Carla, Gabby in May-December affair for prime time

Rafael Rossel joins Carla Abellana and Gabby Concepcion in GMA’s new primetime series

Rafael Rossel joins Carla Abellana and Gabby Concepcion in GMA’s new primetime series

Here’s an interesting piece of trivia: Did you know that Carla Abellana’s eldest sister Erica was born on the same day, at the same time, and in the same hospital as Gabby Concepcion’s firstborn KC?

Carla shared the amazing coincidence on Friday, just before she went on to talk about the May-December affair she and Gabby are about to have in GMA Network’s newest prime time series, Because of You.

“My dad [actor Rey PJ Abellana]said he and Kuya Gabby were scratching their heads together back then, saying, ‘Ano nang gagawin natin, mga tatay na tayo’!” the popular actress laughingly recalled.

She was quick to add, however, that stories about her father and Gabby as “batch mates” in showbiz back in the ’80s, never made her feel awkward or shy to work with the former matinee idol.

“It’s actually my second time to work with Kuya Gabby,” Carla continued. “I played his wife the first time in the movie Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow [Regal Entertainment, 2011]. Noon pa lang he was so easy to work with kasi lagi yang nakangiti at palabiro kahit madaling araw na sa shoot.”

But more than finding her older screen partner pleasing to work with, Carla is also very eager to learn tricks of the trade from Gabby, who has long been considered a top actor in Philippine showbiz.

“I’m looking forward na ma-enjoy makatrabaho si Kuya Gabby from him to make me better in my craft.” at lalo pa, alam kong mas marami akong matutunan

On the other hand, Gabby—who incidentally turned 51 on November 5, said of his much younger leading lady—”I’m so relaxed working with Carla. It’s a walk in the park, sabi nga nila. And itong show na ito, light lang and feel good, but with a very different approach and story.”

According to Carla, she plays a new employee at Gabby’s retail company in Because of You. When he notices her knack for fashion design, she is promoted to become his assistant, where they fall in love.

Besides their age difference a bigger conflict arises in their relationship when Gabby’s children, who are still hurting from their parents’ annulment, refuse to accept his much younger girlfriend.

“Because of the many conflicts that arise, not just between my character and Kuya Gabby’s character, in the course of the story there is so much room for the piece to call for more drama,” explained Carla who is best remembered for her superb performance in the highly successful prime time series My Husband’s Lover. “So much as we know the flow of the story, it can change any time especially now that reactionary na ang mga shows because of social media.

“But for now, light drama na medyo rom-com muna ang treatment ng Because of You, kasi nga like our director Mark Reyes says, ang mga tao, pag uwi ng bahay galing sa trabaho, hindi na dapat bigyan ng mabigat na drama. Dapat kahit papaano mapatawa at mapakilig naman sila,” Carla ended.

Competing the cast of Because of You are Rafael Rosell, Kuh Ledesma, Iya Villania, Valerie Concepcion, Bettina Carlos, Vaness del Moral, Joyce Ching, Enzo Pineda, Mosang, Michael Flores, Sofia Pablo, Julius Erasga, Jacob Briz, Carlo Gonzales, and Celia Rodriguez, with the special paricipation of Mickey Ferriols. Its target premiere date is the third week of November.


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