Can poverty persist in growing economy?


(By Juan T. Gatbonton, Analysis & Commentaries, October 29, 2013)
There is a sense of urgency to come across intensely and devotedly on questionable activities of those who are behind the management/owners of our college and universities. There is that specifically to mention about how students are driven into despair or we may say hopelessness for such simple occurrence that turns into complicated issue forcing students to repeat the subject(s) that they are not supposed to do. Of course this seems to be profitable for the learning institution but burden to the students especially for the parents. Other areas of concern are that of some subjects included in a curriculum not beneficial for the intended course. Some of my Indian colleagues at work who are of course good in their field of electrical and electronic communication engineering profession told me that subjects like sociology, and psychology are not included in their engineering courses. This seems to be a very simple thing and not even worth to talk about and yet it is comparable to a stick of matches that can create an inferno in a whole city. Many of our youth driven by despair for such simple occurrence in their quest for college education ended up into college drop-out because they can no longer afford to continue their education.

I met many or our fellow Filipinos who are very talented people with similar problem mentioned above and who are working in their chosen field of vocation but unable to acquire college diploma when they are supposed to have better opportunity in terms of earning higher pay. This only can tell us that their families back home can live better or they may even be able to take their families with them in the country where they are employed as OFWs. Our government officials should look into this simple problem that unknowingly becomes a national tragedy at sort; a cause of our being held hostage in poverty.


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