• Capa punished for leaking Umali’s call to PNP chief?


    WAS former Task Force Tugis head Sr. Supt. Conrad Capa transferred because he leaked the controversial phone call made by Oriental Mindoro Rep. Alfonso Umali to Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Alan Purisima following the arrest of fugitive businessman Delfin Lee?

    Police sources believe that this is the most plausible explanation for the sudden reassignment of Capa to Cebu.

    Capa, former head of the task force that arrested Lee, was named deputy regional chief for operations in Cebu.

    Malacañang had claimed that the transfer was a promotion.

    Sources said Umali has first called up Capa after Lee was arrested in Manila on March 6.

    Umali reportedly questioned Capa’s arrest and negotiated for the businessman’s release, but Capa turned him down.

    The police officer allegedly told Umali to call up Purisima.

    Reports of the telephone call, which Umali and Purisima confirmed, came out in the papers the following day, prompting Malacañang to demand an explanation from Umali.

    According to the source, President Benigno Aquino 3rd was embarrassed by the incident since Umali is the treasurer of the Liberal Party and is the brother of Oriental Mindoro Rep. Reynaldo Umali, a Malacañang ally.

    Thus, the source said Purisima was forced to relieve Capa, who is himself close to the PNP chief.

    Capa served as the intelligence officer of Purisima when he was designated by the President as Central Luzon police director in 2010.

    Capa did not hide his disgust on his reassignment, saying that his relief is related to the capture of Lee.

    “I was no match for Delfin Lee,” he was quoted as saying after his reassignment was announced by Purisima.

    Umali denief that he intervened on Lee’s case. He explained that he called Purisima to confirm about the arrest of the Globe Asiatique president upon the request of his friend, Gilbert Repizon, Lee’s counsel.

    Presidential spokesperson Herminio Coloma Jr. said the President was satisfied with Umali’s explanation.

    Capa said he was expecting a reward for his accomplishment but instead got a demotion.

    Navotas Rep. Toby Tiangco denounced Purisima’s action.

    “Instead of inspiring our police force, the relief [of Capa]sends a chilling message that certain high-profile personalities are off limits,” Tiangco said.

    Earlier, Vice President Jejomar Binay had claimed that influential people asked ranking police officials to release Lee.


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    1. ernesto albay on

      What a shame….only in the PHILIPPINES you can find who caught a high profile FUGITIVES will get demotion……….

      That is why you see a lots of CORRUPT OFFICIALS that with money they STOLE is more than enough to buy the one who wear a ROBE….

    2. Rosauro Feliciano on

      So what’s wrong with that? Sr Supt Conrad Capa was just doing what was correctly to be done and it was within the organization of the PNP. He just informed his Boss about the incidence and it was definitely correct to do under the circumstance. Supt Capa should be hailed as a hero for capturing a notorious person who victimized many of the people who just wanted to have decent dwelling places. Majority of those who were affected were OFWs who were forced to contribute to the Pagibig, an organization created by corrupt people.Those who are thinking they are above the law of this nation, must be punished by the electorates comes election time.

    3. Kamoteng Kahoy on

      …And what did the president do to Umali after he was embarrassed? Of course WALA! Syempre si Umali ang may hawak ng pondo ng LP baka magkawindang-windang sila sa 2016. This govt is FULL OF CRAP & HIPOCRISY to the HIGHEST LEVEL! Nakakaawa itong si Supt. Capa, nakapila na sana ito para sa Crame post lining him up for promotion. Kaso tinapon sa Cebu kaya sabi nya dun na daw sya mabubulok at magretire! Nakakahiya at Nakakasuka ang gobyernong ito!

    4. The fact that Umali made a call to Capa questioning the legality of the arrest with the acquital by the CA is unethical for a government officer and a party mate of the president but more than that is the action of Capa of leaking that call without first consulting his superior on what to do with that call. I do think that Capa is trying to get leverage and secure sentiments from the public which is beyond his long honored commitment of those men in uniform to respect the code of the military to obey first before complaining (except on orders that may unjustly cause the loss of human lives ). This may not seems right but he must remember that he is a man in uniform. He deserves commendation though for his success in arresting the long fugitive Delfin Lee but he does not deserve promotion for it is his prime duty to comply with his mission to arrest high profile fugitives and not just Delfin Lee. One must remember that Delfin Lee is but just one of them. What will happen then is that every time he had the chance to arrest again one of these fugitives, he will ask for a promotion and no less than that. He must not be a cry baby with his status.

    5. I think Mr. Tiangco and VP Binay are right in their complain re to the arrest of Mr. Lee that an influential person is interfering in the arrest of the fugitive. This interference stink to high heaven that cause the transfer of devoted police officer’s transfer, that caused great embarrassment to the President. These politicians should not be allowed to prosper, with potential great harm to the country.