• Can Duterte succeed where Satan failed?


    An administrative remedy to a constitutional problem
    Why did the Commission on Elections en banc “accept” or at least “receive” Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s belated substitute candidacy, despite a formal legal opposition to it, while it summarily rejected as “nuisance candidates” so many others, against whom there was no disqualification complaint, just because they had no known organization, political base, or money? What happened to the equal protection of the laws? Why does Duterte appear so favored, and the others so discriminated against?

    By allowing Duterte to file his CoC for President as a substitute candidate for one Martin Dino, who was running for Mayor of Pasay City, the Comelec, particularly its chairman Andres Bautista, has raised more questions than answers.

    According to Bautista, the Comelec decision to receive Duterte’s CoC was purely “administrative” and “ministerial” — without prejudice to the Comelec finally ruling on the petition filed by broadcaster Ruben Castor for the mayor’s disqualification. But the error is not only apparent but real. And the speculations it has triggered are not the least helpful to anybody, not even to Duterte.

    The petition to disqualify Duterte has raised a legal, if not constitutional, issue. The remedy should be legal or constitutional. How could Comelec say its action is simply administrative and “ministerial,” when Détente did not file an original CoC before the deadline for the submission of such documents, but rather filed a substitute CoC after the “original candidate” had withdrawn, without any prior determination that his CoC was valid? Shouldn’t the Comelec have first made sure that Dino’s CoC was valid, before accepting Duterte’s “substitution”?

    Similar to the Grace Poe puzzler
    The Comelec’s action on Duterte is embarrassingly akin to its action in the case of Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares. After the First and Second Divisions disqualified her and cancelled her CoC for her not being a natural-born citizen and failing to meet the 10-year residency requirement under the Constitution, the Comelec refused to strike her out of the list of certified presidential candidates.

    By what authority did the Comelec declare as an “innocuous,” “innocent,” or “honest” mistake, Dino’s handwritten entry that he was running “for Mayor of Pasay” instead of “for President”? Was there any effort on his part to correct his “mistake” before the Comelec called it an “innocuous, innocent or honest” mistake?

    Each time I write a small check, and my handwriting shake, and I fail to perfect just one letter in a word on the check, I have to put my initial above or below that letter after redoing it; but this is no guarantee that the bank will honor my correction. Very often, an over-zealous but not too intelligent bank teller would insist that I replace the whole check. How about the Comelec?

    Just like a spoiled ballot
    In past manual elections, as I pointed out in a previous column, a ballot is declared “spoiled” and discarded if the voter writes the wrong candidate for the wrong position. This is what happened in the case of Dino’s CoC. Should the Comelec then have declared it “spoiled” and discarded it completely? But this didn’t happen.

    Had Dino not withdrawn, and he wasn’t declared a “nuisance candidate” either, which candidacy would he have been allowed to pursue without amending his CoC–for President or for Mayor? Had he insisted on running for President, would the Comelec not have declared him a “nuisance candidate” for not being “able to read and write,” as required by the Constitution, or for not having the money to wage a presidential campaign, just like most of the 130 “candidates,” who are otherwise eligible under the Constitution but demonstrably impecunious?

    Undue risks to the Commissioners
    Will the Commissioners who had agreed to receive the CoC “ministerially” still find it possible to reject it “legally” should the hearings turn against Duterte? Will they not be compelled to defend by every possible means their “administrative” decision from any legal finding that would require disqualifying the substitute candidate?

    This problem appears to have arisen after Commissioner Rowena Guanzon, who cast the lone dissenting vote at the en banc, failed to get satisfactory answers from Duterte’s counsel during the hearing of the First Division. In addition, legal opposition to Duterte’s candidacy is mounting from the ranks of those who have been declared “nuisance candidates.”

    Rizalito David, the petitioner in the quo warranto suit against Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares before the Senate Electoral Tribunal, says he would be filing a disqualification petition against Duterte anytime today. David has filed a CoC for president, but is threatened with disqualification because he is “only a broadcaster” and has no money. I got this straight from the horse’s mouth during the Christmas get-together at Save the Nation Movement last Saturday.

    Where is it all coming from?
    The situation could turn ugly. Some people are already beginning to ask serious accusatory questions about Bautista and Duterte. Who has such power as to be able to turn Bautista and his colleagues so completely from being extremely wary about Duterte one day to being unusually enthusiastic about him the next day? Not even President B.S. Aquino 3rd, with his sinking “minus 26 percent” popularity, or the combined influence of the Jose Abad Santos-Vicente Lim-Josefa Llanes Escoda troika, has such capability. Do we need the assistance of our foreign patrons to explain the mystery?

    This is not to suggest that PNoy is completely out of it. According to our usually reliable Malacañang source, LP presidential candidate Mar Roxas has tried to get PNoy to support the move against Duterte, but PNoy redflagged it. Meanwhile, the “smart money” of the oligarchy seems to have shifted from the camp of the disqualified presidential candidate Grace Poe-Llamanzares to that of Duterte. The various crooked survey organizations have begun bombarding us with paid propaganda surveys showing Duterte to be on top of the heap. And this the conscript media simply regurgitate without critical analysis for the unthinking, the gullible and the naive.

    New low for PNoy makes Duterte rating credible
    The fraudsters try to make themselves credible by coming out with alleged surveys showing PNoy lying on the ocean floor, as far public satisfaction with him and personal popularity are concerned. Since this is so obvious to everybody, the fraudsters could pick any negative number for PNoy (minus 26 percent or minus 50), and the crowd will readily accept it. Thereafter, it becomes so easy to come out with another bogus survey showing Duterte on top, and expecting the same unthinking, gullible and naive crowd will accept it.

    A recent analysis of one of the latest SWS alleged surveys claiming Duterte’s “surge” in the political preference of the public, by my Times colleague Yen Makabenta, shows one way of rigging these so-called surveys. There are a few other ways, including fiddling with the basic statistics. A good friend of mine, who heads a US-based think tank and is monitoring local developments in the run-up to the next election, has observed that in all the alleged surveys he had seen the “undecided” occupied not more than one percent, and yet wherever he had gone and asked people about their preferred candidate, they all tended to tell him they had not yet decided, and were not even sure they would vote. His own reading is that there are more undecided than decided.

    The new normal polling
    As I have pointed out repeatedly in previous columns, these surveys are no longer used to measure public opinion but rather to manufacture public opinion; no longer simply for the usual primitive mind-conditioning but rather to pre-determine the actual results of elections. Even in the most notorious places in Mindanao, where the results of national elections are arbitrarily dictated by powerful warlords who sell their people’s votes wholesale to the highest bidders, these fraudsters are able to predict with amazing “accuracy” how the people there would vote.

    A scientific impossibility, but a political reality. Once their alleged survey results are “accepted” by the gullible public, they are used by the syndicates rigging the electoral process to dictate the results. This allows the fraudsters and their associates in the conscript press to claim how accurate they are, at the end of the process.

    PNoy’s Villarroyo?
    It now appears that Duterte has succeeded in gaining control of the propaganda surveys industry, in the same manner that in the 2010 presidential campaign, candidate Manny Villar had succeeded in gaining similar control of the same industry, until a more powerful force intervened and Villar was dubbed “Villarroyo” — an alleged Trojan horse for then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Some critics have suggested that Duterte could be PNoy’s equivalent of GMA’s Villarroyo–and should be brought down.

    A friendly Catholic charismatic suggests that all you have to do is listen to Duterte and PNoy talk about the Church and the Pope, to see that they are, in fact, kindred spirits, and that Duterte could in fact be his Trojan horse, if nothing happens to Mar Roxas. Where PNoy merely “welcomed” Pope Francis in Malacanang last January with a rude and antagonistic message, Duterte has actually cursed him for allegedly causing so much traffic during that visit.

    Stronger than the Church, more powerful than Satan?
    Where PNoy merely tried to show he is stronger than the Catholic Church by ramming down the nation’s throat the highly destructive Reproductive Health law against the opposition of the Church, and stronger than the Iglesia ni Cristo which supported him in 2010 but whose support he has sought to minimize afterward, Duterte has said, “I will destroy the Church and the present status of so many priests and what they are doing.”

    It is pure arrogance and hubris.

    “Thou art Peter,” the Lord said, “and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevailed against it” (Mt 16:18). Many despots, infinitely more powerful and far crazier than the two Aquilino Pimentels’ “Santo Rodrigo,” have tried to destroy the Church and failed. The Lord gave the devil himself a full century, as we learn from Pope Leo XIII, to destroy the Church and rule the world, but he failed.

    One has to be galaxies bigger than Satan to think of succeeding where the father of all lies has failed. It takes more than a touch of madness to utter his words, but it takes an entire solar system of madness for an individual, or a group of individuals, or a significant part of the nation, or the nation itself to think that a man who says those things could become, or should become, a benighted people’s president even for a quarter of a minute.



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    1. Paano ko mapapaniwalaan si G. Francisco Tatad sa artikulong ito kung sya mismo ay may pinapanigan kandidato. Hindi magiging makatwiran ang kanyang mga dahilan sapagkat mayroon syang kinakampihan. Ang kanyang pagbibintang ay isang haka-haka lamang at walang batayan. Huwag ng manira kundi purihin na lang ang kandidatong pinapanigan baka sa ganitong paraan may maniwala pang ilan.

    2. Ceferino Garcia on

      It’s quite appalling how some people consider themselves “educated” when they can’t even spell or rather check their grammatical mistakes. Probably, they can express themselves better in Tagalog but even that, their horrendous command of their native language brings out how “well-educated” they were. The ideas presented were all valid but I was having a hard time reading and at the same time grasping and comprehending what they really wanted to be heard of. Tenses were terrible and although I have no indication of having a Migraine, it hurt my brain so bad I wanted to puke on my laptop as I was reading their comments. Sorry, I’m not perfect but for God’s sake, make your words at least a little bit more pleasing to the eyes so I can read better. And for Mr.Tatad, kudos to you, sir. Keep up the good work!

    3. Kung magaling talaga si Dementia Duterte dapat hindi pumupunta mga taga Davao, sa Manila at Makati para maghanap ng trabaho.

      Im never going to Davao, it smells like Durian. Ewe!

    4. We need a strong leader like Mayor Duterte… We elected a spoiled brat BSA president.. Look what happen to our country now. DAP, PDAP , SAF 44 BBL, LOOK OUR BUDGET TRILLION, YOLANDA , POLITICAL PROSECUTION.. WE have to move on …we need a strong law implementation like Singapore and other countries.We are being fooled by this yellow color … Since EDSA what happen to our country??? It’s better during Marcos days than this yellow armies who promise change but pocketed trillions pork barrel… During Marcos days no pork barrel it’s the Cory government started it during her revolutionary government just to stay in power … DUTERTE / MARCOS 2016

    5. Mr. Tatad, I know you are also brilliant but I think you’re a hypocrite too. Whose candidate with a good moral values and who claiming graduate from Ivy League school that doesn’t have strong political will and can’t handle stress? Would please enlighten us, whose candidates are you preferred that has the capability what you talking about? Would you lay down their platform so that we can have a better preference for the coming election?

    6. Francisco “Satan” Tatad stop misleading people of all the lies you’ve come up to conclusion. How could you judge someone who you just knew for quite sometime. As Ive known Duterte for years living in Davao, he will never ever destroy something what is good for his law abiding citizen, which is the church. Maybe you were just stupid enough to misunderstood what a rhetorical statement is from a fact. I think it is you who is the real Satan who only thinks of himself by writing lies to our only hope of eliminating all that is causing evil in our country. The accessory of all evil is you…

    7. I’m waiting for Dirty to be disqualified.
      Mr. Tatad please file a case regarding Dino Coc. Its really very irregular.

    8. Don’t be misled by a smear campaign article written by Francisco Tatad. He has bills to pay and his pay allowance is at stake. Mr. Tatad is a Special Counsel to the Vice-President of the Philippines.

    9. Moreover, Trillanes questioned Duterte’s anti-corruption stance, claiming that the mayor remained an ally of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo even during the height of the protest campaigns against the former President over corruption allegations.

      “Ang sa akin, noong panahon ni GMA na ino-oppress ang taumbayan…, asan ka? Kakampi mo si GMAeh [Where were you during GMA’s time when the people were being oppressed? GMA was your ally], Trillanes told Duterte.

      “Everybody would tend to assume that he is an anti-corruption political leader, of course not. Tingnan mo ‘yong mga tao…na nakapaligid sa kanya [Look at the people around him]. You have (former Armed Force chief Hermogenes) Esperon, you have the GMA people there,” the senator said.

      • eh ano si Trillanes?isang bugok na sobrang ambisyoso na kayang sirain kahit na matinong tao o institution para matupadang makasariling ambisyon.Na isang sobrang kurakot(consultants),makapal at pinakabastos na senador

    10. Johnny Agustin on

      Satan cannot fail. Duterte, et al is His Minions! Like Poe’s, case for me it is the battle between the rule of law or Constitution by the court Justices (appointed) against the violation of it by the gullible Politicians (elected).

    11. There should be a mass movement that will protect Duterte.
      His life is in danger from Drug Lords, Hitmans and Assassins that could be hired by the Elite. — anyone could assassinate him including from the Rightist Elements in the Military

      But this mass movement should be inline with the Revolutionary forces in the Country.And Duterte MUST get himself closer with the Revolutionary forces for it to succeed. Because if not, we would not want to see Clashes between loyal Duterte supporters and Progressive Groups. It would be akward for Duterte to be clashing with the Left where he said he is originally part of. (Duterte belongs to the first batch of the KABATAANG MAKABAYAN just like Nur Misuari was)

      Similar to the Red Guards. Mao Zedong employed this trick to attack counter-revolutionaries, Duterte, if successful, could rally the masses not only as his shield but also to force the Elite to backdown and force them to accept the clamor of the public for emancipation against their hold and rule

      • Mr. Tan, you are totally lost. This guy created a lot of enemies , then you us to protect him. Something is wrong with you. He who lives by the gun dies by the gun. This is an old saying but it still works up to now.

    12. There’s news that Chairman Bautista has said the 2016 elections will use PCOS machines with the safety and fraud freed capabilities enabled.
      Let’s pray hard the news is true and Bautista is not as crooked as his predecessors in the Comelec.

      • I have great faith in Chairman Bautista. His experience and education clearly show that he is a man of honor.

    13. ^_^ This is the reason why: Revelation 16:12 “And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon that great river Euphrates; and dried up the water thereof, that a way might be prepared for the kings from the rising of the sun.” (Douay-Rheims Bible) (Y)

    14. Mararamdaman mo, na ayaw ni Mr.tatad kay duterte dahil ang pinakamamahal niyang pope ay hindi ni respeto ng kapwa niya katoliko! Alam niya na hindi nila makokontrol ito at ng mga pari!
      Ang masakit napakaraming katoliko ang mas pumapanig dito kaysa sa mga pope o pari! Ito ay tanda na walang sinusunod ang mga ito, maging ang pope!
      nagkakaisa lamang ang lahat kapag ang INC ang kanila gustong libakin! Bakit ang aral ng katoliko ay hindi kayang pasunurin ang mga tao?
      Ano nga palang church ang itinayo ni Cristo sa ibabaw ng bato? Roman Catholic po ba ang pangalan?

      • If you read the entire New Testament, there’s no particular name of any church that JESUS CHRIST has ever mentioned. The church (Matt. 16:18) that HE was referring to is the congregation of “called out ones” – an assembly of true worshipers banded together as “ecclesia” (Greek word), who worships God in spirit and in truth (John 4:23-24).

      • If you read the Bible particularly the New Testament, there’s NO particular name of any church that the Lord JESUS CHRIST ever mentioned (Matt. 16:18). It’s because the church he was referring is not an organization but an “organism” which means, a body banded together of which Jesus Christ is the head(Ephesians 1:22-23). This body “ecclesia” (Greek word) is also called the church which means an “Assembly” of “called out ones” who worships God in spirit and in truth (John 4:22-23)

      • There is no name of the denomination that God pick for His church. He only said that whoever believes in Him will not perish and have everlasting life. It is the action and response to the coming of the Pope thar angered the Catholics. It is my opinion that everybody must respect any decent person even if he is not the Pope. It only shows what kind of person Duterte is. It is up to you if you like Duterte. This is a free country. Also I am not a Catholic.

    15. Ralph Cabanatuan on

      You talk a lot of rubbish, its not like we’re looking for a saint here or voting for a new cardinal, we are looking for someone who’s words are not just a mere imagination but can actually get the job done, tourists from all over the world visits the Philippines and would actually vouch that Davao city is so safe that even if you go out anytime in the night, you would not feel any danger whatsoever and infact businessmen actually prefers to make businesses in Davao City as it is less corrupt so they are less likely to be asked for an extra money for putting up a business there and who managed to make that city like that? Well guess what its Duterte. This guy out of all the candidates out there has actually made a difference for the filipinos and for the country, he made us a huge favour and now u want to scrutinize his work and what he does. Also philippines is a democratic country and if Senator mar roxas would say to mayor romualdez that hes one of the marcos bloodlines and the president is an aquino then isnt the liberal democrats suggesting that if nobody follows them then you are not worthy of our pity which is wrong because citizens in the philippines should be able to vote freely and not being dictated. Now let me ask you, what have the other candidates done for our country aside from sitting their asses doing nothing to actually make the country out of poverty. What’s the use of having huge mansions and tens of luxury car when they cant even give those homeless people a bit of land they have or houses to live and sleep at those cold nights, they have done nothing but duterte who does not have much was willing to offer everything he has for country and not for his own benefit.

    16. Don’t forget, it was the people’s clamor that made Mayor to run. He wanted to stand on something to run on but he was actually persuaded by the people to run. This unthinking people that you know nothing about will keep you surprised. What Satan has done so far is made you think that you are the one in the right. That this government is right. But we see it as bright as day. This is our retribution, this is our revenge. Judgement will be swift and it will not forgive your ignorance.

    17. Duterte will be disqualified in anytime. majority of catholic members will protest against Duterte if ever he be qualified to run for president. Duterte you can go back as mayor of davao and declared davao as free non religious city.By that time you can curse yourself and commit suicide as a gift our beloved nation.

      • “Duterte you can go back as mayor of davao and declared davao as free non religious city.By that time you can curse yourself and commit suicide as a gift our beloved nation.”

        Wishing death upon someone? That’s harsh. You contradict yourself my friend. If that’s coming from a Catholics mouth then I don’t want any part in your brand of christianity whatsoever.

      • laguatanlawzen.com on

        Joe, you don’t have any fear against Duterte becoming President, in fact the guy does not want to run for President but the people wants him to run for a CHANGE. Why do you have any qualms against Digong? He just want to transform the Philippines to become SAFE for you, for your kids and for the entire people against the menace of society. Do you want the country to be led again by a stupid, idiot, inept, non-performing, lying leader? Look at the country now? We became what we are not suppose to be, but because of stupid voters they elected a leader because of sympathy votes by yellow crowds.You got the dose of your own medicine. Let’s NOT commit another stupid mistake b y voting a stupid leader.

      • Gabricla Silang on

        Sino po ba talaga nagbayad sa inyo para tirahin lahat ng mga nangunguna sa survey? kasi kung sasabihin mong hindi totoo ang survey, bakit lahat ng taong kakilala ko ay puro Duterte? Hindi ba kami kasali dun sa statistics na ginamit sa survey? wala pa po akong kilalang tao na personal na nagsabi sa akin na sir mar or sino pa ang iboboto nila.

    18. Si Tatad bilib ako dito magaling, pero hindi marunong makiramdam nang pulso nang tao. Andito ako sa California at every time i will go shopping or going to a Filipino grocery or eat in a Filipino redtaurant or attending a Filipino party gumawa ako nang informal survey. Halos lahat gusto kay Duter na maging Presidente. Katoliko, Iglicia ni Cristo at kahit anong religion halas lahat nang nakausap ko puro Duterte sila. Kababalik ko lang galing Pinas at punta ako sa Cebu, tanung ako sa lahat nang taci driver na masakyan ko lajat Duterte, siguro namn Mr. Tatad hindi bugos yun kasi hindi ko sila binayaran. Makiramdam ka naman Mr Tatad…….

      • tumpak.. lahat naman talaga naranasan na natin ang administrasyon na sinasabi ay daang matuwid pero wala namang pagbabago.. meron bang daang matuwid na pundo ng yolanda 2 years na hinde parin nagagamit ng maayos. meron bang daang matuwid na ang bilibid mismo ay naging centro ng droga. kaya panahon na para ang taga mindanao naman maging presidente para sa pagbabago at para sa walang corrupt at para sa mga empleyado na gustong magkaroon nang malaking sahod.

      • Tama ka Alex, 99.9% ng mga Filipino expats ay gustong maging presidente si Mayor Duterte dahil nakikita natin kung paano na implement ang batas sa ibang bansa kaya sila maunlad, at iyun ang ginagawa ni Mayor sa Davao City, na plano rin nya gawin sa Pinas if he will be officially accepted as candidate and wins. Si Tatad yes matalino yan, but intellect alone does not make up a good leader, it requires a good feel of real needs of your constituents, at wala kay Tatad yun . . .

      • Tama ka dyan Alex….Si Gov. nga ng Davao Norte, Duterte, si Floirendo business tycoon to, taga Davao, Duterte rin, halos lahat ng Muslim sa Mindanao o baka lahat nga e, Duterte….sabihin ko sayo, kahit aso dito sa Davao, Duterte rin e..!

    19. Mr. Tatad. I dont know what you want to do. Manhid ka talaga. Hindi mo naramdaman ang pulso nang masa na talaga g gusto nila si Duterte na mamuno sa Pinas. Try to ride a taxi or jeepney and do your own survey. Out of 10 na tanungin mo kon sino ang gusto nila maging Presidente , 8 out of 10 ay kay Digong

    20. Daniel B.Laurente on

      Sino ang gusto talaga na politico..maging Presidente. Ang gulo mo naman..hindi kita gets talaga..Wala naman Holy man doon sa iba. Puro malayo sa Santo papa.

      • Ang ayaw nya gusto mo at yung ayaw mo gusto nya! Para walang gulo gawin mo at piliin ang gusto mo at pipiliin ko ang gusto ko dahil Ikaw ay hindi ako at ako ay hindi sa iyo! Walang pilitan at sana wag ka na lang manira may pa Satan2x ka pa! Ito kasing mga taong sobrang matatalino gagawa ng artikulo at mga kung ano2x batas man o commercial sa TV para ma enganyo ka sa mga bagay na kadalasan ay benta lang ng pag-asa pag nasa pwesto na hindi naman pala totoo. Sino ba sa mga kandidatong dyan na meron “SERVICE WARRANTY” at yun ang iboboto namin! Pag di umobra resign agad kesa magbuno pa ng 6 na taon at magananakaw lang naman sa gobyerno at papahirapan ang mga kababayan nating Filipino!