Career, family first before love life



    If Aljur Abrenica had his way, he would extend his soap Once Again with Janine Gutierrez.

    The GMA hunk really enjoyed his stint with his co-stars and the staff of the soap. He swears he really felt so sad when they were told that they had only a few taping days left.

    “We had our last taping early this week. The feeling was different, I felt like I was floating,” he narrated.

    While it wasn’t the first time for Aljur to have a show ended, the 26-year-old actor said it was the first time a show’s farewell depressed him.

    Aljur Abrenica

    Aljur Abrenica

    “This is because I have grown to love the show. I have become so attached to the people I was working with, from my co-stars to the staff and crew. This is the type of group that you look forward to be with whenever the taping day comes. It’s like we’re not working when we are on the set. During the last taping day, I was already thinking I would miss chatting with Janine Gutierrez, as well as ur monkeying around with the other members of the cast like Thea Tolentino, Jeric Gonzales, and Yasser Marta. I also enjoyed jamming with Jeric because he always brings a guitar to the set. Since both of us play the guitar, we really hit it off,” Aljur said.

    For now, he busies himself with the promotion of his indie movie Mga Hapis at Himagsik ni Hermano Puli in which he stars with Louise delos Reyes, Enzo Pineda, Marki Stroem and his real-life brothers Vin and Allen Abrenica. During the press con of the movie, Aljur expressed how proud he is with Hermano Puli.

    Janine Gutierrez

    Janine Gutierrez

    “I know we have a very good movie to offer,” he beamed. “I really want people to learn more about Hermano Puli because he is an almost forgotten hero. He is the first Filipino to fight for religious freedom and how he did it is what the people will see in the movie,” the actor said.

    As if not loaded enough with work, Aljur is set to rehearse for a concert—while promoting Hermano Puli—with other Kapuso heartthrobs at the Music Museum on September 20. He will be with Rocco Nacino, Jake Vargas and Derrick Monasterio in the show entitled Oh Boy!

    Add to that the renovation of the house he bought for his family. Inevitably, his love life has taken the back seat.

    “I am so focused right now on my career and my family. I think I have forgotten to have a love life. Right now, I have really decided to prioritize work and family. Love will come at the right time,” Aljur said.

    * * *

    Louise delos Reyes PHOTO FROM INSTAGRAM/LDR

    Louise delos Reyes PHOTO FROM INSTAGRAM/LDR

    “He makes me feel like a princess,” Louise delos Reyes smilingly said of Kapuso leading man Juancho Trivino, her partner in the GMA afternoon prime series Magkaibang Mundo.

    “He is a very nice guy, very attentive to me. Sometimes, he even gets food for me during our taping break,” the actress added.

    This is the first time that Louise and Juancho worked together as a pair in a show, but the two seem to have been working together for a long time.

    “It’s because we have known each other for a long time. We are very good friends that’s why when I was told that he would be my leading man in Magkaibang Mundo, I was so happy and excited. It feels good to have him as a friend and even better to work with him,” Louise said, referring to her leading man.

    While Louise is saying that he and Juancho are just friends, the Kapuso actor, in one of our conversations intimated to me that he and Louise dated for a while. The romance did not prosper, however, because they became busy with different projects. Now that they are seeing each other almost everyday because of work, will the romance bloom again?

    * * *

    Buboy Villar with American gilfriend Angie Gorens PHOTO FROM INSTAGRAM/ANGILLYN GOREN

    Buboy Villar with American gilfriend Angie Gorens PHOTO FROM INSTAGRAM/ANGILLYN GOREN

    GMA male stars are now calling former child star Buboy Villar “Jack” that, they say, stands for jackpot. This is because Buboy has found a very beautiful gray-eyed American girl for a girlfriend. Buboy, who is now 18, can’t be prouder.

    He swears he is so in love that he is already planning to marry Angie, her American girlfriend. The two, both of legal age and with their parents’ blessings, have been living together for months now.

    I met Angie when I visited the set of Encantadia. I have mistaken her for one of the stars of the series because of her looks. That was until Buboy introduced her to me.

    “As much as possible, I bring her wherever I go. I want her to be with me always. I really love her, I’m crazy over her,” Buboy admitted.

    The young lovers met each other on the set of Buboy’s former show, The Half Sisters.

    “It happened that I sat next to her, I talked to her because I thought that she was one of the talents. It turned out that her sister was the talent. So, we just went on talking until we gave each other our user name in social media and phone number,” the young actor recalled.

    Buboy and Angie have already made their plans for their future that include their wedding in the United States next year. The Kapuso actor said they have already asked their parents’ blessing so that they can start preparations.

    “The altar is where life will bring two people in love,” Buboy quipped.

    * * *

    PNP chief Ronald ‘Bato’ dela Rosa (right) with Showbuzz

    PNP chief Ronald ‘Bato’ dela Rosa (right) with Showbuzz

    SHORTS … PNP chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa has somewhat achieved a celebrity status.

    When he guested in Unang Hirit on Wednesday, peopled flocked to the studio to have their pictures taken with him. The celebrity police chief was very accommodating, with a smile always on his lips.

    In that particular guesting, Bato showed his soft side. UH hosts Arnold Clavio and Susan Enriquez even asked him to cook the Davao version of maruya (fried banana topped with sugar) and he readily obliged.

    … Jennylyn Mercado is undergoing training on walking and poise under renowned beauty queen maker Jonas Gaffud. This is for a big project she is slated to do for GMA

    … This actor has revealed his real self to his group of star friends. During an event where all his barkada (gang) were present, he got drunk and without much prodding from his friends, he admitted that he is bisexual and that he is in a relationship with another guy, a model and occasional actor.


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