• Can we find a crime-fighting Bernardo Carpio?


    PRESIDENT Duterte is apparently convinced that many of the officers and men of the Philippine National Police and the National Bureau of Investigation are participants in the illegal drugs industry. Angered by this finding, he has ordered the PNP and the NBI to be purged of their rotten members.

    On Monday, he banned the PNP and the NBI from enforcing the anti-drug laws. The NBI was, in the eyes of the public, the most trusted law-enforcement agency because it is supposed to be both clean and competent. But the President also suspended it from engaging in the anti-drugs campaign, which is the No. 1 priority of the Duterte administration.

    “As of now, there are no policemen in the entire country [enforcing drug laws], and I want to add even the NBI. Kasali kayo (the NBI) kasi nawalan na ako ng tiwala sa inyo. [You (the NBI) are included because I have lost my trust in you],” he said in a speech in Davao City on Thursday.

    This is a shocking development!

    With the topmost law-enforcement agencies of the government no longer trustworthy, have we become a narco-state? Has the government lost to the drug lords?

    The President apparently still thinks the government has not lost the war on drugs.

    “Many [of the policemen and NBI agents]are still okay but the problem is, it’s a virulent thing. It’s like a virus that has really affected all the law enforcement,” the President said in answer to this question.

    On Monday, President Duterte announced that the PNP was no longer allowed to lead his campaign against
    illegal drugs. He had received facts about the PNP that convinced him the PNP can no longer be trusted because many policemen are involved and the PNP’s good, honorable and patriotic officers can only pursue the war on drugs by literally engaging in a shooting war with the corrupt policemen.

    The President ordered a cleanup of the PNP following the killing of Korean businessman Jee Ick-joo by rogue police officers right inside Camp Crame, the PNP headquarters in Quezon City, where the Korean was being kept by policemen who had rescued him and were protecting him from the bad policemen who had kidnapped him and were extorting money from his wife.

    NBI agents have also been implicated in Jee’s kidnap and killing.

    The NBI Director, Mr. Dante Gierran on Thursday relieved four of his top men while a joint NBI and PNP investigation on Jee’s case was going on. These NBI brass are Ricardo Diaz, Metro Manila NBI director; Roel Bolivar, chief of the NBI anti-illegal drug task force; and Jose Yap, NBI deputy director for investigation. Another NBI man who was disciplined is Investigation Agent Darwin Lising, who was reassigned from Metro Manila to the Bicol region.

    But how can the government fight the drug-trade criminals if our President cannot completely count on the Philippine National Police and the National Bureau of Investigation?

    We need someone better than the USA’s legendary Eliot Ness, who was not really as fantastic as the character in movies about him and the group of crime-fighters he formed and called The Untouchables.
    Does someone like that exist—and is he now a PNP or an NBI man?

    President Duterte has made the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), working with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), the lead government agency in the anti-drugs war.

    Maybe our crime-fighting Bernardo Carpio is now employed at the PDEA or the AFP.

    God help us Filipinos!


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    1. Sa tingin ko, isa lang ang ibig sabihin niyan. Kahit sino pa ang mag lead ng mga Pilipino ang kabulukan pa rin ang pinipili ng mga nasanay na ng ganoong sistema.
      Critics against the government on purging drugs cannot even mention anything what have they done to stop ‘poor ‘ people from getting into drugs? Media must also help but it looks like politics pa rin.
      It is easy to condemn the sitting government, but if you think about it, Why It Had Gone This BAD this drug problem? Where are the Church leaders? The good Media? The Politcal Leaders before? People in Congress were wasting People’s money for irrelevant

    2. The PNP and the NBI are now like a sitting duck with no quack! quack! quack! It all started with Dugong’s drug war that resulted for the death of 7000 suspected druggies including innocent cvillians. Puro na lang palpak ang mga promisa n’ya na wakasan ang droga sa loob ng anim na buwan lang kaya nagkanda litse-litse na ang Pinas hahaha… Hanggang sa ngayon wala pa rin g balita sa mga dayuhang namumuhunan na nagpatayo ng factorya, plants o call centers para mapagtrabahuan, ang mga NPA ay balik sa bundok para makikipaglaban ganoon rin seguro ang mangyayari sa MILF at MNLF sa hinaharap. Blah! Blah! Blah lamang ang narinig sa radio at TV sa mga proyekto na infrastraktura na wala ni Isa na naumpisahan. Ito kaya sa palagay n’yo ang palatandaan na umuusod ang bansa sa magandang kinabukasan. Tanong lang?

      • Juan Dela Cruz on

        Ikaw ang tingin ko na quack quack nang quack quack dahil natalo ang ibinoto mong presidentiable ano? Ang gusto mo lang ay tirahin si Digong at nagdarasal na hindi sya magtagumpay.
        Isa kang BULOK na Pilipino