Cargo ship runs aground off Zamboanga City



ZAMBOANGA CITY  – A cargo vessel has ran aground off this city’s port Friday afternoon, but there was no report of any damage to the ship.

Zamboanga port officials said the MV Span Asia 15 was trying to dock without the help of a tug boat or harbor pilot when it got stuck in shallow waters.

“We have to wait for the tide to rise and try to remove the cargo ship from where it is stuck now. Apparently the ship’s captain is not familiar with the Port of Zamboanga and he was maneuvering without the aid of the harbor pilot,” said Liberto dela Rosa, the port manager.

Dela Rosa blamed the ship’s captain for the incident.

The Span Asia 15, which was carrying a cargo of rice from General Santos City, is operated by the Philippine Span Asia Carrier Corporation, formerly named Sulpicio Lines.




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  1. Changing the name of the company that operates the vessels does not improved the skills of the ships officer and the way the company chooses their officers. This is another notch in the history of the ships accident. Luckily no life was lost. Why not suspend the operation of the ship, shall we say 90 days just as the way LTO suspends buses involved in regular number of accidents. MARINA baka ibig sabihin nito sinusubmarino sila ng may- ari ng kompaniya.