• Carmina Villaroel shuns privacy from social media



    PLUS: GUESS WHO? Female celebrity keeps putting off organ transplant
    Actress Carmina Villaroel believes that showbiz celebrities like her should not really share their personal lives on social media for the entire world to see. She doesn’t have anything against those who do—her industry peers who are insanely consumed by posting what is better kept in the confines the homes—but she makes it a point that she, together with husband Zoren Legaspi, threshes out whatever problems arise in their family behind closed doors.

    Vignettes sat down with Mina, Zoren and their 16-year-old twins Maverick and Cassandra at the re-launch of CitiDrug pharmacy where they were presented as brand ambassadors.

    “We’re not a perfect couple–who is, anyway? We also get into fights or misunderstandings, but in our case we fix them right away.”

    What further spices up their marriage is the shared responsibility—the joys notwithstanding—of raising their kids. (See related story on this page).

    “Kami kasi ni Zoren, may kanya-kanya kaming parenting style. If I do ‘cuchi-cuchi’ to Cassy, Zoren is physical with Mavi as in they do wrestling and mixed martial arts but without hurting each other naman. But as a family, most especially when Zoren and I don’t have work, we go to the gym together at least four times a week,” she shared.

    Between the twins, Cassy is likely to follow in the footsteps of her parents. “I think that if ever I don’t end up as an actress like mom, I imagine myself doing hosting,” the pretty be-dimpled “little Carmina” beamed.

    * * *

    GUESS WHO? Relatives and friends are concerned about a female showbiz-political personality (FSPP) whose procrastinating ways have made her physical condition worse through the years.

    Unknown to many, one of the FSPP’s vital organs is malfunctioning.

    “Her family has been advising her to see a doctor (one who specializes in her ailment), pero oo lang siya nang oo. Kesyo aasikasuhin lang daw muna niya ‘yung problema ng isang anak niya. Nu’ng naayos na niya, kesyo she needed to settle another family issue. Naku, hindi na natapos ang mga excuses niya! To think not only does she have money, she has also found an (compatible) organ donor,” our source disclosed.

    Her aura, however, betrays her physical disposition. Sprightly and “pala-kuwento” as ever, the FSPP finds time to attend socials with showbiz friends she has known from way back, even sponsoring musical events mostly for a cause.

    Irony of ironies, she should sponsor one for herself.


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