverty and criminality. And as always, criminality is more entrenched in very low socio-economic suburbs. Only progressive styles of local and state leadership involving job creations, education and meaningful community activities have managed to make significant and enduring solutions to some of these suburbs. But even first world countries don’t always have enough resources to deal with these problems.
      After 20 years of living abroad, I have seen many improvements in the Philippines both in Metro Manila and in the provinces particularly in the last decade. I’m happy to see that the present generation of Filipinos is living a lot better off than the previous generations. Even my village in one of the remotest parts of Luzon has had significant lifestyle improvements. I believe that the pace of progress in the Philippines is well on tract. A decent, intelligent and discerning top leader is what the country needs to maintain or hasten the pace or at least not fall backwards.

      I believe that as an individual, a family or society, a value- based approach to any issues in life will eventually prove to have more enduring and permanent success. As David Starr Jordan once said, “There is no real excellence in all this world which can be separated from right living.”

    • That is not a joke. He said it in disgust in a very unusual way of showing disdain to those who desecrated that woman missionary. Duterte is very unusual in his ways. But will that make him or show that he is evil or bad person? No he is not. He is a good guy with a filthy mouth with unusual ways.Let us not be so shallow in defining what is good or bad. There are those who are fine in manners and words but criminal minded; yet there are those who are rough but these are the one who will not hurt anyone but his would be enemy.

  23. Leodegardo Pruna on

    There is always our God, merciful and compassionate, and therefore forgiveness is never beyond reach. God save the Philippines.

    • Samuel Santos on

      After six years of PNoy – if God does not save the Philippines – we might just have six years of Digong.

  24. Ang mahalaga ay ay ng Katahimikan nang bansang Pilipinas, hindi ang sasabihin nang mga tao sa ating Presidente. Maganda nga ang tingin nang mga tao, pero palpak naman ang patakbo, puro patayan, rape din dito, rape doon. Walang nagdudusa kungdi ang mga taong bayan. Kawawa naman ang mga taong walang kaya na magtangol sa kanilang sarili.

  25. who needs saving? hahaha!

    hey brainLéss binay lackey, you should ask that question about binay.

    will he survive after losing the elections? will he be able to avoid jail time?

    • robin arguelles on

      It’s always painful but amusing to see people who try to win an argument by calling the other names. A clear sign that they are not confident in the logic of their arguments that they can only resort to personally putting the other down. So, you think your point is clearer because you called him brainless? You may think you won the argument but 3rd party bystanders find the action pathetic. This is not about Binay but about your decorum.

  26. This reputation is all about a gossip to those against the will of welfare. In fact people living with out a background of past history is a useless in the society.

  27. Jose A. Oliveros on

    According to a news item in a national daily this morning which I have just read, “Duterte apologizes, asks people to give him a ‘chance to lead'”. Yet, I am sure, the unabashed anti-Duterte crowd will continue to demonize him because according to the same newspaper, Duterte’s lead widens in April 5-10, in a Pulse-Asia-ABS-CBN survey.

    • robin arguelles on

      There is also a news item wherein Duterte says he was unaware of the apology and refuses to apologize for the rape comment.

  28. So we ought to forgive beneegno for his legalized plunder of PP170B thru his PDAF/DAP or his prostitution of the Judiciary?

    • robin arguelles on

      Please research the definition of plunder before you start speaking about it and accusing people of it.

  29. This time I agree with you Kit, the furor on Duterte’s vile mouth will benefit Grace Poe. Your relentless attack halted her advance giving way to the executioners surge.Meanwhile, on the final stretch of the presidential derby Roxas and Binay are still on others neck fighting for the last place.What a spectacle for us voters as we go to the polling place on election day.

  30. Nothing wrong with being aroused and/or tempted by a beautiful woman. Temptation itself is not a sin. It is only when we act upon our temptations that action translates into sin.

    So wanting to rape a beautiful woman is OK as long as you do not actually do it.

    It is like seeing a shoplifter steal an expensive bottle of cognac only to break the bottle and spill its contents during the getaway. It would be perfectly OK to make a comment like: “what a waste. I should have been the one to steal and drink it.”

    • What if I tell that your dead wife or daughter is so beautiful that being dead make them a waste, I should have raped them first before they died. Would that be perfectly OK with you?

    • Anyone who even thinks to rape a dead women has a sick mind. In the Bile you call this evil mind. FULL STOP. This is a big problem for many of our people who no longer see what is right and what is wrong. and unfortunately you are one of them.

    • robin arguelles on

      Talking lustfully about a woman who was killed and rape, and you see nothing wrong with that? Since you are referring to sin, then you are most likely utilizing scripture as a basis. Let me remind you that scripture says, even those who looks at another with lush has already sinned. Matt. 3:28. I guess you have no problem telling that to the rape victim’s family, “hey, the man I want to be president had lustful thoughts about your daughter/sister when he saw her brutally abused and murdered body. It’s a pity he wasn’t able to rape her first. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with that, it was just a temptation, as long as he didn’t do it, it’s perfectly fine.”

  31. Binay they said is corrupt Mr. Tatad and he will no longer recover from it. With regards to MAYOR DUTERTE’s political status, kindly have deeper reality check. Thank you.

  32. Duterte is unrepentant and suffers from diarrhea of the mouth. Only fools will vote for him. I call on the majority to vote for Miriam, Mar, and Binay. Poe is ineligible for lack of citizenship and residency qualifications, while Duterte is a disgrace to the people of Davao City.

    • I was willing to gamble for du30,but not after this incident. There is another news article stating the story as told by Du30 is not all true. It seems he has a sick mind. So who else is the lesser evil to vote. Not currupt Binay, not american Poe backed by a differnt kind of crocodiles, not Mar of tuwad na daan else, everyrhtung will just be the same and LP ll not be charged. Only Miriam is left as analternative and just vote for a GOOD VP. So in case she doesnt make the 6yrs term we have a good VP to takeover. But not Marcos pls. He may not hve committed corruption yet, but he continue to benefit from the loot of his parents. He us jobless but has millions if not billions. So i will vote Miriam – cayetano.

  33. May nalalaman ka pang moral high ground, pag ang isang tao mamamatay tao wala nang moral yun. May due process tyo tapos magpapauso ng policy of salvage? You are a catholic if im not mistaken, e catholic church nga nagpatigil sa death penalty, now you dont find it alarming that the people is resorting to extreme measure of extrajudicial killings? Hindi ba lesser evil yung death penalty at least may due process?