• Carandang quits Malacañang job


    (By Catherine S. Valente, Top Stories, December 5, 2013)
    PCDSCO was purposely created for Carandang a goodwill present from BSA due to the latters active participation on BSAs presidential bid. It is so unfortunate that the peoples money are spent uselessly by these useless government agencies. It is only in the Phils. where a President has so many spokespersons and Carandang is one of them. Not long ago, unexplained millions of pesos spent by Carandang and his office on telephone bills surfaced in the media but it died down so fast which means that whatever this government does is justified whether it is right or wrong. Rich countries, taking Japan particularly has only 11 cabinet ministries and it is so surprising that a country who is a perrennial beneficiary of Foreign Aids to survive has more that 3 times. The Phils has more than 33 Cabinets, having so many undersecretaries and asst. secretaries in each department which which shows that this country pretending to be rich but unfortunately a very poor one as a result of Patronage Politics.

    Roldan Guerrero, ismaelbaba@rocketmail.com


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