• Cardinal Vidal backs martial law in Tacloban City


    Cebu Archbishop Emeritus Ricardo Cardinal Vidal has said he supports the idea of declaring martial law in Tacloban City and other typhoon-ravaged areas due to the lawlessness in these areas.

    Vidal said this after hearing reports that looting and severe lawlessness have been observed in Tacloban.

    Businessmen who fled Tacloban for fear of armed looters urged the government to protect secondary cities in Leyte and Samar from looters.

    Reports said looters who were initially looking for food and water also took appliances from stores and warehouses.

    Vidal also urged politicians to avoid putting political color to the calamity and instead focus on immediately providing aid to the survivors.

    But Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma Palma said the declaration of martial law should be a “last recourse” because “it would be very bad for the Philippines.”

    He believes there is still goodness in the survivors of Leyte and Samar, despite their current situation.

    “Let us focus on making them feel that they are not forsaken, that the relief goods are delivered to them at soonest and that we don’t withhold any support from them,” Palma said. PNA


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