• Can Mr. Binay, a legendary survivor, survive ‘Parkinggate’?


    I will mention some names and see if you can remember them: Brigido “Jun” Simon Jr., Mario Raymundo, Dr. Tony Martinez, Rodolfo Valentino, Isidro Garcia, Mel Lopez, Ben Abalos and Ignacio “Toting” Bunye.

    Your answer will be this. The last three are still familiar names. Lopez is chairman of a government oil company. Abalos figured in an infamous broadband scam and his son Benhur has been unbeatable in Mandaluyong politics. Bunye was Mrs. Arroyo’s one-time press secretary and recently ended a full term as a member of the Monetary Board. As to the rest, your answer will be this: Who are they?

    All the names are bound by one thing. All of them were named OIC mayors of towns and cities in Metro Manila after the democratic restoration in 1986. Except for Ben Abalos, not one got elected to the full three terms allowed under the 1987 Constitution. Except for Abalos, who served three full terms and was named Comelec Chairman after, none was competitive enough in the rough and tumble world of Metro Manila politics.

    Some of the OIC mayors had tragic stories—and careers. The late Dr. Tony Martinez, sitting as OIC Mayor of Caloocan City, was even soundly beaten by the Asistios in the 1988 mayoral elections, the first local election after the assumption to power of Cory Aquino. The “Cory Magic” failed to save him politically. Even Jun Simon, seen by the PDP-Laban as a young politician with so much promise, won a single term as Quezon City mayor, then faded into total anonymity.

    Among the OICs named in 1986, Abalos has the distinction of having the second most successful political career. The most successful of the Cory Aquino OICs is the one who has dominated the headlines over the past few weeks, Vice President Jejomar Binay.

    Of the more than a dozen Metro Manila mayors in 1986, it was Binay who have done all these things: crush the once- invincible Yabut political organization in Makati, consolidate his hold on power, and build a political dynasty out of that consolidated political power. While the winning ways and staying power of Benjamin Abalos was also impressive, he failed to scale the height of political power into which Mr. Binay’s career soared. Ben Abalos has forged a partnership, unbroken through years, with the late former Senate President Neptali Gonzales, the most famous son of Mandaluyong.

    In contrast, Mr. Binay, after crushing the Yabut machine, was the sole and undisputed King of the country’s wealthiest city. He does not have, to share political power with anybody which is the case of Ben Abalos. Those who have crossed Mr. Binay’s path politically, whether these were old enemies or former allies who had decided they could take on the Binay machine, had been crushed, like the Yabuts, by the machine.

    Not one political enemy is left standing. A son of the late Mayor Yabut is a city councilor, a small insignificant post probably tolerated by the Binay machine.

    Mr. Binay’s son Junjun is Makati mayor. A daughter is a congresswoman and another daughter is a senator of the realm. No other political family in the country wields such immense political power.

    Now this is the question uppermost in the minds of the country’s political junkies. Can Mr. Binay get past the test to his survival powers – the high profile Senate inquiry into the allegedly overpriced parking building in his city, called by some as the “Parkinggate”?

    The point raised by the Binay camp is valid: politics is fueling the inquiry. After Mr. Binay soared in the presidential polls and is now the putative presidential frontrunner, those lagging in the polls did what they have to do, which was to launch a demolition job on Mr. Binay. But all is fair in love and war and in politics. And Mr. Binay knows this too well.

    And you have to give it to those who are, covertly and overtly, behind the investigation. The overpricing case has been laid out well. There are real complainants. There are even metrics on building construction costs. The COA leadership has yet to stand by the findings of the resident COA auditors who green-lighted the construction of the parking building. The erstwhile ally of Mr. Binay turned bitter enemy, the former vice mayor, has ratted on Mr. Binay and his alleged “ commissions “ from construction projects.

    The giddiness of at least three senators to pursue the inquiry shows that the inquiry was meant to inflict the most political harm on Mr. Binay. And scuttle his lead in the polls and his presidential dreams.

    Can Mr. Binay, with his legendary survival instinct, and the first and without equal among the Cory Aquino OICs, summon the powers that made him crush the Yabut machine and then crush the his two popular opponents in the 2010 vice presidential polls? And beat this one last hurdle to his presidential dreams?

    Or, would the inquiry waylay his perfectly-attainable dream of being the next president of our country?

    Can his great victories in 1988 and 2010 get an encore and three-peat?

    Or, would Parkinggate be his Waterloo?



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    1. Bakit talunan ang mga kalaban ni Binay sa Makati? Dahil binabayaran nya mga titsers at mga botante during elections. Magsalita kayo mga titsers ng Makati. You created a frankenstein in Makati, wag naman sa buong bansa. GOD FORBIDS ! Ganun ang ginawa ni Binay nuong labanang Meyor kontra Boboy Syjuco at Rellie Reyes. Hanggang ngaun pera ang gamit ni Binay tuwing election, ganun din, kaya nanalo si Nancy na senadora kuno.

    2. yes binay will survive, because it is a miracle to find a politicians who is not corrupt. our only alternative is chose someone who can work for our country.

    3. Guadalupe Palanan on

      Your last sentence will be the appropriate outcome for this corrupt VP and his family….Never again will they hold sway of the public treasury as if it’s their own ATM….Never ever will they (the whole corrupt dynastic family) set foot on Malacanang….as in the old mantra….THEY CAN FOOL SOME PEOPLE SOME OF THE TIME BUT THEY CANNOT FOOL ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME!!

    4. Sino ba naman may sabi Na lahat an government project ay walang patong?meron pero yan SOP yan ang problematic Kay binay sumobra siya
      Leche maraming puIubi Sa pilipinas ano bayan down with political dynasty

    5. So Young and So Corrupt…echoes of the past and where are these politicians now…I know one still FROZEN…the other one from Manila once a Senator and has aspirations of being RP PRES is now a full pledge BEKE…2 PRES wore prison clothings…now the 3 stooges..BINAY must learn from history. PH must also pay heed and do not make “COPY & PASTE” katangahan of the past.

    6. To even consider VP Binay still a presidentiable, much less presidential, after this relentless “Parkinggate” inquiries speaks less of the so-called unbeatable Binay political machine as it does resoundingly more of the Filipino voters’ stupid political immaturity. Having seen the Binays’ unquenchable greed – which has transcended VP Binay’s personal corrupt predilection into a family’s collective corrupt practice – electing VP Binay to the presidency will transmogrify the Filipino people into a nation of humongous imbeciles. By then, most definitely, we will deserve the kind of failed governance we will have.

    7. That was then when ombudsman where corrupt,21 years as dictator of Makati Mr.13%VP Binay amass a lot of corrupt money,he uses this money to payoff the ombudsman to acquit him,he is not a survivor he is evil,this time it is different his right hand man testify against him,this time it will stick he is going to jail.Guaranteeee.Crook will always be a crook they dont change.

    8. If the ruling majority of the filipino voters are intelligent and wise, the parkingate scandal would spell the downfall of the Binay’s dynasty. This stage of filipino’s immaturity at this time of our nation’s growth makes our democracy still in it’s infant age.

      • what is happening now is like a campaign period….and the next survey is just like the election of 2016…if BINAY will not be no.1in the next survey for sure he’s out…but if he remains no.1 in ranking even if it slides, “HIS EXCELLENCY JEJOMAR C. BINAY, PRESIDENT REPUBLIC OF THE PHILLIPINES” will be heard loud and clear in 2016…!!! mature na ang mga botante…!! ipakita nyo lng ang tamang ebidensya at maniwala kami na totoo ang mga bintang sa kanya…!!

    9. mikhail hironymus on

      The odds are he will win it all. Trillanes and Cayetano might succeed in smirching Binay’s name and his family, but the common tao will vote for the “oppressed Binay.” V.P. Binay is no angel by any stretch of the imagination, as rumors were hovering over his head ever since. As they say: Where there is smoke, the is fire. But the trouble with his critics is that they can not pin him down. Now that tells you something about this man, Binay. He is a survivor far excellent ! He will probably do good as president because he would like to leave a legacy for his name. A reformed person.

      • Whether true or not, the accusers’ failed to present documentary evidence. Add to that all the history of accusations throughout the years that he has survived, the libel case he has won, they legitimize the VP’s assertion that its just a demolition job.

      • Guadalupe Palanan on

        This Parkinggate for sure will be his WATERLOO….he will never survive nor recover from it politically, as he will be charged and jailed for his humongous malfeasance of the taxpayers money….so your presumption is like making a crow look like a an egret that will never happen…

    10. I think the Parkinggate will be Binays waterlo. the evidense are so great, and where did he get his millions if not from corruption. He has no legitimate bussiness. People would
      be so dumb and foolish if they vote for him.