• Can President Aquino run after Enrile, et al?


    Thanks a lot for a very good comment. Why Pnoy can’t do anything to these culprits? Why Marcoses and other thieves in the government are still free? Is our Prez only good to stop wang-wang? Well, PNOY must be removed from power and replaced by Sen Escudero or an honest, corrupt-free senator and NOT a senaTONG.
    Juan dela Cruz, pinoy@yahoo.com

    Hi Mr. Lopez,
    I would like to comment on your article. I am strongly convinced that our President will not hesitate to file the appropriate charges against those who are involved in the PDAF scam. We have seen in the past that BS Aguino was consistent in pursuing corruption cases. As President and with one term only, this is the most very important opportunity for him to save or protect our country from the plunderers. If he fails, then our only last remaining options or hope is to call our kababayan to go out and bring their own available weapons in order to bring justice to all.
    Alfred Jaromamay, alfredj04@yahoo.com


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    1. pnoy can do it if we will be with him chasing for these culprit and of course if those witnesses and the maneuver/s of all the scam will cooperate and be brave and honest to tell who their conspirators, inside and out of the government…

      • I have a doubt if pres. PNoy can give justice to the Filipino people, by running after those involved(Enrile et al) in that PDAF scam and put them in place where they should be. Because of the following reasons:
        1. His terms in office will end too soon enough to oversee a “full Court-
        trial term”.(if charges be filed & tried in court).
        2.The Filipino people are too lenient, forgetful and too forgiving
        enough in pursuing cases specially if involves prominent politicians.
        3.The Filipino people loves entertainment, popularity, laxity and had
        limited focus.
        4. Partisan of politics among Filipinos eventually will take its toll.
        5.Soon there would be a lot of “actors and heroes” coming out to join
        the chase but are just self-serving and derailing.
        6.The Filipino society was “family-oriented” resulting in dynasty and
        7.The deep-seated Corruption had already creep in the norm of its
        8. Politicians(“Old Ones”) were too influential (“too hot to handle”)

    2. if we do not trust “somejuan”, who should we trust? if the person we believe in trust “somejuan”, can’t we do the same…trusting “somejuan”? i do hope that if we criticize “somejuan” or something, let’s not forget asking ourselves, is there something good i shared for the betterment of my country and fellow filipinos or at least give quite good and sound solution for what we criticize? in so many rallies around the country, have we ever assess if they are really one in objective? are they shouting for the same intention? are they really one solid voice in all aspect? -ask-observe-listen-assess-