• Cardinal Tagle urges Filipinos to be noble, strive towards heroism


    Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, during the anti-‘pork’ rally at Luneta Monday encouraged Filipinos to exhibit the “bayanihan” spirit by being noble and being a hero.

    Tagle, the archbishop of Manila, was previously in tears after breaking his silence on the pork barrel scam issue, saying it was difficult to stomach damage of that kind on the country.

    This time, he urged Filipinos to be noble everywhere they went.

    “Filipinos are noble,” Tagle said in a speech which was delivered in Filipino.

    “Noble because they are God-fearing, have a respect for life, are charitable towards people, nationalistic and environmental.”

    He then stressed that one must be noble in any part of the world—whether it be on land, air or even in sea.

    The poor and suffering, Tagle added, should be loved while the voice of the people and that especially of God should be heard.

    Heroism, should also be coupled with nothing less than the “bayanihan” spirit or the spirit of fellowship or cooperativeness, he said.

    Together with a massive number of protesters, Tayag also led the church song “Pananagutan”. PNA



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