Caña ‘bares’ all

Make Love Not War, Caña, intermedia and found objects, 24 inches in diamete

Make Love Not War, Caña, intermedia and found objects, 24 inches in diamete

Artist Caña’s ninth solo exhibition, Bare, is his response to a challenge to reveal his innermost identity based on the most essential elements that define his praxis, and to do away with color while doing so.

A process-and-dialogue-driven project, Bare began as a call for Caña to strip to the core to let his viewer see who he is and what he is about. As art critic and writer John Berger puts it, subject positions are crucial in the business of creating images and meanings. It is in knowing one’s history, ideology, beliefs, up-bringing, environment, desires and influences that we are able to fully grasp meanings that we either put forward or try to understand. These aspects of one’s subject position are what Caña had to contend with to create artworks that tell his story and identity as an artist traversing contemporary time.


‘Curves,’ Caña, intermedia on wood, 2 x 4 ft

The 14 intermedia works in this exhibit are the product of that process and dialogue between the artists, the curator and the gallery. These works tackle 14 different concepts, each building up the artist’s subject position, in either pure black or pure white. Familiarity with Caña’s works leads to surmise the weight of this challenge, unsettling the artist from his comfort zone yet consoling him as he discloses his innermost identity.

Caña has been known for his colorful kaleidoscope style of painting, indulging in intricate patterned textures in rendering subjects like nature, female figures and urban landscapes. He actively exhibits his works locally and internationally in both mainstream galleries and alternative venues. He is a member of the Saturday Group and Quinta.


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