• He can’t help being a liar even to the Vicar of Christ


    PRESIDENT Aquino dashed our hopes and prayers for his conversion.

    We invited our readers yesterday to join us in praying that “Pope Francis’ radiation of holiness affects Mr. Aquino and converts him away from his ways–of dealing badly with fellow human beings, of neglecting to do the most urgent work that must be done, of pretending that his administration is leading our country on a Daang Matuwid (Righteous Path) when in fact he and his men have made the Philippine government wallow in worse corruption and criminality than before he became president, of making the economic inequality worse and the plight of the poor more bitter, of encouraging the destruction of our electoral democracy by not putting a stop to the tyranny of Smartmatic/PCOS-machines over our election system.”

    We should have included “from his being an inveterate liar.”

    The first lie he said by deed to Pope Francis was when he welcomed our Holy Father at Villamor Air Base. President Aquino and Pope Francis shook hands. Holding on to the Pope’s hand Mr. Aquino bowed and acted as if he were kissing the papal ring.

    This is why we expressed the hope in yesterday’s editorial that Mr. Aquino’s act of kissing Pope Francis’ ring — an act of humility and pious reverence to God the Son, represented by the Vicar of Christ — was the beginning of the President’s conversion.

    Then this morning we saw Reuters’ news video of that inspiring moment. The video shows that Mr. Aquino’s lips were at least three inches away from the Holy Father’s fingers when he released the latter’s hand. We replayed the video three times to make sure we were not making a mistake. Yes, indeed. Mr. Aquino was just the kind of trapo politician in yesterday’s editorial cartoon. The motions he made of showing humility, love and reverence were all an act–to impress our Pope and also the scores of millions of Filipinos who love him and truly believe that he is Christ on Earth.

    Mr. Aquino’s speech at Malacañang’s Rizal Hall to welcome Pope Francis and the assembled diplomats was a smelly bouquet of wicked lies. It indicated that Mr. Aquino does not intend to heed the Pope’s calls for honesty, integrity, love and service for the poor and hatred for corruption. The most disheartening lie he told is the slander against the Philippine Church, its bishops, priests and lay activists for moral governance.

    President Aquino attacked his predecessor and said “many members of the Church, once advocates for the poor, the marginalized, and the helpless, suddenly became silent in the face of the previous administration’s abuses, which we are still trying to rectify to this very day. In these attempts at correcting the wrongs of the past, one would think that the Church would be our natural ally. In contrast to their previous silence, some members of the clergy now seem to think that the way to be true to the faith means finding something to criticize…”

    This is a slander. Many Catholic bishops and priests individually spoke out against the corrupt doings during the Arroyo administration. The entire Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines itself issued joint pastoral letters and statements. The most vocal and thorough of these prelates is Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz, who thank God, is also vigilantly critical of the abuses under Mr. Aquino, which are more numerous and more expensive than those under the Arroyo regime.

    Now we have prelates and priests calling on President Aquino to resign. They, together with us in The Manila Times, want to liberate our country from a President who is an inveterate liar. And one who has criminally neglected the poor, failed to perform tasks that should be performed to create more jobs, abandoned the duty to protect the powerless from human rights violators, encouraged the destruction of our electoral democracy and committed bribery to make the Congress his obedient tool.


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    1. Let us all think positively. We love Pope Francis and both our government and the religious sector have done there parts very well to make His visit a memorable one. Let us leave behind negative things…What matter most of all is that we became One in Him and very happy during the visit of the Holy Father.

    2. When Noynoy Aquino was congressman, he did not support the Impeachment against the President Joseph Estrada. Duwag!

    3. If ninoy was there to greet the pope for show! Why pretend and did a half ass gesture to kiss the hand of the pope. You can read a person when he is not sincere and hiding something. His conscience told him you are a sinner and don’t pretend to be a gods children by kissing the pope hand. That’s why he had a second thought as if a kid got caught his hand in cookie jar. It is so disheathening that our so called leader shoed the fakeness of hospitality. Our leader should emulate the pope by not being childish, bitter, and vindictive instead take care of your people. Saying this, wish to invite the pope visit us again if not asking too much every year.. we need you, not only for guidance but your presence and will hopefully touch every heart and conscience of all Filipinos and everyone will follow the path of Christ. All Filipinos have faith in our lord Jesus but there are always evil in the air and some of us take the wrong path.

    4. Pnoy just spoke the truth. You want to make the clergy look good before the pope? You are being popish than the pope. What he did is consistent with what the pope is doing, expose wrong doing. It is true that the leadership of the clergy was silent in face of corruption during the time of the previous administration. You want Pnoy to sweep that under the rug? And because of this, you want him to step down?

      • What truth? The CBCP issued statements against the abuses of the Arroyo administration. Likewise, bishops issued pastoral letters and supported the opposition Anyway, who is unaware or ignorant of the position of the bishops and priests against the abuses of former President GMA must have been sleeping during her administration.

        Now to the abuses of Daan na Matuwid under President B. S,Aquino III. No less than the Supreme Court declares both the PDAF and DAP of P-Noy to be UNCONSTITUTIONAL! The DAP funds reached P144 Billion. Even Fr. Joaquin Bernas wrote in his column in the Inquirer that the DAP of President B.S. III VIOLATED the Constitution!

    5. It is not important whether he kissed the Pope’s hand or not. What matters should be what is inside of his heart–whether he loves Jesus and wants to follow His Will. The President has much to explain about his unwavering stand against the faith and principles of the Catholic Church. The President must love the poor and do the best he can to uplift their lot. Statistics are not important. The most important should be whether change is felt by every household in terms of housing, education, food, transport, and employment needs of every Filipino.

    6. mikhail hieronymus on


      The people had suffered enough shame and humiliation. There must be somebody who can lead us from this president.

      • that is according to your baseless accusation maraming nasa loob ng selda baka pwedeng idilat ang mga mata…

    7. Lijon N. Carullo on

      I feel so ashamed that our President is not so compassionate enough, and we end up with many of the conflicts we see around us.

    8. Ang mahirap sa marami! Iyong akala nilang mabuti na ginagawa nila,ang gusto ay gawin ng iba!nasaan ang democrasia dito!
      Maraming nag-aastang sila ay tama at mabuti at lahat ng against sa

    9. Vicente Penetrante on

      Are we parenting? Trying to build a child’s character?

      The problem with us critics is that we are trying to raise a responsible child, but he is already the Child President of the Philippines.

    10. He loves bashing his critics but keep silent on the anomalies of his supporters. He let down all who voted for him except those who are benefiting from his actions.

    11. It is sensible to comment on action because it can be seen, speech can be.heard, but to comment on someone else’s thoughts, intention, or his heart is stepping.over the line. If Pope Francis commented on Pres. Aquin’s action since it was to him meant, I will agree with you. Therefore I think this comment is in the tabloid league.

    12. typical boy sisi yung ginawa ni aquino. it is all about himself. everybody is wrong except him and his cabal. nagaral baga itong taong ito? tinuruan ba ito sa bahay at eskwelahan ng good manners and right conduct?? as usual, ipinakita na naman nya ang kanyang pang sisisi sa lahat ng taong kaaway nya. parang tambay sa kanto na naka barong tagalog.

    13. Since when did the Aquino family goes against Pres. Arroyo? the one he(Pnoy) called corrupt? only after she approved the distribution of Hda. Luisita to the farmers!

    14. While I can understand the frustration of many Catholic Filipinos over the refusal of President Aquino to kiss the ring of Pope Francis, we have to realize that President Aquino does not represent Catholics only but also non-Catholic Filipinos as well. The kissing of the Pope’s ring is an act of submission, a symbol that one recognizes that Pope Francis, kind as he is, is indeed the Vicar of Christ.

      Twenty percent of Filipinos, being non-Catholics, do not recognize the authority of the Pope, nor believe that Peter was indeed appointed by Christ as the first Pope. To kiss the ring of the head of the Catholic Church is to ignore the beliefs of non-Catholic Filipinos.

      It is the right of a President of an independent country to kiss or not to kiss the ring of the head of another independent state like the Vatican. US presidents like Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter shook hands only with the different popes they met. Vice President Joe Biden even refused to kiss the ring of the Pope.

      Let us not equate corruption and bad governance with Aquino’s refusal to kiss Pope Francis’ ring. They are two different matters.

      • Those Americans were protestants. Any pope visited USA during Kennedy’s term? Aquinos maybe of different religion?

      • To me if its two things, one if he his a Catholic then out of respect for his belief then he should not be ashamed to declare it openly on the gesture of kissing the Pope’s ring.. Two his speech of the blame game is tiring and nauseating, the Pope came here for a visit and Mr. Aquino has forgotten his manners on treating guests. If he wanted to gripe to the Vicar with regards with the members of the clergy this could have been done in a private session. It’s not equating corruption and bad governance to a specific gesture its just poor statesmanship and breeding.

      • PNoy is catholic. Pretending to kiss the pope’s ring is almost saying he does not respect the pope’s authority. True he may be representing non-catholics as well but his being catholic is entirely different from being a president.

        Don’t confuse yourself. Let a catholic be a catholic, a muslim be a muslim. Let us respect each other’s belief. Should PNoy say he renounce being a catholic and not kiss the pope’s ring instead, fine. But all this pretense has to stop. He used a really good opportunity to be one with 80 percent of the Filipinos to make himself the highlight. It’s not about him. It’s about 80 percent of the Filipinos and the leader of their church who came to be with them. Not him.

    15. Russell Rodriguez on

      I can only feel shame as a Filipino for what the PWEHSIDENT has said in his speech. He was a total shame!

      • Talagang bastos yang si Great Thief Executive eh. kahit sino ang kaharap laging naninisi. Lagi siya ang magaling at malinis at hindi kurap kuno. BASTOS SA DILANG BASTOS. Idamay na natin si Kristeta na akala mo ubod din ng bait pero nasa loob ang kulo. Wag sana main-love kaya Popo dahil mahilig sa mga mas me edad kesa sa kanya. Wag ka, nasa mga tuta niya ang mga maaari nyang mga naging parte. sila-sila kaya pagdating ng 2016 at nakasuhan siya eh libre dahil nasa mga tuta niyang sina Abad, Drilon, Roxas, Erice, Umali, atbp.nakapangalan lahat.

    16. Dionisio R. Luna on

      Your editorial is well written. I wholeheartedly agree with what has been written. Our President lacks the necessary good characters in his acts including his Malacanang speech in front of Pope Francis. That shameful speech bereft of the required courtesy, lacks humility, mercy and compassion.

    17. jose manuel cuenco on

      Vatican’s Fr. Lombardi himself said at last night’s media briefing that the pope himself finds it uneasy for his hand/ring to be kissed and that he prefers a handshake. This paper is very malicious.

    18. I think, if he’s not getting down on his knees and realize he has betrayed the people of the Philippines and change ways, he better steps down, just do his private business and face the charges against him in the court. He has taken much wealth from the national treasury. I’m really very sick knowing all of these inculpable violations of applicable laws in our beloved country.

    19. Who wrote President Aquino’s speech? If the President wrote it himself it only shows what it is really inside his heart and soul. He has more negative vibes than positive vibes in his whole being. Then i can feel that he feel hopeless because he is like batang maliit na nagsusumbong sa kanyang tatay. Nag hahanap ng kakampi. Bakit nararamdaman ba ni PNoy na mas amrami syang kaaway kaysa sa kakampi? If somebody else wrote the speech and the President just read it out loud then he is just like a puppet and it reflects what type of personalities are the people surrounding the President

      • The point is, whether or not a ghost writer draft the letter for his speech, I’m pretty sure he concurred with it. Remember, Birds of a feather flock together… Those of similar taste congregate in groups.

    20. Carl Cid Inting on

      Being forthright is a virtue. But being a whining, self-absorbed, impertinent boor is another matter altogether! PNoy’s parents obviously failed to teach him that “good manners are a sign of dignity, not subservience”.

      On the other hand, the Pope was a class act. As Khalil Gibran once said: “The real test of good manners is to be able to put up with bad manners pleasantly.”

      • Thank you! I couldn’t muster up the energy to come up with the words but you said it all for me. All I could say is, Mismo!

    21. Aquino is unlikely to change his corrupt, vindictive, arrogant, etc. ways. That is a given. He is not going to step down. That, also, is a given. Only through a committed physical force can this deputy of the devil on earth be kicked out for good.

      It seems that he has a disoriented view of the word, “republic”. To his sick mind, “republic” is not property of the people but “his property and his Gang of Thieves” amenable to his manipulative thinking, deed and action.

      Since he does not have that so-called “delicadeza” thus a liar and shameless to the core, he will not, on his own, step down. And since, Filipinos do not have that collective desire to force him, in a sense, the lack of a national outrage in an organized manner, out of the Presidential Office, which he does not deserve a millimeter, let us be extra vigilant come May, 2016.

      Unsaid but discussed openly is his evil scheme and those of his gang-lowlifes to perpetuate themselves in power post 2016 through a severely damaged electoral process. Let us be very, very watchful, and be ready to throw them all in the stinky waters of the Pasig River.

    22. Agreed..He continously giving shame to Filipino people by wearing a palamuti-decoration -yellow ribbon instead of a Philippine Flag Pin.. The Pope message is Magkaisa..For what the Palamuti?? Which is tarnised by corruption..Let him solve who killed his father where his mother failed when she was the defacto president..

    23. If the Abnoy has a bit of shame in him, he should step down from office. Imagine being called an INVETERATE LIAR in an nationwide editorial! Sad to say, this is utterly true, He is a pathological liar and one whose confirmed paranoid schizophrenia prevents him from dealing with reality truthfully. He gets uglier and uglier every minute.

    24. Muriel Magtanggol on

      Agree with you! But about the kissing of the hand, i thought the Pope pulled his hand away just to stop the charade!

      • I agree with you…Many times I viewed (live on tv and videos) the kissing of hand/ring of Pope Francis by Pinoy, and I observed, Pope Francis unawaringly pulled his hand diverting His Holiness attention to someone or group before Pinoy could kiss His Holiness hand/ring. I did not think that Pinoy was prending that time.. I pitied him because hi missed kissing the hand/ring of the Holy Father. That’s my personal opinion and observation.