Captions for October


A boat to cross a river after a bridge was

Looks out from the window of his family’s

House fell into a river after an earthquake
One hand, not two, indicating the age of

Children. View of a portion of a damaged
Highway in. Do not get married until

Rescuers use a car jack to retrieve
Body pinned by debris in a fish market

All but two of the 20 bridges were destroyed
You’ve learned how to fry fish. Recover the body

Of a vendor under the collapsed. It takes patience
A landslide, caused by Tuesday’s 7.2-

Takes mornings. A view of the destroyed St Michael
Rides a bicycle past the ruined facade of

The San Pedro y San Pablo. Past a destroyed belfry
Past the wreckage of the centuries-old Our Lady of Light

Township carry sacks filled with relief
Brought the stethoscopes in search of ears

Camp out in the middle of a rice field
Due to aftershocks. The silence of oil.


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