CARLA ABELLANA AND TOM RODRIGUEZ Of careers, friendship and destiny

Are Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez destined to be together beyond the cameras?

Are Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez destined to be together beyond the cameras?

The camera just loves to see them together. Since 2013, Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez  have been constantly paired on screen, via the hugely successful GMA Network series My Husband’s Lover; and the Regal Entertainment movie, So It’s You, which was Graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board in March.

As their respective careers continue flourish in the public eye, many showbiz folks—not to mention both actor’s sizeable fan base—seem to be pushing for what is now dubbed the “Tom-Car” love team to go beyond scripts.

Why so?

Because they simply seem like a perfect fit. They are both beautiful, talented, smart and easy-going.

As Instagram follower ysablle1 commented after The Manila Times posted photos from Wednesday afternoon’s interview with Carla and Tom, “They look like 2 peas in a pod! And destined beyond the soap and movies! Who knows what the future holds but hope it will be [for these]two beautiful people.”

At such suggestions, the co-actors, who have naturally become good friends after endless working hours, refreshingly react sans the superficial or defensive approach showbiz celebrities usually take when love lives—or the possibility of relationships—are discussed.

Neither do Tom and Carla try to act in love for the benefit of ratings and box office returns, nor do they even use the much abused phrase, “We’re just friends.”

“We’ll see where it goes,” is both sides’ take on the matter, though they will admit they have a lot in common.

“Do we finish each other’s sandwiches?” joked the ever-playful Tom, quoting from one of Frozen’s hit songs, “Love Is An Open Door.” “Well, I’m definitely surprised to find someone who laughs at the nonsense movies that I go for, like Nacho Libre and Euro Trip…”

“And I love to read, and he likes to write,” added Carla.

Tom, who writes poetry, actually credits Carla for giving him the courage to post his verses on his Instagram account. Wary how people would react to another side of him, he said it was his perennial leading lady who assured him that his followers will do so positively.

“His poems are really good,” Carla, who was a pre-school teacher before her showbiz genes got the better of her, guaranteed. (Carla’s grandmother is veteran actress Delia Razon, and her dad is ‘80s matinee idol PJ Abellana.)

Career-wise, their friendship helps them deliver effective scenes on the set.

“The comfort level is something I’m grateful for, because we know how to help each other when we work,” Tom shared.

“We like to tease each other na sawa na kami sa isa’t isa, but we’re grateful that we’re able to bring happiness and entertainment to people when they see us together. It’s a blessing to be able to do that, which is why I guess we don’t mind people constantly pairing us up to be more than friends,” Carla explained.

Ever a gentleman, Tom added that it would be easy for anyone to fall in love with Carla, but because of their situation, he is taking extra care in taking their friendship to another level.

“With people all around us hoping we get together, you don’t want to get into something you both didn’t decide on just because nadala kayo or napilitan lang. Carla doesn’t deserve that,” he declared.

What is certain is that showbiz’ favorite “would-be couple” has more time on their hands to either steel their friendship further or let it bloom with a new project for GMA Network.

Unsurprisingly, their home studio has signed them on for a new prime time series, aptly titled My Destiny, which will begin on June 30.

“I’m not gay in this series so there’s a possibility I’ll end up with Carla,” laughed Tom.

My Destiny also stars Lorna Tolentino, Rhian Ramos, Sid Lucero, and Kuh Ledesma, among others, and is directed by Joyce Bernal.

“It’s not as heavy as My Husband’s Lover, but it’s a very interesting story about someone being meant for you,” said Carla of the plot. “Mas nakaka-relax kami in bet- ween takes.”

“Yes,” echoed Tom. “Mas maraming time for kulitan!” he ended, as he snuck his fingers behind Carla’s head to give his good friend a set of horns.


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