Canadians appear poised to oust Harper in historic vote


OTTAWA: Canadians appear set to end nine years of Stephen Harper’s Conservative rule at the ballot box Monday and elect a Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau. Polling released Sunday on the eve of the vote showed the Liberals, after a late surge from third place, with a seven-point lead ahead of the Tories. Public opinion, however, has shifted wildly — up to 12 percentage points — during the campaign. And many of Canada’s 26.4 million registered voters remain undecided. The 43-year-old Trudeau is the son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, who is considered the father of modern Canada. He is hoping for a repeat of the “Trudeaumania” that replaced in 1968 the plodding management style of the old guard with his father’s bullish vision and flare that Canadians were craving. But Harper warned Canadians would pay more taxes under a Liberal government that would also plunge the nation back into deficit.



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