Why Carmen’s is really best, says Magsaysay

  • The company isn’t bound by profit margins normal in big food concerns, allowing more to be spent on ingredients and the freedom to choose a concoction based purely on (Magsaysay’s) taste.
  • The first version of best-seller Pistachio contained no nuts until he added roasted pistachios to the formulation, “which totally changed the character of the ice cream,” recalls Magsaysay. Though considered a premium and pricey ingredient, pistachios became the highlight of the mixture. He adds: “I don’t mind eatng into my margins just to make a better product.”
  • Ice-cream, being a dairy product, is based on cow’s milk. On the Magsaysay farm in Bay, Laguna, it is said: “our milk never spoils but our cows are.” Sizeable investment is channeled into breeding, feeding and providing the most conducive environment for Hollnstein-Saliwa cows from New Zealand to produce from 12 to 14 liters daily (national Philippine average: 7 liters daily).
  • Fresh milk will always be one of the main ingredients of Carmen’s Best products, never powdered milk. Unlike other ice creams that are easy to scoop despite being well-frozen due to air being incorporated, Carmen’s Best ice cream can be rock hard, which Magsasay believes is a good thing, “because the ice cream is dense and we are not selling you air.”

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