Canadian teacher’s slur on Pinoys stirs storm on Net


(By Fatima Cielo Cancel, Top Stories, November 10, 2013)
Miss Jax Cote:
I will use your own words: maybe something tragic should happen to you and your family as well as your descendants so that god can clean house of the slanderous ignorant people like yourself! At least that way we‘do not have to put up with the arrogance and rudeness that spews forth from you. People like you are the ones that make the world a difficult place to live in because of your racist comments.

If God should clean house we can only hope and pray that it be you and your racism that he cleans along with anyone else who thinks like you. This is a very tragic thing that has happened and you come on this site and post comments to show your arrogance this makes you a person that deserves to put nailed to the cross or better yet hung on the gallows and let you burn in hell where you belong and should be. If you consider yourself to be a god fearing person then you should fear the wrath that he will give to you for the comments and remarks that you have made.

May your body and soul rot in hell where you belong for all eternity.

“So this means the world is getting rid a whole whack of Phillipino’s about time God cleaned house,” Jax Cote,

Just think of your comments.

RGC Loberita-Mississauga,


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  1. Canada’s part in aggravating climate change should be made clear before the world. People in the developing countries, mostly in the tropics, suffer the dire consequences, violent storms, for instance, of climate change. That guy needs to look at the mirror.