• ‘We can handle Project NOAH’


    THE Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa) can handle Project NOAH (Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards).

    This was declared by Pagasa Administrator Vicente Malano on Tuesday during a news conference as he shrugged off claims by some netizens that the state weather bureau cannot handle the project.

    After weeks of announcement that Pagasa will be taking over the government’s Project NOAH, Malano along with Philippine Weathermen Employees Association (PWEA) president Ramon Agustin, debunked claims that the weather bureau is not capable of handling the project.

    According to Agustin, “an ongoing movement perpetrated” by a certain group, which he did not name, was “trying to discredit the name” of Pagasa.

    He said PWEA will not allow any group or person to “destroy the credibility of Pagasa.”

    “Actually, we do not have any plans to file charges against those who are trying to discredit Pagasa’s name. But if they will ever come to a point where they will destroy [Pagasa’s] dignity, that will be a good time to file charges,” Agustin added.

    “We respect anyone’s opinion [on Pagasa]for that is their freedom but please, try not to wreck anyone’s name for that will be [a foul move],” he said.

    The PWEA head recalled that Project NOAH Director Mahar Lagmay released a statement “expressing doubts” on the state weather bureau’s capability to match the technical expertise of Project NOAH.

    This statement is an intrigue that intends to diminish the reputation of both Pagasa and the PWEA, Agustin said.

    Malano said Pagasa will be absorbing at least 15 to 20 employees from Project NOAH.


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    1. To put it simple Dr. Mahar’s project sounds like the scam that sold the house twice, as a result there are two claimants to the same property, NOAH and PAGASA. The house sold twice is the NOAH budget supposedly for modernization of weather forecasting services bought with taxpayer money for P6+Billion. It gets confusing because Dr. Lagmay used to say that his project was intended for PAGASA that justified getting all the budget he wanted. Now before the project turnover to PAGASA he reverses himself to state that only his NOAH team of disaster scientist can perform hazard mapping.

      To disprove Dr. Lagmay blatantly misinformed statements. Firstly PAGASA forecasters, scientist and researchers have always generated the complete sets of weather maps required by international meteorological standards daily, seasonal climate or specialized researched maps monthly, yearly and decadal. The agency has longer experience and practice in flood hazard mapping than anyone in the country.

      On the other hand Dr. Lagmay’s LIDAR generated map has limited use for PAGASA’s daily forecasting and severe weather monitoring purposes, because they don’t realize that you cannot map weather and climate data using LIDAR. To a hammer every problem is a nail, ergo to a geologist like Dr. Lagmay every mapping is topographical, neglecting that PAGASA’s main concern is mapping the atmosphere. Even if Dr. Lagmay is the most brilliant Filipino scientist ever with a winning personality to explains his success in getting popular support to this project, the main problem is that he is the wrong kind of scientist, he is not a meteorologist.

    2. Never mind this issue, the radiation from the old Fukushima disaster is out of control and polluting the ocean on our shores, can you guys stop arguing and start measuring whether there’s a radiation hazard in our food supply here in the Philippines? The ocean currents are bringing it here!

      • That’s for another forum and only the Phil. Nuclear Research Institute and Food and Nutrition Research Institute can answer with technical competence

    3. There is something not right here, if PAGASA modernization went though the long process of many budget deliberations at the lower and upper house to get sponsored by a lawful bill, how does Noah magically become a national project, when not even a mandated gov’t agency, yet get instant funding to the tune of 6.4 billion twice that of the state weather forecasting agency that patiently waited through the terms of the past three presidents. For comparison that’s like outsourcing the entire AFP defense budget x2 to a private security firm, it just makes no sense.

      A no nonsense COA audit needs to be conducted before any turnover to Pagasa because from the start there was issue with the national mapping agency Namria that had sophisticated Lifar mapping technology, yet Noah opted to contract for Lidar spending unnecessarily an additional billion pesos of taxpayer money sourced from PDAF. It’s so mysterious how Dr. Lagmay a geologist suddenly became an expert on weather forecasting and instrumentation, questionable the projects meteorological standards are compliant.

      Lagmay even encouraged the lie that Noah’s budget was spent on Pagasa doppler radar up-grades, when all the Dop-rad equipment upgrades were Pagasa’s projects from meager budget allocation augmented from bi-lateral technology transfer grant in aid projects, overseen closely and approved by foreign science experts from donor countries thru JICA, KOICA, UNDP or AUS-AID. Unlike Noah a Pdaf white elephant that could not pass expert scrutiny to qualify for foreign funding.
      Throughout his term Pnoy oppressed gov’t weathermen and wanted the Pagasa replaced with Noah, three Pagasa heads were forced to resign and many forecasters too joined the ranks of OFWs abroad in disgust. While Pnoy gave both special blessings and budget x2 to Doc. Mahar’s project rather than the rightfully mandated gov’t service, but of course Noah could never forecast weather and that is why Pagasa still could not be abolished.

      Turns out on closer examination Noah has lots of technical and budgetary anomalies, Dr. Lagmay has a lot of explaining to do.