Canadian teacher’s slur on Pinoys stirs storm on Net


As the Philippines started assessing the tremendous damage wrought by Super typhoon Yolanda, Netizens were also caught in a storm whipped up by an insensitive post of a Canadian teacher against Filipinos on Facebook.

“So this means the world is getting rid a whole whack of Phillipino’s about time God cleaned house,” Jax Cote, who listed her occupation as a private elementary teacher and who claimed to have studied at Trent University, said in her Facebook account.

In her Facebook account, Cote listed her place of resident as Vancouver, Canada.

Cote’s post, which went viral on Facebook and Twitter, drew vicious comments.

Her being a good teacher is now under question in Twitter and Facebook after her post went viral.

“Jax Cote, if you ever read this, I pity those students you teach,” renz.Charlie tweeted.

“A teacher should not be posting comments like this. Disgusting!” ed delossantos said.

“I do believe Jax Cote is an ‘uneducated’ educator with values lost somewhere in the middle of the storm,” MaFieH posted.

“Looks like someone is gonna be losing her FB account or even her job!”- Taj Mahal Aquino, tweeted.

From @jaysalvarez: “I hope this person gets to be hit by a tragedy one day. Let’s see hot [how]it feels.”

Cote brought to mind Devina Dediva’s rant against Miss World 2013 Megan Young.

“Miss Philippines is Miss World? What a joke! I did not know those maids have anything else in them,” Dediva posted in her Facebook account.

Her comment drew a flurry of angry responses on Facebook.

Cote’s slur was softened by a comment from CNN about Filipinos.

“Time to get to know the Filipino people…unbelievably resilient, long suffering, good natured, uber friendly, loyal, ingenius, and a bunch of survivors.”

“At the end of the day, the Filipinos will just shake off the dirt from their clothes and go about their business…and SMILE. They do not complain much, they will bear as long as they can.

“Maybe this is why they were given the ‘privilege’ of bearing the burden of the strongest typhoon ever recorded. The indomitable human spirit at its finest,” CNN said.


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  1. Hey kababayaan probably that COTE might mean God must cleansed the Whacky Filipinos in the house of CONGRESS and SENATORS whose only business is plain bickering criticizing and hypocratic attitude, who have nothing to accomplish but to suck the people.

  2. It is so very sad somebody that is responsible for educating our children is so very ignorant and uneducated themself. Shame on you. I personally have many filipino friends and a filipino wife, and to make such a comment is untolerable. I feel so very sorry for Pax Cote and hope that God will take pity on you when it is your judgement day.

  3. Rosauro Feliciano on

    This is an eye opener for all of us Filipinos. The root cause of all this is all pointed toward our politicians who tarnish their own kinds because they cannot solve this problem of our being victims of Diaspora. Over 50% of our OFWs are house maids. We virtually lose respect because those whom we elected to guide the destiny of our nation are the root cause of corruption. I do not expect other nations or even the CNN to come to our defense from our being held hostage by an uneducated racist teacher supposedly from a filthy unknown rubbish university; I don’t believe this fellow who claim that she is from Canada, which she claims she is unless she is just an immigrant from a country that does not even know that there is such thing as television.

  4. i agree, obvious fake facebook account. he is probably not even from canada, not a teacher. best is to just ignore these trolling fake accounts, just want to have their minute of fame.

  5. Arch.Angel(Lito) Lingan Mallonga on

    The Filipinos are fun loving people and no one can ever deny it here abroad and way back home. We will survive as we have proven all over the world the way we work and soon we will be respected by all. Those corrupt officials in the Philippines has to step up and learn that they can no longer face the people after all the years they have taken advantage of all the taxpayers money.It is so disgusting. If only those Pork Barrel and DAP would have been used wisely specially for any calamities than we do not have to ask help from no body from any countries. Let me bring this to all of you here that I have the funds of the people of the Philippines, not the funds of any of the Philippine Government to make sure that the people of the Philippines in general both here abroad and way back home will never suffer again. They will respect us FILIPINOS once and for all. Never will anybody used the Filipinos by asking money to race funds by companies from abroad for there operations.I am sure they will use this again for there own interest.That the bottom line

  6. This isn’t any worse then those who celebrated death on 9/11….. Errrr Palestine and other Arab nations

  7. Daniel B. Laurente on

    Well..this teacher most probably remained ignorant of other races living in this planet.
    He should take up another upper level course on teaching for additional knowledge, to broaden his brain capacity to understand so that what come out from his mouth is well thought off.

  8. I am so sick to my stomach that anyone would be so evil . My HEART goes out to the filipino residents ,loss I can not imagine. Peace , Hope ,and I wish I could mail Strenght.

  9. Now and then you find an aberration in humanity and this comment that is unexpected and unbelievably unconscionable is one of that kind. Let’s leave it at that.

  10. Agnesia Schanowski on

    I’d like to say this so-called Canadian teacher isn’t an educator at all. She is a MENACE to all Educators in this world!!! Shame on you to claim you are a teacher! To say you are an elementary teacher is a griever insult to all the students you have handled and would be handling!
    Leave your noble profession before you spread your foul odor!

  11. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.
    We just need to focus on the good comments and shrug off the stupid one.
    What is important: WE know who are and WE know what we are capable of doing.
    May God show His mercy, grant His strenght and His wisdom to all the fellows affected by the calamity to move on.
    Life is good even in bad times.

  12. I think this person is not the real Jax Cote from Vancouver. He is just stirring our mind. He is a very sick person who was beaten by some Filipino in fight. His facebook site is for sure a fake one. Even his personal data are all fake. Only the Google knows his ip address and can be trace on his computer and location. We should ask the facebook management to reveal the name of person who did this and sue him for the wrongdoing. Whoever made this facebook site is a guy who hated Filipinos or he just like to give some trouble to his former girlfriend who busted him. Whoever you are watch out. You are under watch by by those people around you. Just trace his ip address and you will find his location.

  13. Jax Cote, you are a shame to humanity! You should not stand in front of your students and utter poisonous words against human beings because you are not one.

    To the Filipino people, like me, the litany of calamities hitting the Philippines are wake up calls to all of us; to the politicians and plain citizens.

    I know the politicians will not be bothered at all by my words. They DO NOT CARE ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES, ALL THEY CARE ARE THEMSELVES, THEIR FAMILIES, THEIR EXTRAVAGANCE. They act like Gods. Whenever they open their mouths, everything that comes out are LIES.

    As to the people, it is about time to give respect to ourselves by not looking up to those politicians; stop asking for dole outs. During election time, do not accept any form of bribes like candies, phone loads, food and especially money. The money and all goodies they are giving out all belong to us, the citizens, which they stole from us to use to buy our votes. This is a vicious cycle and demeaning to the poor citizens because we resigned ourselves to be treated lowly and stupidly by the politicians.

    God bless the Philippines.

  14. If that Canadian teacher had done her homework she would know what fighters & survivors the people of the Philippines are. This white American reader writing this from the U.S. knows this is a tragedy they will remember but they will also overcome. Their history proves that time & again. What a dumb C*** she must be!

    Bob H.
    Mississippi USA

  15. Estrellita B Carpio on

    I am very sorry, I forget that I forget to sign in that is why Jonathan Gatchalian’s name appeared. I forget to sign him out before commenting. Thanks.

  16. I’m from the northern part of the Philippines and yet I’m totally griefing for the people strongly affected by the earthquake and now the Super Typhoon Yolanda.

    I hope this serves as an eye opener for the corrupt officials. How could you stomach to give your family luxurious lives with stolen money from the people. Have you seen the looting somewhere in Tacloban at Guisano Mall. As I watched the ABSCBN news, I was totally shocked by the people’s behavior, it is not a typical Christian behavior but why are these people acting that way. It is because its a survival instinct in them.Those people probably lost everything they had. I’m not justifying the means. I just wanted to point out how many people in the Philippines are really suffering from poverty. I hope these government officials will find in their hearts true love for their country and maybe better yet why don’t you donate some of the millions you have stolen from the people. It would be a very small part of what you’ve stolen.

    I pray that the Filipino people find the strength to recovery from these massive catrastrophies. Maybe God is trying to send us a message just like in the Old Testament.

  17. Estrellita B. Carpio on

    A blessed morning everyone!! I feel very sad about other nationalities are throwing such nasty comments on us, Filipinos. I don’t see anything wrong about us, we are very friendly, loving and caring person, a God fearing people,a dedicated to any tasks given to us and most of all intelligent. Is it because we have brown race? Descrimination? But we are thankful because only few insecured people are doing this kind of attitude. I hope the Education Department will give fair investigation and judgement of what Jax Cote said about us in time of calamities. She should not be given a chance to teach children, she’s not fitted in that positon, that she’ll be given a punishment that will give lesson in her entire life. Termination is the best for her and don’t give any chance to fill in any position. She doesn’t deserved a position that will give a bad example to her students or any other people that will be under her care. Be fair, teach her a lesson for she doesn’t know how to educate anybody. And I will pray that God will give you a good heart, a heart that have LOVE, Compassion and Care for everyone!!!

  18. These natural calamities pales in comparison to the calamities that the Filipinos tolerated for more than fifty years THE THIEVING POLITICIANS!

    • Hello Manuel, this is jdlc from Batumbakal. You are right on the butt again. These politicians are the main cause of problem in the Philippines. We can be manipulated very easy by enemy of all Filipinos. This guy or gal who created this fake facebook account is not originally from Canada. Facebook should have prevented this from the very beginning. There are very deep reason why he did this. He could be a disgruntled person from our enemies who want to create havoc to our deep problem. We are still tracing his real location.

  19. santiago caisido on

    Dapat ang tinaman at namatay sa mga ganyang disaster yong mga timawang plitician na nagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan. sana sila ang tamaan ng mga kalamidad at masawi kaya lang ang mga mahihirap na mamayan ang tinatamaan pati ba sa kalamidad lahat hindi pantay pantay. Ang Buhay parang gulong nasa ibabaw ka na natatapakan pa.

  20. Look at the 1st comment on here he believes god will save you. I cant believe people are so stupid, these things happen its the world. I doesnt just happen in thephilippines, look at the japanese tsunami & the major tsunami before that that killed hundreds of thousands of people. These are natural disasters & they will always happen, keep god out of it as he doesnt exist & if he does then he has & always will allow it to happen. Face the facts they wont change because you pray to god, if you dont believe me then keep praying & watch & time will tell who is right but i would accept any bet you want i am right.

  21. Saturnino R. Mendinueto, Jr. on

    Jax Cote, I believe, is not a private teacher but an abused floozy-doxy-hooker-whore-bitch- prostitute who does not even know how to spell Pilipino. What will Jax Cote teach her students, if she have any but I doubt it, in Vancouver but to be prosti-whore like her.

  22. With all these devastating calamties we have were signs that we have to pay for electing those thieves in the congress and senate or a strong message to our elected (kuno, of vote buying with peoplesmoney) officials to turn from their wicked ways by returning all what THEY have pick pocketed…repent or your people will perish.. Have a conscience, those money can do a lot to the suffering filipinos..

  23. You know, if Mother Nature wanted to reward strong resilient people with big scary disasters that kills thousands of people just like that, I want no part of it.

  24. I am fortunate to live in Canada, and I am totally disgusted at the comments posted by this person. Please don`t think that her oppinions represent those of any other Canadian. I have forwarded this story to a national brodcaster and hope that they will convey her sentiments to everyone including her family , friends , coworkers and employer. Having been to The Phillippines in May 2013 to visit my girlfriend and to experience the culture and beauty of your country, I am just heartbroken with the devestation that has been caused by Yolanda. Ken Dillon Ontario , Canada

    • @Dillon
      Thank you so much for defending the Filipino people. Needless to say, it is very much appreciated. Though some of our government officials are really bad, majority of the Filipino people are nice. I could say with all modesty that some of most nicest and sincerest persons on earth are Filipinos, and I’m very proud of my race. Again, thank you, I know you are also a very nice person.

  25. Hi Jax Cote, instead of making a negative comments, just pray that the whole world will get through to all calamities and suffering or better keep quiet because I believe in Karma.

  26. Angelica Reyes said:
    “I believe that nothing is impossible to God”

    Millions of Christian prayers to spare your nation … fell upon deaf ears. So pity, obviously is impossible to your God.

    “I pray that those people who are in the government, who have stolen the country’s financial resources that they may have the heart to reconstruct the nation and return those billions on pesos that they have corrupted”

    Not only will they not help you, but they will continue to take anything that isn’t nailed down.

    “Every night, I wonder how can these government officials, corrupt businessmen ever sleep. How can they call themselves the children of God and leaders knowing what they are doing to our country and countrymen”

    Yet they do. And when they do wake up from a refreshing sleep, the only thing on their minds is how to get more … for themselves.

    “May Jesus Christ continue to bless each one of us”

    You should change “continue” to “begin”

    “May our good conscience reign by doing what is right, what is noble and what is pure”

    You left out one thing – fight against those who don’t.

    “God Bless the Philippines and the Filipino People!”

    As you have just seen for yourself, invisible Ghosts won’t help you; real live flesh and blood heroes are what you need.

    But don’t feel singled out – they are in very short supply … everywhere.

  27. Apparently, Jax Cote, is ignorant about the Philippines and the Filipinos. Ergo: She is
    in no position to make ‘any’ comment about the country nor the people.

  28. Marie Angelica Reyes on

    I am very much saddened by what had happened in my country The Philippines for the past few months. Calamities after calamities, destructions after destructions. It is very hard to comprehend why is this happening to our Filipino people. Why do we have to suffer so much, so severely that it is quite impossible to regain our strengths again. I believe that nothing is impossible to God, I pray that those people who are in the government, who have stolen the country’s financial resources that they may have the heart to reconstruct the nation and return those billions on pesos that they have corrupted. Every night, I wonder how can these government officials, corrupt businessmen ever sleep. How can they call themselves the children of God and leaders knowing what they are doing to our country and countrymen. May Jesus Christ continue to bless each one of us. May our good conscience reign by doing what is right, what is noble and what is pure.
    God Bless the Philippines and the Filipino People!

    • I am not going to say that Canadians are little Americans from the north because it is just simply not true.

    • manuel espique on

      Marie Angelica Reyes: You were absolutely right on your comment but I’d focus more on the most STUPID, IGNORANT and INSENSITIVE comment posted by the CANADIAN TEACHER. More like a very uneducated educator that walks the earth.

      Even the Pope, US Secretary of State John Kerry, CNN and Host of Miss Universe Pageant held in Russia are all sending their condolences and sympathies to the Philippines.
      Israel as well as New Zealand already announced their pledge to assist in devastation that resulted this strongest typhoon in the world that ever touched ground.
      Yet, this “MORON” Canadian Teacher has the nerve to say that GOD Is cleaning house. Well, you will be facing God on your judgement day, and in the meantime, you NOW have to answer to all of us for your stupidity and Ignorance!