• Carabao goes on rampage


    A water buffalo gored several people including two butchers at a slaughterhouse before going on a rampage in Quezon City Saturday, terrorizing hundreds of people and tossing furniture in the lobby of an apartelle.

    Radio station dzMM said at least nine people were wounded in the two-hour rampage.

    The three-year-old female, weighing nearly half a ton, injured a total of three people with its 18-inch horns and caused the evacuation of about 200 call center workers during its two-hour bid for freedom.

    A Rappler report said it was not the first time for an animal to cause a ruckus in the area. In 2003, a circus elephant performing at the “Elephant Show” at the Araneta Center in Cubao escaped its handler and took a stroll around the city until it reached EDSA.

    “I ran, but it was faster. It tossed me into the air with its horns and when I woke up, I was being stitched up in hospital,” said butcher Jonet Rufino, the first victim.

    “In my 14 years at work, this is the first time I was attacked by an animal,” said the 35-year-old, who required 14 stitches to a wound on his backside.

    The animal broke loose as it arrived by truck at the Mega Q-Mart abattoir and went after the butchers with its potentially lethal horns, said investigator James Bagay of the Cubao Police Station.

    It then galloped through busy streets, goring a female bystander before reaching Cubao, more than a kilometer away.

    There, Bagay said, it entered the lobby of an apartelle and tossed some furniture, before breaking into a call center building near the Araneta Coliseum.

    It broke some glass panels at reception, but no one was hurt —although the building had to be evacuated, he said.

    The huge animal was eventually trapped about two hours after the rampage began.

    “I’ve been a policeman in this city for 15 years. I have never seen anything like it,” Bagay said.

    “The animal was probably stressed after the overnight trip. Its handlers should have paid more attention,” he added.

    Bagay said the buffalo, which was taken to a police station, would likely still be destined for the abattoir.



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    1. Correct me if I’m wrong, I thought all the while that there is a law protecting the carabao’s from being butchered at a young age? Most specially if these are female. I think it is RA8485

    2. Better stop killing the beast of burden for meat! After helping the farmers to feed us,they will just get killed! Walang awa at utang na loob,walang pagpapahalaga ang mga Filipinos sa kalabaw!

      • Alfredo Bernardo on

        Oo nga, parang ama natin iyan. Ang kalabaw ang nag aararo ng lupa para may pagkain tayo. Pagkatapos katayin at kainin ng tao. Ano ba iyan? Wala talaga tayong utang na loob. Nasaan na ang batas ni Presidente Magsaysay na illegal ang pagkatay ng kalabaw? Napaka walang konsensiya naman natin sa ganoon.

      • I thought there’s a decree that forbids the slaughter of carabaos? Pero kung wala man di ba dapat may batas para pangalagaan sila? Para saan pa at naging National animal natin ang mga kalabaw kung minamaltrato naman sila?