• Candidate Poe is an inveterate liar


    First of Two Parts

    And I won’t even discuss her lies regarding the point in her life when she stopped being a US citizen, and when she established this country as her domicile, as my colleague Kit Tatad has already compressively written about that.

    What is scandalous in Grace Poe-Llamanzares’ high ratings in voter-preferential polls is that those who choose her don’t even know who she really is. All they know is that she’s the adoptive daughter of a once-upon-a-time action hero, she’s the comely mestiza next door, talks well, and says things voters like to hear.

    We don’t even know much about her husband Neil Teodoro Misael (“Neil) Llamanzares, who would obviously play a key role in her administration. What exactly, year by year, was Neil doing in the US? What is his precise job and where is he now?

    In contrast to her, we know a lot about Vice President Jejomar Binay, Rodrigo Duterte and Manuel Roxas, as they have been in government service for more than two decades, whose lives consequently have been under public scrutiny one way or another.

    This is not the case with Poe-Llamanzares, who suddenly popped up in the Philippines after her adoptive father died, and the vengeful, petty President Aquino later making her the chief film and TV censor in some perverse gratitude that her father ran in the 2004 elections against her whom he hates intensely but inexplicably – Gloria Arroyo.

    Poe demonstrating her acting acumen, behaving as though there were no cameras surrounding her.

    Poe demonstrating her acting acumen, behaving as though there were no cameras surrounding her.

    That her adoptive parents were thespians should alert us. Actors and actresses have that knack, which we, ordinary mortals, don’t have, of pretending to be somebody other than one’s self, which is both the definition of acting and lying. Poe obviously learned that skill as she starred in a few movies with her father when she was a kid.

    If you have observed how the motherly and calm Susan Roces suddenly took the role of an angry wife rousing the masses after her husband lost in the elections, you would know what I mean. An actor’s or an actress’ skill is that he or she could be surrounded by cameras doing the most personal things, yet act as though the lenses were not there. Poe certainly demonstrated that skill when she was deep in worship during the recent Holy Week, but didn’t mind at all the cameramen surrounding her, their cameras nearly bumping her face.

    Even Poe’s official website gracepoe.ph is scanty on details and exaggerates things too much, that they become outright lies.

    The 13 years she spent in the US since 1991 were described in just one sentence, really: “She moved to the US to join her husband in 1991. There, she taught geography and math to preschool children, then worked in the scientific technologies field until 2004.”

    What she claims she taught is so hilarious, really: she “taught geography and math to preschool children.” What? Did she teach at Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters of X-Men fame, where genius-toddlers study geography and mathematics?

    She’s obviously lying, and she hasn’t denied posts on social media that she applied for certification to teach in preschool but failed the exams. She was merely an assistant to a certified preschool teacher, and her job was just to watch over them and play with them, a glorified nanny.

    That she worked “in the scientific technologies field until 2004” is such a stretch of her actual experience that it becomes simply a lie, unless she is a genius who got a political science degree, yet worked in “scientific technologies field.” One fawning article on her reported that she worked “as a procurement liaison with the United States Geological Survey in 1998 and as product manager for CSC Scientific.”

    Going by her track record of exaggerating things, I would bet that what she called “procurement liaison” is really a purchasing clerk.

    Why doesn’t she make public her job descriptions issued by these entities, which are common documents issued by companies to their staff?

    CSC Scientific, a company selling equipment to measure moisture, according to its website, is a company with a staff of only nine, excluding clerks and cleaners, of course. There is no “product manager” in its staff. The position, which might fit this job description, is called “Product Specialist” and there are two of them, one being Tam Nguyen, who is of Vietnamese ethnicity and has been with the company since 1989.

    The CSC website does list a Llamanzares still there, Michael Llamanzares, described as everybody’s back-up, “the go-to guy for questions regarding invoices, credit references, or payments.” Michael is Grace’s brother-in-law, who, I was told, was responsible for getting Grace into CSC Scientific as his assistant.

    I am, of course, not demeaning such low-ranked jobs. But to elect a President who would have the biggest role in determining the fate of 100 million souls with such limited work experience? Poe’s experience wouldn’t even get her a supervisor’s job at SM or a mayoralty post in some godforsaken town.

    Portion of a website of the company where Poe worked purportedly as “product manager,” where her brother-in-law, Michael Llamanzares, is still working. Poe described her employment there as working in the “scientific technologies field.”

    Portion of a website of the company where Poe worked purportedly as “product manager,” where her brother-in-law, Michael Llamanzares, is still working. Poe described her employment there as working in the “scientific technologies field.”

    We will be the world’s laughing stock if Poe ever wins the presidency: somebody who renounced her citizenship to become a US citizen, who then renounced her American citizenship to run for the presidency. In any other nation on the face of this planet, and include there the most illiterate and the poorest, such candidate would be immediately thrown out as a political and cultural aberration. There has been no nation on the face of this earth whose President was once a citizen of any other nation.

    Poe has the temerity to seek the presidency only because she knows that as in her case, nationalism is at its lowest point in our country, and for many, citizenship is just for convenience.

    What has become of our country, when somebody like Poe, who renounced being Filipino and has so little work experience, could even be considered for the presidency, and has even become the leading contender?

    On Friday: Poe’s lies over her performance in the Senate.



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    1. Let’s make all the filipinos know and share this article in our social media! Excellent, Mr. Tiglao for exposing the lies of this overly ambitious, natural-born liar.

    2. I agree with your link and thank you for opening our eyes to try and get to know Grace Poe even more. She is too inexperienced to become president of our country. I would like to point out an error in your article in which you state that:

      ” There has been no nation on the face of this earth whose President was once a citizen of any other nation.”

      This is a link of a forum where they talk about foreign-born presidents:

      among which are: 1) Ireland’s President, Eamon de Valera, was born in New York. 2)
      3) Several Israeli Prime Ministers (including Golda Meir) were born far from Israel. 3) Ecuador’s president, Sixto Durán, was born in the US.

      Grace Poe will however, be the first president I believe to relinquish her original citizenship, then relinquish her new citizenship to go back to her original, then run for president.

    3. I’m just wondering how she was able to afford multi million dollar houses in US that she still own with the job that she has before….

      • rashid nidea on

        I still believe that the huge amount of money she had comes from the ill-gotten wealth her mother Rosemarie Sonora acquired from Marcos Sr. Her husband is rich but not rich enough to afford buying several prime properties in the US. Besides, why she’s avoiding having DNA test with the Marcoses?

    4. This is all fault of the supreme court for their gross negligence for the constitution.If they only decided based on the constitution,the game is over for Grace Poe.

    5. Another 6 years with Llamansares, if she win, is not a big deal, we are used to live in every worst situation you could imagine in this country. Mas marami lang talaga ang bobotante.

    6. 2001 – Naging US Citizen si GPL
      July 2006 – Na reaquire Nya ulit Ang kanyang Filipinong Citizenship
      So from July 2006-May 2016= 9 yrs,10 mos lamang Ang Residency Status Nya.
      Hindi Dapat isinama sa bilang yung 2005 nung umuwi sya dahil namatay si FPJ dahil sya ay isang US Citizen pa at July 2006 lamang Nya na reaquire ulit Ang kanyang Filipinong Citizen. Isa pa 2010 lamang Nya nirenounce Ang kanyang pagka US Citizen.
      Maliwanag na maliwanag Mali Ang Naging decision ng taga SC na bumoto para Kay GPL.

    7. juan delacruz on

      The Filipino people should bear in mind that choosing a leader to shape our future is a sacred one and carefully scrutinizing the experience and ability of the leader to be choosen. In the case of Grace Llamanzares a new player in the political arena,She is way far behind comparing the likes of Duterte,Roxas or Binay,but still some 25% of the electorate choose her as their next President,I pity these people they were easily catch in the bobby trap being set up by Grace Llamanzares for making beleived that she follows the legacy of her adoptive father Fernando Poe Jr.These bunch of electorate until now still closing their eyes and refused to accept the reality that Grace Llamanzares is riding high the family name of her adoptive father FPJ as their basis of choosing her,This is a very shallow reason to choose a leader because of Family name popularity and yet experience wise is nothing,but a mere ordinary folk not capable of handling the affairs of the Governmant.

    8. Kudos to Mr. Tiglao for this well written article. Sana ma translate ito sa Tagalog para magising ang mga nabobola pa sa acting at drama ng oportunistang disGRACE na ito, na nagbali ng saligang batas sa kauna unahang pagkakataon sa kasayasayan ng bansa. Para yung milyong milyong bobo na nadadala pa sa drama nya ay magising na sa oportunistang lobo na to na nagtatago sa costume ni little red riding hood. Lobo na nagpapanggap na tupa. Please lang gumamit ng isip, bumoto ng tama habang may mapagpiliian pa na totoong may nagawa at walang kaalyadong trapo o Aquino o Cojuangco o korporasyon. We look forward to the Tagalog translation. Thank you Sir.

    9. opinionated pinoy on

      The main point of discussion here is “inveterate liar” , considering Sen.Grace Poe have lied so many times, and sometimes she starts believing the lies she said was the truth.This habit is unlikely to change and I think this is already part of her personality. Heck, she claimed that she was an OFW when she went to the United States.

    10. Kurokuro lang on

      I have nothing against grace poe, personally or politically. since she is new to public scrutiny, many barely knew her. Reading information such as this is somehow challanging our critical thinking, helping us to come up a concrete decision come may 9. I am an ordinary citizen with ordinary problems and aspiration. I grew up and nurtured with simple way of patriotism that public education can offer. In my ordinary mind thinking that grace poe’s renouncement of her filipino citizenship and knowing for a fact that her children and her beloved hubby still remain a US citizen is really disturbing and a clear proof of opprtunism. I cant comprehend much how filipinos are accepting this mockery of our citizenship. They are deliberately ahowing to the world that filipino citizenship is a second class. You only get it when it is convenient for you or when my mom becomes a president. What a shame!

    11. Rudi Miranda on

      Congratulations! Great sleuthing piece! Actually, there is no formal vetting of presidential candidates, and other elective public officials because it’s done by relatives, friends and the opportunists. Perhaps, if you may, why not focus a bit as to who are the financiers and handlers of the candidates? Yes, we sort of know the Binay, Duterte and Roxas, but Poe is a mystery, and just who are the financiers since the senate seat? I still can’t accept how Grace Poe was able to greatly finance the senate campaign? Sleuth the financiers and handlers!

    12. Romeo Tolentino on

      Popularity dominates for elective office in our country. Personalities from show business usually end up in government elective positions. No disrespect to our show biz people, but Senator Miriam Santiago was absolutely correct to amend the qualifications of elective positions to assure public good. Education and experience are essential, just as in the judiciary, likewise for executive and legislative work. Shame on us, if the likes of grace poe dominate the results on May 9!

    13. Remember bobby tiglao is the former spokesman of gma and what can u say about the cheating committed by uour boss to fpj the father of poe.

      • What cheating? GMA degeated GPJ fair anf square. Not even the truckloads ofevidence kuno of P-noy can inplicate her.

      • This article has nothing to do with PGMA nor FPJ. C’mon.. Move the fck on and better not vote for a liar like Poe-LLAMANZARES! Smh.

    14. Amnata Pundit on

      What is mysterious is this: FPJ was an unrepentant Marcos loyalist, so is Erap her ninong. So is her rumored main backer, Danding Cojuangco. She is not a Marcos “victim.” If FPJ was a victim at all, it was of the yellows under GMA and Cory. In spite all these, the yellows are backing her, including obviously the Americans. Why? I wish i knew. But if she is not a Marcos hater, and Danding and Ramon Ang is her backer, in the context of the yellows vs the rest of the country, Grace cannot be all that bad, at least compared to the true blue yellows like Binay and Mar Roxas. I am for Duterte, but I can live with a closet Marcos loyalist in the Palace, even if she is technically not qualified. Is it possible the yellows are making a big mistake similar to this strategic mistake of putting Boy Sayad in power which resulted in the yellows losing irretrievably the moral high ground that had already started slipping from their grasp under GMA? I hope so. Lets just accept what we cannot change and leave these things for The Force to correct. May The Force be with the people.

      • Its plain and simple. She will be a puppet president of the USA and the Philippine Oligarchs.

    15. Dr. Chrisostomo Phd on

      In this election year, why does Tiglao single out just Senator Poe? Why write such mean spirited, un-Christian, malicious slander, character assassinate, defamation and libel the good name of Senator Poe? The fact that the press and the media followed Senator Poe inside the church, as she prays is not about Poe seeking movie star attention. The press and the media are only doing their jobs to report a candidate running for president. Yet, not once do you mention any of the numerous character and moral flaws of Senator Marcos? Tiglao choses to magnify, zoom in, amplify, enlarge and maximize the fact that Senator Poe Filipino citizenship is questionable, but why Tiglao holds against Senator Poe’s adopted parents as movie actors? Senator Poe was abandoned by her birth mother. As an infant, she did not have any say and choice of the kind of profession her adopted parents ought to be. The fact that she could have been aborted by her birth mother, abandoned instead, to grow up to become a senator in the Philippine Senate through her own achievement is nothing short of a miracle if not an amazing life story against all odds. Tiglao does not seem to have any problem with action movie star Estrada becoming President. Actors and actresses have that knack, which we, ordinary mortals, don’t have, of pretending to be somebody other than one’s self, which is both the definition of acting and lying. But actors becoming elected politicians is nothing new in Philippine politics. The Philippines is full of actor-politicians, Lito Lapid, Jinggoy Estrada, Edu Manzano, Bong Revilla Jr., Tito Sotto and Vilma Santos to name a few. Filipino voters love to vote for their movie actors during the elections. However, Tiglao sees Senator Poe’s small part in the movies when she was a small child as a big problem and an issue for him: an example of making an ant hill into Mount Pinatubo! Tiglao reserves his most stinging attacks by calling Senator Poe inveterate liar, but he deliberately spares Senator Marcos the same defamation, libel, character assassination and slander. There are Filipinos who views Senator Marcos as a deep-seated, ingrained and congenital liar. Marcos disseminates comic books that falsely portrays his family as victims of the People Power Revolution of 1986 by highly glossing the historical events with blatant propaganda lies; however, Tiglao fails to mention any of this. In case Tiglao has intentional amnesia, he fails to mention how Senator Marcos chooses not to even acknowledge the tyrannical rule of his father, the graft and corruption of the Marcos regime, the brutal suppression of human rights, the Coco Levy fund scam on coconut farmers, the crack down on free press and political opposition. Marcos insatiable appetite for greed, wealth and political power at all cost for more than 20 years as a dictatorial president of a poor republic was not even worth mentioning in Tiglao’s editorial column. It’s time for a more balance, sound and fair editorial columns from Manila Times.

      • The author only specifically touch on the lies grace poe has committed ..and still doing…among others

      • Senators Poe and Marcos do not deserve to be our leaders. Inveterate and congenital liars! They both proudly admitted they are siblings. Marcoses return in Malacanang? You decide.

    16. Kung parliamentary system lang tayo – hindi gagawin pinakamataas na lider ng bansa itong si Grace Poe.
      Komo presidential tayo at ang may power na pumili ng bansa ay mga majority powerful Filipino BOBOTANTES eh swak kahit sinong galing sa imburnal basta popular ang apelyido!

    17. Problema sa pililpinas maraming mahirap kung sino lang sikat ngayon yun ang iboto.. Sinong well educated at literate and boboto sa kanya siguro wala…

    18. A great LIAR, tra-Poe! We should be thankful to people who spend their time and money to research and verify the personalities/ presidentiables of our country. In the end, we, the voters, have to decide. In my view Mr. Tiglao’s is right. I am anti-GMA and Tiglao, this time I completely agree with him. GP, is supported by PLUNDERERS & LIARS, such as, erap & family (jinggoy, jv) bong revilla, danding cojuangco… BIRD OF THE SAME FEATHER WILL FLOCK TOGETHER!

      It is true, her family members are still american passport holders? It is better our country, be part of the USA,and be led by US President Obama!

      Best of all, go for DUTERTE, who has clean record and vast experience in governance!


    19. What is wrong with being a nanny, glorified or not?

      Mr. Tiglao’s reference to a nanny is demeaning and discriminatory. He owes them
      an apology.

      • whats wrong is shes gunning for the presidency despite her very limited experience.

      • Yolanda V. Encarnacion on

        There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a nanny but aspiring to become president is demeaning all together notwithstanding the fact that she has once renounced her Filipino citizenship and sworn allegiance to the United States of America. I worked in the military for more than 30 years and consistently defended our CONSTITUTION so with my husband who studied in the Philippine Military Academy and was subjected to hazing but for love of country was able to endure the pain and heartaches that went with the territory. Now here comes an individual whose credential and patriotism is in question yet would like to become our leader! I agree with Mr. Tiglao’s thoughts on this matter and Mr. Rene there is nothing to apologize for and if one has to do it, it should be Senator Poe for she obviously believe in her LIES and instrumental in making a mockery of our Constitution…..

    20. Kahit ano pa ang sabihin o paninira sayo sen.grace poe kami ay lubos na susuporta at hndi mag sasawa na maniwala sa lahat ng iyong adhikain sa bansang pilipinas. Sana ay lubos na manahimik ang mga manapira sayo sen.grace poe. Dahil alam nila kung sino ang malakas at pinaniniwalaan ng mga Pilipino. Sa mga kapwa Pilipino ko nais ko sana na magisng kayo sa katotohanan piliin ang nararapat para sa bansang pilipinas. Wag natin hayaan na unting unting lugmok ang ating bansa. Sa kamay ng mga magnanakaw.

      • Ipasok mo sa kukote mo na isa sa mga backer ng traPOE na Grace ay isa mga talamak na magnanakaw sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas – si Danding “coconut Levy” Cojuangco.
        Laya kalian hinding hindi uunlad ang Pilipinas habang may mga inutil na tulad mo na medaling masilaw sa popularidad ng isang tao. Grace is a populist candidate, mastered the art of talking what the clueless, ignorant population wants and demands to hear. Exactly what ABNOY has done and achieved

    21. As I write, I have read that the SC, in session in Baguio, confirmed its original ruling qualifying Poe-Llamanzares to run for President of the Republic of the Philippines. What a ruling, what a shame!

      I hope all those who are critical of this decision, especially lawyers all over the country should campaign against this candidate. Her election, God forbids, will further erode the faith of the legal profession, because of this obviously politically motivated decision of the Sereno SC. I won’t be surprised if there will be a Constitutional crisis in the country.

      May God save the Republic!

      • Indeed…am not a lawyer yet i understand the constitution that Filipino people ratified it. It is very very clear the requirements to run the top 3 post of the land. And therefore for obvious reasons as per constitution GP is disqualified. The constitution is the voice of the Filipino people and SC should abide and decide from it and not the way Sereno gave her opinion that let the people decide…it has already been decided by people in ratifying the constitution in 1987. What will happen now to all politicians had been disqualified bcoz of citizenship and domicile requirement to run for public office? The possibility of constitutional crisis seem not far. What do you expect from a SC chief as PNOY appointee whose credentials are not far with the senior justices who voted against GP and those other judges appointed by PNOY to go for GP? Are we really that stupid not to follow a very simple and understandable requirement in the constitution to run for President? Let the people decide again to amend the constitution! :)

    22. Wala na ba kaung maisulat ni tatad at araw araw na lang c poe ang topic ninyo. Puro negative na lang ang write up kay poe. Kawawa nman ung mga foundling. Lets give her a chance.

      • So, you want a President of your country who is of QUESTIONABLE CITRIZENSHIP. Can’t blame you; but, I’d be ashame. Perhaps, you deserved her. Good luck!

    23. poe is just leading in the surveys of FALSE ASIA and SWS which only covers a few respondents and whose results are tainted. the real score is the attendance of people during a rally. just look at the campaign rallies of DUTERTE at YOUTUBE and you will witness the mammoth crowd gathering to show their support. this will dispel the manipulated and tainted results of the surveys of FALSE ASIA. pang conditioning lang ang ginawa nila. DUTERTE WILL BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT HANDS DOWN!

    24. Cecilia Yamson on

      According to the 1987 constitution Article VII it was stated in the qualifications that upon taking the oath of allegiance prescribe by said law be deemed to have reacquired or retain their Philippine Citizenship therefore by making a personal sworn renunciation of any and all foreign citizenship ceases to be a dual citizen.
      proves that Grace Poe can be qualified on the ground of residency which is required in the article VII section II of the Philippine Constitution!! Since she is staying/residing in the Philippines since 2005 and renounced her US citizenship last may of 2006. She reacquired her Philippine citizenship when she took the oath of allegiance to out country on the same year. and to think her domicile is the Philippines! Go Senator Grace Poe!

      • Irog, sa pagkakaalam ko, the perfection of her renunciation was only in 2012. You mean to say that if a person personally shouts that I RENOUNCE, valid na yun? The renunciation undergoes a process and the process was perfected in 2012. That is when you start counting the measure of ten years.

      • Maaring totoo ang sinasabi mo na NBC si Sen Poe, pero yong pagtatakwil niya bilang Pilipino at manumpa ng katapatan sa America para kanyang sariling kapakinabangan, at kanya namang talikuran ang bansang America at balikan ang bansang kanya ng kinalimutan para sa kanyang sariling kapakanan. hindi ba maliwanag ito na isang pagtataksil, kung nakaya niyang magtaksil sa bansang Pilipinas at bansang America ano ang kasigurohan natin na hindi siya magtataksil sa mga mamamayang Pilipino.

      • Given that she’s qualified but it still doesn’t change the fact that she’s an opportunist, otherwise she would’ve used Llamanzares instead of POE and she wouldn’t have included FPJ’s face on her posters. If that’s the kind of president you want to run this country then goodluck!

      • Renouncing citizenship twice gives you an idea what lies inside a person’s mind and character especially if the motive is obviously for self and family aggrandizement.

      • christopher batucan on

        the constitution allows natural born citizens to run for national office. poe, having reacquired her filipino citizenship and still less than the required 10 year period, is a naturalized citizen. this makes her ineligible to run for a national post.

    25. I would be ashamed to be a Filipino if the likes of Grace Llamanzares is elected President of the Philippines!

      • I would prefer an “American” president that run the Philippines like heaven than to have a Filipino running the Philippines like hell, which we have
        been eversince!

      • renato irlanda on

        you will be ashamed to be a Filipino if the likes of Llamanzares will be elected President of the Philippines? me i started to be ashamed of being a filipino when the abnormal penoy aquino was elected President of the Philippines and i became doubly ashamed when Sereno and her ilk made Llamanzares a natural born citizen qualified to run for the Presidency

      • If she wins, 1st time in the Phil. History that we will have a First Gentleman who is an American! Hahahahahaha Pwe!

    26. Rudy De Castro on

      They say the Truth will set you Free…I do hope and trust that this article may guide our Filipino Kababayan to choose the right person for the next President of our dearly beloved country the Philippines…If we really like a change in the way of life for the future generation of our country let us vote for the right person the good person who will lead to bring a new era in the History of our country. It is time…NOW… Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.

      • ang problema hindi kailangan ng bobotantes ang guidance kasi di nila alam yung ibig sabihin ng guidance..hehehe…

      • best credentials in applying for the position (like choosing an applicant in a company) is, MIRIAM. In Judiciary, Executive and Legislative experience, educational background, etc. If i were the hiring authority,
        she is outstanding.

    27. great article! it’s true and we barely know Poe’s background unlike the other candidates. I think we should be careful on who we will be voting this coming election because our country’s future depends on who will be the next leader or President and we should also have self-discipline above all.

      • Can you please pinpoint an exact sentence in any of their articles that smacks of a lie, please? By the way, Grace is and was never a Mrs. Poe. She is Mrs. Llamanzares. The name, Grace Poe is a misnomer since she is married to a certain Neil Llamanzares.

      • maliwanaw naman diba na sinungaling si POE…hindi pa sya presidente nyan..malamang pag presidente na yan magiging disipulo din ni Goebels. “A lie when repeated a thousand time becomes a truth” in tagalog “ang kasinungalingan pag paulit ulit na ginagawa ang nagiging katotohanan”

      • Don’t be fooled. Nag-lie na nga mamemersonal ka pa. Ayan na nga binigyan ka na ng proof, try to contest the article showed to you. Try to be a good reader and discern. Don’t be a fanatic. Try to be open-minded.

      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        My gosh! Evidences are just right there in front of you. No wonder where the Philippines is going. God save the Philippines.

      • Tsigay – you’re a sore loser – The article of Mr Tiglao which was thoroughly research with qualified facts to back up. Ano na ba ang nangyayari sa inyo mga Dios Ko POe por Santo???

    28. Tita Rimando on

      And what has become of our Supreme Court who, knowing all these took the side of Grace Faux, and by doing so shortened some more the short list of criteria for “applicants” to this job, albeit the highest post in the country.

    29. I AM TOTALLY DUMB STRUCK ON HOW IN THIS WORLD THINGS LIKE THIS SIT WELL WITH THIS PHILIPPINE SYSTEM – being peddled to the masses, shoving it to their daily dose of water-boarding sort of torture – that this GPL is now poised to lord it over for the next 6 years – thanks to this i incompetent-mongoloid Simeon Aquino da3rd.
      Maawa naman kayo sa mga MinaMangmang ninyo na mga tao’ng Bayan. Por Dios por Santo talamak at lantarang panloloko-panlilinlang ang mga isinusulong ninyo para sa Grace Poe na iyan…..
      Hindi na nakakapagtaka kung bakit lahat nang mga bansa ay wala’ng ka respe- respeto sa Pilipinas dahil dito mismo ang Filipino lantarang tinatarantado at niloloko ang kapwa niya – sa ngalan nang baluktot na sistema pulitika at pagsulong-tustos sa bulok na mga agendas….
      Ipagdasal nalang natin ang pag-iral nang Cabal-balan at pagyurak mismo nang mga namumuno na Govierno Ofisyal sa mga nakalatag na legal at batayang Constitutional….

    30. “There has been no nation on the face of this earth whose President was once a citizen of any other nation.”……..absolutely true! However, no amount of criticism can be thrown on Sen. Llamanzares for gunning for the Presidency. She could just simply shrug this off. Besides, Its worth a try anyway.

      In the first place, she got herself appointed to a national office then subsequently voted nationwide as a Senator and was actively discharging legislative duties in the Senate. And Nobody made a big fuss of it. Her Handlers thus decided to go for the highest office of the country. It must be these Handlers, Financiers and Prime Movers who had been pushing for her candidacy that should be Unmasked! For lack of a better term, pin them all down for all their money’s worth.

      But on the other hand, you should also give credit to her supporters for choosing the lesser evil to lead the country in the next six years! This must be borne out of sheer frustrations on the other two known “tradpol” Presidential candidates.

      But wait, there is another alternative that they can turn to. The time is prime enough to give the candidate from Southern Philippines an opportunity to take the reigns of government. With the Senator from the Northern Phillipines taking a significant lead in the Vice Presidency office, that would just be a perfect tandem!

      • Siguro nga, irog, magandang pagsasama ang iyong isinusulong. Pag aralan natin yan at baka meron saysay .

      • Precisely the point: a good number of pinoys are so dumb, uninformed and hallucinating that someone like grace gets to this level of attention and consideration.

        Sad but true.

    31. I agree…Grace could not run a taco stand let alone a country and that is any country. She would make the Philippines the laughing stock of the free world. However the filipino voters are so very unsophisticated regarding politics and could in fact elect her to the position of president and that would be a disgrace.

    32. Que horror!!The issue here is her lying, and her pretensions that she is one presidentiable who can lead our nation to Promise Land….Tama na poe…Bigla ko tuloy naalala si Dolphy nung nabubuhay..ang daming lumapit sa kanya para tumakbo sa posisyon eh tinatanggihan nya dahil aminado syang hindi nya kaya..Hindi kase lahat ng artista ay oportunista..Etong si Mrs. Llamanzares naman acting na acting.

    33. Nakakaawa ka tiglao katulad ka rin ni tatad na walang ginawa kundi siraan si Grace Poe.yung bata ninyo na si binay kulelat na sa survey kasi magnanakaw.yan ba ang gusto mong manalo.

      • Hijo, when one makes a statement of fact, will that constitute “siraan”? Kun sabihin ko na ang isang tao ay maitim, na talaga naman maitim, is that paninira? Kun sabihin na panot si beneegno na talaga naman panot, is that “siraan”?

      • Mr. Paras – hindi nakakaawa si Mr Tiglao and Mr Tatad. KAYO ang mga nakakaawa sampu ng mga naniniwala kay POE dhil sa inyong blind fanatics! – Kuha mo na??? – Maliwanag ang facts na tunay at wagas na SINUNGALERA ang babaeng pulot sa mahiwagang matris ni Rosemarie Sonora . Messrs. Tiglao and Tatad and other columnists are trying to unmask the devil that hides inner deep in GPL. (Btw – bakit nagkukumahog kayong iboto siya samantalang yung asawa’t anak hindi MAKABOBOTO sa kanya – o di ba BOBO???)

    34. The case of llamanzares of failing the exams in the U.S. to get a license for a particular field is typical to most Filipinos migrating to the U.S. with advanced degrees (even doctorate degrees). Most of them can hardly pass the certification exams and end up to nanny jobs, convenience store clerks, taxi drivers and department store clerk. And majority of these are the arrogant graduates of the exclusive schools and state universities in Metro Manila.The irony of this is that, Filipino graduates in the not well known colleges and universities in the Philippines country side are the graduates that are successful and able to pass these exams.

    35. Rodan Guerrero on

      This is a perfect article that should be read by all voters. I just wonder what is happening in our country now. We had been led by a stupid president for the past 6 yrs, yet another stupid is in the making. It is very unfortunate that so many do not get the right information, likewise very few journalists are honest in their jobs. I dont have regrets of sleeping late at night just to wait and read these columns wriiten by Mr. Tiglao, Mr.Tatad,Mr. Makabenta and Mr.Saludo. Please keep up the good work!

      • Our stupid president has just improved our economy. Another stupid president who would do the same won’t do me harm.

    36. Hindi naman magpupumilit na tumakbo yan si Sen Grace Poe kung hindi niya nasunod ang rules sa pagkandidato. At marami naman naniniwala sa kanya na tao dahil totoo siya sa simula pa lang maganda pa ang layunin niya sa bansa kaya nararapat lang siya sa kanyang kandidatura. Deserving siya maging lider ng bansa.

      • Lahat tayong Tunay na Filipino ay may magandang layunin para sa Bayan. Tama na ba yon para maging pangulo Ng bansa? Ipaliwanag mo Kung Ano ang nagawa ng Babaeng yan para sa Bayan?