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ACCORDING to Dr. Raffy Castillo of the Philippine Society of Hypertension, it is paramount to have an accurate measurement of blood pressure for proper diagnosis and monitoring. “However,” he states, “we consider a reading accurate only if validated Blood Pressure devices are used.

Omron, proudly validated and the only brand verified and accredited by the Philippine Society of Hypertension, is a healthcare brand trusted by millions of people around the globe. Their range of blood pressure monitors has garnered a remarkable reputation for its accurateness, thanks to its patented Intellisense Technology that applies the exact amount of pressure in order to attain quick, comfortable, and precise measurements. Selected Omron blood pressure monitors also feature Irregular Heartbeat Detection, which indicates irregular heartbeats while blood pressure is being monitored so that the user can opt to consult with a medical professional.

According to Julie Lim, vice president for business development of Collins International Trading Corp. that distributes Omron, Kuya Kim is the perfect ambassador for their campaign.

“We all know his story, and we feel he is the best person to tell every Filipino that it’s important to monitor your blood pressure and prevent stroke,” said Lim.

“You also just don’t buy a BPM, what is important is you buy something that is accurate. Otherwise, it doesn’t give you the right data,” says Lim.

Here are some tips on how to properly take your blood pressure at home:

• Relax 5 to 10 minutes before taking your measurement.

• No eating, no smoking and no exercising 30 minutes before taking a measurement.

• To take a measurement, you need to be relaxed and comfortably seated, under comfortable room temperature.

• Cuff should be placed on bare arms. Remove tight bulky clothing from upper arm to prevent constriction.

• Unless the physician says otherwise, use left arm for measurement.

• Do not talk or move while taking your measurement.

• For more accurate reading, sit on a chair with your feet flat on the floor and sit upright with your back straight.

• Hold cuff open with tube pointing downward. Slide cuff onto upper arm.

• Position cuff with tubing over the brachial artery and aligned with small finger. Lower edge of cuff should be 2 inches from elbow. Two fingers should be able to fit between arm and cuff

• Position arm to ensure that cuff is at heart level.


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