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    1. I love it! The cartoon must have hit a vein. It’s hurting those concerned. Let’s expose them all. Good on you Manila Times.

    2. It’s sad that most of them abandon the law abiding citizens just to save these criminals. They had their chance to redeem themselves after enlisting themselves to the authority. But they chose to be notorious than to atone.

    3. Sooo true. Roman Catholics under the leadership of CBCP has gone awry. Sorry CBCP, sorry roman catholic church in the Philippines you are losing grip of your followers FAST because of your stupidity.

    4. This is a very meaningful editorial carton because expose the Priests in greater Manila, in tandem with the LP’s and other yellows protecting and glorifying the plight of the drug addicts, drug distributors, drug pushers and of course the illegal drug manufacturers as victims of the Duterte war against illegal drugs. Now those involved in illegal drugs in the Philippines have the support of the Catholic Church in Luzon and the party of corruption and bribes, the Liberal Party and yellows.

    5. Very true! Clearly this has been happening from Day 1 of the Roxas and the yellows’ defeat. You can add some corrupt international media outlets, the present US government and its puppet the UN to the supporters of the narcos.