Can more screaming headlines finally sink Mr. Binay?


THE PULSE ASIA survey that still had Mr. Binay as the most preferred presidential wannabe (“presidentiable” is not a word, it is a linguistic atrocity ), also noted the waning interest of adult Filipinos in his candidacy. The UNA may spin the survey results and claim that the survey showed the resiliency of Mr. Binay’s candidacy. A 10 percent drop, however, is not a trivial issue.

The 10 percent drop, of course, showed that many adult Filipinos negatively reacted to the Senate inquiry into the supposed corruption of Mr. Binay and his political family. The inquiry would have had no bearing on Mr. Binay had it stayed out of the headlines. But the newspapers had no choice but to adjust the fonts after every hearing on the “Parkinggate.” Corruption stories sell newspapers and fulfill the earnest ambition of newspaper editors to bring popular politicians down to earth with screaming headlines on sleaze.

Especially if that popular politician looks like you and me – Indio all the way and the type that would be probably turned down by the Belo clinics. Mr. Binay, it happens, looks like you and me, Indio all the way, the looks disdained by editors, who are mostly closet royalists.

Without the screaming headlines on Mr. Binay’s supposed scams, his preference rating would have been in the hard-to-beat 60 to 70 percent by now. The adult Filipinos who have changed their mind on Mr. Binay were turned off by what was suggested in the headlines. You see, there is a substantial section of the electorate that bases its preference on what the headlines scream about.

You need not be in the political camp of the vice president right now to see what the prayer of that camp is.

The prayer is for the headlines to scale down from screaming to barely noticeable. One column plays instead of banner headlines. One story a week instead of the daily shout outs in print about how the Binays had supposedly turned City Hall into a family bank. The sooner the stories fade, or are moved into the inside pages with one column treatments, the better for the presidential dream of Mr. Binay.

Realistically, the headlines won’t vanish anytime soon. Those behind the inquiry (of course there are ambitious politicians and financiers behind the inquiry) have laid their case against the Binays very well. The way the witnesses against the Binays have been telling their stories, complete with bagmen and money drops and bidders who were trapped inside elevators, guarantees media coverage and many more headlines to come.

In terms of media appeal, the anti-Binay testimonies are not the disjointed and improbable Benghazi hit jabs on Hillary Clinton. They are professionally told, with one incident of sleaze seamlessly seguing into another for credibility and real impact.

The detractors of Mr. Binay are not without handicaps and limitations. First of all, they have to make good of the demolition job from now up to – at the very most – the first week of December. Before the spirit of the Yuletide sets in.

Even with the given preference of Filipinos for stories of scams and sleaze, there is forgiveness and goodwill during the Yuletide season. Christmas is not a season for demolition jobs. If they can’t finish off their job on time, then Mr. Binay will survive.

So the question now is this. Can the detractors of Mr. Binay generate from the Senate testimonies enough scary headlines that would be enough to doom the vice president from now to early December? Abangan.

There is an upside to the demolition job. If the survey results in early 2015 would still place Mr. Binay on top and with a double-digit lead on the number 2 in the survey, he will probably coast to victory in 2016. The Senate inquiry will not have an encore that will be as credible as the original. Demolition jobs do not get second lives and second chances.

Also, those who know their politics and who have studied the survey results carefully had figured out that there were positive points for Mr. Binay in that survey – on top of the fact that he was still the number one preference.

First, was the clear consensus to vote for Grace Poe as vice president. Poe used to be Mr. Binay’s great nightmare, an undeclared presidential candidate who placed a strong second to Mr. Binay in the early surveys.

Under any team or running by herself, Grace Poe, according to the survey results, would easily win the vice presidential contest. That preference would probably discourage Poe to run for president and encourage her to seek the vice presidency. If to seek higher office is within her 2016 plans.

Second, the civil society move to draft Leni Robredo for president has not gained any traction, at least that was what the figures showed. Another piece of good news for Mr. Binay.

Poe and Robredo are precisely the type of candidates that would give Mr. Binay the scare. Unlike the other candidates surveyed, they come clean and without baggage. In a presidential election with Poe and Robredo not contending, no one can truly cast their first stone against Mr. Binay.


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  1. Can more screaming headlines finally sink Mr. Binay?

    I certainly hope so. Mr. Binay and all of his plundering famiy!

  2. Approved talaga itong writer nA ito. Katulad mo rin po kaming mga BOBOTANTE, Kampi kami sa WORLD CLASS PLUNDERER BINAY and FAMILY

  3. arlie dollaga on

    The latest Pulse Asia Survey was more likely a fiction or manufactured considering that Mar Roxas had a big leap despite of no significant accomplishment except that of defending Purisima and being one of the initiators for an another term for PNoy.

    While Grace Poe slid for 2 points, and the likes of Cayetano and Trillanes did not take off in their presidential aspirations. But prominently popular as Vice Presidentiables!

  4. I can just imagine how Mr. Binay will accumulate more wealth when he becomes president what with big infra-projects of the national government on the line later on. Meanwhile, our justice system especially on the Binays cases filed before the ombudsman may not cope-up on time and could be delayed due to the known shrewd tactics ability of Binay’s lawyers in delay cases in court and could go beyond the time of national election in 2016 which is the goal of UNA group when Binay becomes president and is bestowed with immunity power.

  5. Bert O. Romero on

    Mr. Ronquillo, if despite all these well- documented revelations at the Senate and sober and analytical commentaries both by reputable and credible print and broadcast analysts on Binay family’s rapacious ness, which is worse than the Marcos’ conjugal dictatorship, Binay still decides to run and, worse, is elected by the people, then the nation really deserves to be a failed state and sink. On one hand,Marcos conjugal dictatorship was just it: conjugal – husband and wife were the only ones involved. Until now, no charge has been filed linking any of the three children to any graft and corrupt act. Moreover, their arena of operation is the entire Philippine archipelago which for a time was even under martial law with its consequent suppression of information, among others, and with the national budget and resources as their toys. On the other hand, the Binay thievery or rapacious ness is familial – husband, wife, son, and two daughters or practically the entire family is involved ! The son, the current mayor of Makati, even figured in the abuse of a village security rules and its guards which incident underscores the mayor’s proclivity to abuse his power with impunity. Please take note that this familial thievery or rapacious ness and the son’s abusive behavior occurred only in a small part of the country with a city budget, albeit the richest city, under the full and open glare of freedoms that a democratic city can offer. One shudders to think of the degree and amount of rapacious ness this family can wreck if Binay becomes president. No, Sir, let’s not allow this to happen.

    • Marcos was never convicted in a criminal court either here or in the US. Remember that not guilty verdict in New York? That civil forfeiture case involving the more than $600M Swiss deposits was a summary judgment, which means the side of Marcos was not heard. The Supreme Court refused to receive it. Why? Obviously they were afraid that there was a completely satisfactory explanation for it. The human rights civil case? There is no list of 10,000 genuine human rights victims, they have yet to show even a list of 500 genuine victims. We reconciled with the Japanese less than 10 years after that carnage they visited on this country in the last war. Vietnam and the Americans are friends again, yet the here we are already approaching almost 30 years and the Coristas still refuse to forgive Marcos, if indeed he was at fault, and thats still a big if up to now. Why do they continue to hate him? Because they know their regime is standing on a pack of lies. We always hate what we fear, don’t we, and the real reason they hate is because they fear the TRUTH that is just waiting to destroy them.

  6. Bert O. Romero on

    May I commend you , Mr. Ronquillo. My friends and I have been wondering why after all these six hearings in the Senate; additional exposes by Rappler on the overpriced Standard faucets used in the PARKINGGATE, republication of its article on the Binays’ properties; almost daily screaming headlines by Inquirer and other mainstream newspapers; factual and analytical discussions by the likes of respected columnists Solita Monsod, Neal Cruz, Federico Pascual, and other credible and illustrious opinion makers ; and almost nightly discussion by analysts of PARKINGGATE; etc the 1898 venerable Manila Times has remained mute, deaf, blind and indifferent to this raging issue of the day which has potentially terrifying consequences to the nation. We don’t expect Kit Tatad nor Bobi Tiglao to touch on this subject except perhaps to find justification for this family thievery , as if it can be justified. Kit Tatad? He has been an almost permanent acolyte of VP Binay in the latter’s numerous campaign sorties abroad masquerading as official trips to purportedly touch base with distressed OFWs. Tatad will not jeopardize his ambition to become executive secretary or foreign secretary under a Binay presidency. Tiglao? Having savored the pomp and pageantry of an ambassador as envoy to Greece under the Arroyo administration, what’s another stint as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary or foreign secretary under a Binay presidency? Mr. Ronquillo, you have been Manila Times’ saving grace with your column today which upholds your paper’s much-vaunted fearlessness, credibility and impartiality.

  7. I dont think Mr.Binay will be a good president,because if so, the Philippines will again
    revert back to be the sick man of asia. Rampant family corruption like in Makati.

  8. P. on

    With all the annomalies that cropped up since PDAF/DAP, corruptions in the national and local governments, writers and columnists still talk about VP Binay’s popularity or resiliency despite the COA reports and testimonites,.etc.We need other names who should be subjects of build up.

    Thousands of denials can be advanced by Binay and family members, but the testimonies and proofs on the “parkinggate” are insurmountable that these accusations are more believable as alleged against the ‘Dynasty’ family. We need new faces and new names!

  9. muriel magtanggol on

    Sa ibang bansa, hindi na magpapakapal ng mukha tumakbo ang ganyan! They will even resign. But of course that is not in the consciousness of these politicians, firstly because they have no conscience. Secondly, pareho sila nang source ni Boy Sisi sa pinagkukunan nang kapal ng mukha!