Caretaker govt led by bishops eyed

7 MISTAKES  Members of the Save Our Nation: Aquino Resign movement hold placards showing the seven mistakes allegedly committed by President Benigno Aquino 3rd in connection with the killing of 44 policemen in Maguindanao. The group called on Aquino to resign. PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

Members of the Save Our Nation: Aquino Resign movement hold placards showing the seven mistakes allegedly committed by President Benigno Aquino 3rd in connection with the killing of 44 policemen in Maguindanao. The group called on Aquino to resign. PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

A NEWLY formed coalition is calling for the immediate resignation of President Benigno Aquino 3rd to give way to a transitory government that will be led by religious leaders.

The Partido ng Manggagawa at Magsasaka (PMM) and the Movement Against Dynasty (MAD) formally signed a coalition agreement at the Astoria Hotel in Pasig City (Metro Manila) on Thursday in an effort to dismantle the political dynasties in the country and to install new leaders from the labor sector.

Lawyer-activist Jose Malvar Villegas, grandson of Filipino patriot Gen. Miguel Malvar, told The Manila Times that the coalition is proposing the creation of a caretaker government composed of religious leaders.

“This coalition aims to install a labor government in 2016 in the same manner that almost all the countries in Europe are labor governments. But before we can do that, we have to get a caretaker government after the President [Aquino] is persuaded to resign. We propose that the caretaker government will be composed of religious leaders chaired by Cebu Archbishop Emeritus Ricardo Cardinal Vidal with Archbishop Fernando Capalla of Davao City and Archbishop Ramon Arguelles [representing Luzon],” Villegas said.

“With the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines at the helm, Muslim leaders and other religious leaders would guide us into honest and transparent elections so that we can have a new set of officials with integrity, who are incorruptible, and with tested morality,” he added.

The lawyer-activist said the caretaker government will assume the functions of the executive department.

He, however, clarified that the caretaker government will not interfere with the legislative and judicial branches of government.

Villegas said the coalition will join other groups in commemorating EDSA People Power on February 22 to press for the resignation of Aquino.

“We in the coalition believe that it is not a matter of just stepping down [for the President]because we are not in favor of the next-in-line successors like Vice President [Jejomar] Binay, Sen. [Franklin] Drilon. These people are also suspect, and we do not favor automatic succession that gives the people no voice in their choice of a leader. So we will get a non-partisan group like [that of]religious leaders,” he added.


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  1. Black Shadow on

    diba ang religion at state ay separate entities…at ang bawat isa ay hindi makikialam sa affairs ng isat isa…kaya nga hindi magbababyad ang religous sector ng taxes ay wala sila say sa state or government affairs…kung ganyan din pala na makikialam ang religiuos sector…DAPAT LANG NA ITAX NA SILA NG GOBIERNO …MASYADONG PAKIALAMERO…

  2. Whatever happened to “separation of church and state”?

    Also, we must remember that just because a person is a “religious leader” doesn’t automatically make that person morally upright; let us remind ourselves that it is the Pharisees, or the Jews’ “religious leaders” during Jesus’ time, that Jesus kept on rebuking for their hypocrisy, as well as the group of people responsible for putting Christ on the cross.

  3. Pajero Bishops na naman? None of those 7 bishops unfairly accused by government even owned a pajero! Hindi yata nanuod nung Senate hearing itong mga ito. Napahiya yata ang administration dahil mga second-hand (except for 1 bishop) vehicles ginamit pa pantulong sa mahihirap na napabayaan ng gobyerno! Pero dapat huwag na isali sa pamumuno ng gobyerno ang simbahan. Sa dami ba naman nilang mga religious and social works na gagawin. Dapat bumuo ng representatives from the civil society, ‘wag isali ang black and white movement, hyatt 10, at mga yellow zombies! :)

  4. Then what?! same thing over and Over again! If that terrorist kills more than 44 people what will you do?

  5. Transitory government into a Catholic State, right? If so, then that puts you on the same level as the likes of ISIS and MILF. Oh, and if by “Caretaker government” you meant lots and lots of welfare, it will mean the doom of us all?

  6. these pajero loving prelates seem to have forgotten the separation of church and state. where is this coming from? these bishops are old and of the old school they have nothing to contribute to the government..they themselves are corrupt they have their evil eyes on a philippines run llke iran. they have no business running government. these sons of bitches will be worst than corrupt or an inept civilian head of government these clerics should just pray for everyones salvation including theirs.

  7. As long as this will just be a transition government. The system as well as the people in the system needs CHANGE. This will pave way for the decentralization of power and money to all areas and not entirely Greater Manila gets all the bulk of the budget. If a city/province wants funds they work for it except for provinces/cities that really need aid.

  8. Can we all just excommunicate those religious leaders so the people don’t have to listen to their stupidity any longer?

  9. This is the worst idea ever. Philippine democracy is still young, but it is a far cry from the Imperial rule of the Catholic Church. Aquino has made some large errors, but that doesn’t mean that unelected clergy members who are beholden to foreign powers should be allowed to rule.

  10. “Nonpartisan groups like religious leaders.”
    Hahaha… religious leaders? You must be kidding. Megalomaniacs that is what they are.

  11. The bishops, together with all those planning to form a coalition govt should instead their constituents how to vote wisely!! Let Pnoy finish his term.

  12. No matter what statements, alibis and lies, the Binays do, majority of the Filipinos don’t believe in them. It is now a common knowledge how corrupt the Binays are. With those billions of pesos that they stole from the government, we Filipinos pray that the Binays be given the punishment based on the wrath of the Filipino people that they should suffer the same sufferings as those who are sick of cancer. Good that Remulla is no longer within the circle of the Binays to protect him. For this Lenten season, let us all pray to God to save the Philippines from the Binays.

  13. Ah-are we saying that the bishops learning from their experience of co-governing the Phils for 350+ years now have the wisdom and ability to properly govern the country? If you ask me that experience hardly showed anything that we could look up to or emulate.

  14. Vicente Penetrante on

    Maybe a council of bishops, closer to the Lord, would be listened to and grant us miracles?

  15. Let’s not even think about it! These people are humans too and, humans can be corrupted by power. Imagine the Philippines led by an Ayatollah…a Cardinal? Let’s keep the country democratic as it is.

  16. This is the best course of action. Let the yellows eat their words. They have always been using Jojo Binay as the Bogeyman everytime there is a call for this pretender in Malacanang to step down. The NTC is the best alternative to this useless, imbecile president.

  17. What the fuck is that? Bishops should stay in church and pray not to involve in government state affairs. Or better teach their constituent to pray the rosary and do act if charity or play majong in the churches if they have nothing to do.

  18. Claro Apolinar on

    Long live our Republic of the Philippines whose government will be transformed into a caring, pro-poor and patriotic set of institutions by the National Transformation Council.

  19. Big mistake, this priest are and are also susceptible to corruption. There has to be a separation of religion and state. If this is allowed then we must also allow the Muslims’, the Protestant’s to have their own government. The catholic church is the biggest road block to why the Philippines is what it is. No to this religious leaders running the government!

  20. Caretaker govt,led by bishop!wow!!ganoon lang, nakisakay lang!!sila na ang hahawak ng gobyerno,sa bagay walang masama,madaming matutuwa dito!!dati pajero-pajero lang at bigay ni napoles, ngayon buong gobyerno na! Walang masama,!maraming tao ang matutuwa!!
    Maraming Edukado at genius ang magsasaya dahil hindi mga bobotante ang namili ng mamumuno sa gobyerno!!hindi masama! Maraming tao ang matutuwa,katulad ng edsa 1 at 2 puro edukado at elite ang naglagay kay Cory Aquino at Gloria at noynoy kaya, maraming matutuwang edukado-,hindi masama ang daming matutuwa!!

  21. James Mcpherson on

    Oh yeah, give the government over to religion. Yep, that has worked so well in the past. No repression here. Move along. Egads, what idiocy.

  22. the filipino church leaders were the cause of the current troubles in the philippines,
    now they are at it again.

    it’s more fun in the philippines, if you are a filipino with
    a foreign passport since you can leave anytime, once the situation gets unstable.

    it seems independence has been a failed experiment, it’s time for filipinos to ask for our commonwealth status with america to be returned, even if we have to ask on our knees.

    embarrassing but that seems to be the reality

    • They meant more of a hostile takeover. No elections. These power grabbers will destroy order. Just because they don’t like the leader, they want to oust him. Make Noy resign. Follow due process.

  23. This a very laudable effort and a true process of reforming our corrupt system of governance. The people do not want Binay or Drilon to succeed Aquino. A transitory government must be formed and a general election must be held subsequently. We must rewrite our constitution that will address comprehensive development of Mindanao, equal representation, a clear provision that prohibits political dynasty.