• Cardinal Rosales: Duterte on the right track


    PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte has found an ally in the Catholic hierarchy—Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales — who said fault-finders were wrong to think they had a monopoly over righteousness.

    Rosales, the archbishop emeritus of Manila, said Duterte had shown decisiveness in government “you have never seen in many decades.”

    He chided the President’s critics and urged Filipinos to pray to “lessen the faults” of the new leadership.

    “Now there is a new leader and we can see he is on a right track, the leadership really is on a right track,” he said at the Church-run Radyo Veritas 846 over the weekend.

    The prelate acknowledged that Duterte’s methods had drawn criticisms, but said he would rather pray for the President.

    In an apparent invitation to the public to try to see good in Duterte’s actions, Rosales argued that God does not limit goodness to one shape, as goodness can come in many shapes.

    “You know you cannot own goodness. Sometimes we think we’re the only ones who are good. No way, that’s not right,” Rosales said.

    The cardinal’s statements contrasted with those of Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas, president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, who said on Sunday he could no longer stomach the widespread killings of suspected drug pushers and traders.

    “I do not have to be a bishop to say this. I do not have to be a Catholic to be disturbed by the killings that jar us every time we hear or watch or read the news,” the prelate said in a statement entitled, “Let the Humanity in Us Speak.”


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    1. Peace be with you Bishop Rosales !We love you!

      We , your flock Bishop Rosales have a devotional pitch , it was your unrelenting teachings that we believe in the main of practicing our covenants . We are courageous all sinners as we never hide that it will be our voice , our good perception and our hardest challenge to be dutiful Catholics ( without the stigma to categorize sheeps being self-rigthteous ) the mammoth seemed weary for the battle will not be victorious if soldiers have no boots on to endure the rugged walk because the chaotic field is ruled by a tyrant.

      May we know dear Bishop , do we go further to speak out the very important cause of trying a mindset for our Filipino population about the danger and consequences under the weight of culture of death ?

      You taught us the explicit not passive commandment which God gave us , “Thou shall not kill.” The unassailable truth it was not the secondary messengers limited on prophets, apostles ( Romans, etc) that instructed us. God himself, isn’t it ?

      When a leader of a nation violates a covenant, allows killings , admitted his wrong acts publicly and the Church sees poor people being mangled and killled, we know our Church pray and defend the poor , the displaced and moreso victims of injustice.

      Why is your flock alarmed with your conflicting messages delivered publicly as authority of our Church ? Crippled we felt nowadays that in your enunciation of the futility to speak against a bad government being citizen to ventilate out by means of disgust not by armed struggle just our vocal cord as our faith becomes our weapon to face Goliath !

      Should we be silent as killings become the normal thing besides its a force majeure? Or we follow your teaching .

      We perceived God’s messsage in the bible when he condemns ” Stoning to an Adulteress who asked forgiveness and change to be back in his grace. That can say putting to death by stoning or any form from gun, torture or bladed weapon to harm a mortal by a fellow human is not God’s ruling. When killings in Sodom and Gommorah , it was by God’s hands . He is the controller, any life taken should be at his commands , Only Him gives the “go signal.”

      Oh ! good Priest can we not fight for the commandment anymore to call majority of our millenials and victims cuz we have been strapped after being called by inappropriate “prude/righteous” reference.

      As your shepherds, do we have to be branded righteous if we only obey, is it such a taboo?

      What would really be on the side of light, going to talk our disgust or going to kill ? Don’t we make a stand for the teachings of God and our Church when that killing becomes enormous ills which no doubt cruelty or the mania to teach the whole nation it exactly feels good to kill just like that.

      We know killing exampled by the acts of this leader is wrong based on the guide you pronounced likewise a leader who cuss the Pope, a shame and it deeply hurt us Catholic Filipinos ) To be lukewarm about this threat not only in our beliefs but in our faith /sapped by inertia as later on we shall face widespread fear particular to our degenerating values at risk or who we are as a whole nation? UnChristian for our tightlipped and weak action to call against killings!

      Given the implication that we cannot live disassociated : our two roles as free citizen and as supporter of church teachings. I hope , this ” dry spell against killings or brazen acceptance for killing/ murder in all its breadth or motives could pause as our church may walk the talk .

      We cannot shrug off the imperils of a totalitarian leader and his feudal dictatorship.

      Pray for us Bishop to steer our church also our nation against the evils stalking —with you , Bishop Tagle , Bishop Villegas and the clergy ONLY your good sense of justice and morals could take back the lost moral stronghold in the land – our one stand for the Church!
      “For every item that carries the darkness of humanity there’s one that holds the light. And that light is worth believing in. Not just in others, but in yourself as well.”
      ― C.M. Rayne, The Forbidden

    2. Right track to kill people on a daily basis, right track to genocide, right track to spill blood in the streets, right track to kill drug addicts pushers as death to be their just punishment… The mind of the emeritus cardinal is out of track!

    3. Addict ni rape pinatay ang mag ina
      Addict sinaksak ang sariling ina
      Taxi driver nang rape ng pasahero
      Addict ni rape ang lola
      Addict ni rape ang sariling kapatid
      Pari nang molestiya ng kabataan
      3 million addicts that can ruin society

      Human Rights ano ang solusyon!
      Past incompetency of people who are blabbing their mouths like Delima’s and Villegas of this world are the evil ones in the guise of truth they are espousing.

    4. Ruben Pascual on

      Maybe Bishop Villegas just want to ask for a contribution that’s why he is acting weird.

    5. F. A. T.

      In the final analysis, it is the people themselves who “forms the government” by electing the people who run it. Hence, God entrusts the people govern their “physical life”, for His words in the Holy Bible pertain to the souls worthy to be with Him in His Eternal Kingdom.

    6. Cardinal Rosales shows the “very meat” of goodness. “Goodness” is definitely comes in many shapes. The goodness in PDU30’s war on illegal drugs is for the benefit and interest of the individuals, families and communities- the right to live peacefully, without threats of the consequences of illegal drugs. The critics of PDU30 is for the goodness of the illegal drugs players and protectors that they be afforded due process.

      BUT, Cardinal Rosales, is again very right, when he saw the “decisiveness” of this administration to fight illegal drugs. No other past administrations showed this kind of political will. In fact, because of the absence of political will of the past administrations, the illegal drugs players and protectors have gained the “fruits” of this menace for so long period of time.

      This is now the time for the victims and future victims, for the peace-loving Filipinos, for the hard-working individuals and for the crusaders against illegal drugs to taste their due “right to live peacefully”, away from threats of the consequences of illegal drugs.

      I salute Cardinal Rosales for this- He saw that the goodness of PDU30 in its true form…and substance.

    7. What can you expect from Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas, president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines and Oscar Cruz the former they are followers of the retarded BS Aquino da Turd they don’t see anything good in Pres. Duterte’s action even for the good of our contry.

    8. Kung walang Pres. Duterte sino pa ba ang lalaban sa droga? Hindi ba kayo natatakot sa lawak at lalim ng epekyo ng droga? Why be afraid if you are not either a pusher nor a user of prohibited/illegal drugs. To those who are oppose on the way Pres. Duterte is doing, mag-isip isip kayo. Kailan pa ba ang droga na dapat labanan? Hintayin pa ba natin na ang lahat na Filipino ay lulong na sa Droga bago tayo gumising sa katutuhanan. Ipagdasal nalang natin si Pres. Duterte na maging successful siya sa kanyang laban against the illegal drugs to make this Philippines a livable, peaceful and fearful place to live in.

      I totally agree and support Cardinal Rosales. He is just practical regarding the current situation. Unlike other bishops or priests who are hypocrite. They should also be blamed for what the Philippines is now. They claimed that they are the protector of values. But look, ano ba ang values natin ngayon?

    9. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Archbishop Emeritus Rosales is right in saying that the better thing for us to do is to pray for the President rather than criticize the President. The President as leader should be allowed to do what he is supposed to do and that is to ensure the security and welfare of the people the way he believes should be. There are ways to legally make him answer should he violate the Constitution which are also prescribed in the same. God bless the Philippines.

    10. Mga cardinal at pari talaga, mag usap muna kayo hindi yung kanya kanya kayo ng press statement at stand, hindi kyo magkasundo sa desisyon kaya pati sa bibliya iba-iba kayo ng aral. Issue kayo ng issue ng statement, e hindi naman kayo tinatanong. Yung ibang religion tahimik lng. Intindihin nyo yung simbahan lung pano kayo makakatulong. HINDI yung lahat ng nangyayari sa gobyerno naglalabas kayo ng statements. Gaya ng CBCP, Cardinal Rosales, Cardinal Villegas, Episcopal etc…. Pag simbahan ang may issue at ginagawa, nakikialam ba ang gobyerno sa inyo?

    11. Thank you Cardinal! It’s really true…”we don’t own goodness…it has many shapes.” Let us think of the good for the whole country instead, not just the almost “hypocritical” concern for the rights of the criminals! Our group is praying for President Duterte…that the Holy Spirit will guide him in this crusade of his.

    12. Mabote pa itong so Cardinal Rosales. He certainly is bliss. Drawing from the Supreme God’s wisdom. Just remember what he did in the middle of heavy traffic somewhere in Batangas? He got out from his car and directed the traffic. He is a man of cloth and action. May the good Lord our God continue to bless him with good health and wisdom.

    13. If we are to rely on the Holy Bible regarding what President Duterte is doing, this is what is written:

      1 Peter 2:13 Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake: whether it be to the king, as supreme; 14. Or unto governors, as unto them that are sent by him for the punishment of evildoers, and for the praise of them that do well.
      15 For so is the will of God, that with well doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men:

      This is similar to what Apostle Paul wrote in

    14. At last … a real change for the benefit of the Filipino people is now visible , through Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales’ favorable comment about President Rodrigo R. Duterte’s way of solving the problems of our Country !!!

      Instead of fomenting hatred against our President among church goers , Bishop Villegas should rather encourage the faithful to fervently pray to the Lord Almighty that may He give our President and our Officials enough Wisdom,Strength and Courage to perform their sworn duties Honestly and Fruitfully!!!
      Otherwise, Father Villegas and other Priests (who criticize but cannot offer a solution)
      should shut their mouth . Amen

    15. Stephanie Davis on

      All that time, money and manpower could be better spent on raising the minimum wage of workers, setting up a labour relations board to help people find a job make sure that workers are treated properly by their employers and held accountable for mistreatment of them. He promised that he would help the people of the Philippines but all he is doing now is playing wild west cowboy and killing and arresting those involved with drugs. Yes drugs are a problem but millions and millions of people need help right now to make a better life for themselves and their families. One of his campaign promises was to help its citizens.